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  1. stickwolf

    Tuesday recaps,,,

    Just one mans opinion but north had such a height advantage vs most teams but insist on shooting 3s, dig themselves a hole then start going inside to catch up and make a run. Last night was no different....jacked up way to many 3 balls when getting it inside would have made for foul trouble for Asheboro and easier, higher percentage shots. Oh well Sad to see it end. Love watching these girls play. Really thought they were very capable of making a run. Congrats to those seniors. Lots of memories that will last a lifetime but will be missed badly in the these parts.
  2. stickwolf

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    Might have something to do with the team that plays in the hollow also. North made them look way worse than they are in a great performance. I think they are very dangerous.
  3. stickwolf

    Two good ladies NPC games Friday!

    Raiders win 54-48 A big congratulations to Rachel Lalonde on scoring her 1000th point as a Raider!! What a milestone for a special player !!!
  4. stickwolf

    Football schedules for 2019

    North Iredell replaced AC and NWC with North Wilkes and St Stephens .
  5. stickwolf

    Carson head coaching position

    6. Tom Harper: His wife taught at Carson for years and he's still got very close ties to China Grove. He's shown an interest in the past at moving back "home" and I could see him having a slight interest in this job. I certainly think he'd be a great hire. ο»Ώ Bite your tongue πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. They would be lucky to have him I know that.
  6. stickwolf

    What do you miss?

  7. stickwolf

    Mooresville (5-0,1-0) at Hough (5-0,1-0)

    no arguments. here....and that wasn't the half of it.
  8. stickwolf

    Mooresville (5-0,1-0) at Hough (5-0,1-0)

    Hey easy now...... don't lump us all in together 😁😁 Headed your way this week. Take it easy on the Raiders.
  9. stickwolf

    North iredell Volleyball

    Well I KNOW for a FACT..... they were busting their butts to not just make a hire..... But a qualified hire. It wasnt as attractive as some make out. I mean I pity the poor guy that takes over for Saban or Belichek someday. Watch and see what happens. But North was fortunate to get a very qualified and outstanding coach. Just didn't happen as fast as some wanted.
  10. stickwolf

    North iredell Volleyball

    Just saw this. Worked out ok. Patience is a virtue. #GoRaiders
  11. Thanks guys It was a fun game. Happy for those coaches and kids up there, especially a couple of seniors who were moved to Varsity as sophomores and had never experienced a win until last night. To see the joy in those people faces was priceless knowing all they have been thru. Celebrate, but get back after it Monday. More to accomplish but great start.
  12. Raiders roll. Ha... I really dont know what to expect. Raiders looked good in their scrimmages and 7 on 7 but who knows. One thing I do know the coaches and kids are busting their rumps and are sick of hearing about that streak. Hopefully it ends soon for them. Probably not going to be posting much as I'm coaching a couple of other sports up here this year and really think this forum is more for you guys to hash out how dumb we all are πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. I'll be reading though and if anybody wants to say hi Im not hard to find, usually holding a line marker between the goal lines on Thursday or Fridays. Good Luck to all of you and GO RAIDERS. .
  13. stickwolf

    Top notch coaches of past years

    Hard to say. We ve had a couple of guyys come along that have a couple good years but its been difficult to sustain the consistency of the 80's and 90's. I still think Travis Conner would have been OK here had he got the job at a different time. But you come in running the Notre Dame box and you have Nick Stutts as a future QB it was hard to make a case for that style.Round peg square hole at that time. That being said HS coaching is the hardest coach job in sports. You are at the mercy of what walks the halls of your particular school (not supposed to recruit)And North Iredell is rarely on the receiving end of kids that are on the line that could go here or there. So great HS coaches come and great HS coaches go but a lot are fortunate to be able to choose from the particular hallways they are at. It does matter.
  14. stickwolf

    Top notch coaches of past years

    Gota go with my guy Charles Love. North Iredell was to be reckoned with for most of the 80s and 90s. That was a credit to him. Not the easiest place to compete.