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  1. packman6

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Going from Red Bull to prune juice Ask Bobby Bowden, Steve Spurrier, and Frank Beamer if they forgot anything about coaching and recruiting as they got older. They’ll probably tell you they didn’t, but their record will say otherwise. Saban is the outlier and it might be because he’s literally a machine. Those other guys fall in line with Mack Brown.
  2. packman6

    What is going on in the NCISAA?

    Maybe not but as an observor and official of the NCISAA for the past 35 years there are several schools within the association that have played as independents in various sports through out the years so what Statesville Christian is doing this year is certainly nothing unusal.
  3. packman6

    What is going on in the NCISAA?

    They are playing as an independent not affliated with any conference but are still a member of the NCISAA
  4. packman6

    What is going on in the NCISAA?

    Statesville Christian is NOT out of the NCISAA
  5. packman6

    NCISAA Playoffs

    No way Village Christ makes D-I Playoffs
  6. packman6

    What is going on in the NCISAA?

    I would assume the main reason that Christ the King only plays one NCISAA game is due to the fact that they with drew from the NCISAA last spring and joined the NCHSAA.
  7. packman6


    Parrott will continue to play 8 man--They are going to play Bear Grass Charter in 11 man which is the only one.
  8. packman6


    have seen one 8 man school, Hobgood Academy, play their entire 2015 season with only 8 players