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  1. ConnerP

    Saying Goodbye

    Hate to see you go but I understand why you are. I’m not sure we can uphold the standard you set. We can try & you can kick us in the butt if we stray. Take good care my friend. I’m sure I’ll see you around.
  2. Wow. Great pick up for West Ashley. I used to live in the area. This was a school that always had some dudes. The program had no buy in to football and many athletes walking the halls that didn’t play. The kids serious about football always ended up at other schools. My info is a bit dated but I’ll predict DK turns it around and wins there. It’s what he does.
  3. Gee... I heard the same thing.😎
  4. ConnerP

    Shrine Bowl 2019

    Gotcha. Thanks. I think I just misunderstood earlier.
  5. ConnerP

    Shrine Bowl 2019

    I thought Quentin Williams signed. At least that is what 247 and a UM site had.
  6. To answer the question in quote #2... see quote #1.
  7. A couple of points... I’ll start with... This has gotten childish. Stop. The heel doesn’t matter but you can’t see ball control at all in that still. IF he had control of the ball, it was a bad call. Bad calls happen. It’s the human element. It wouldn’t even be the worst call I’ve seen in a playoff game. It’s unfortunate but happens. The call if incorrect didn’t cost Mitchell the game. It cost them a chance to kick an XP and tie the game or possibly go for 2 & the win or to win in OT. Complaining about refs & “always getting bad calls” there or late in the playoffs is a foolish. The refs in the 3rd round & beyond are always from areas not related to either team. They haven’t seen these teams before. Emotions run high but it is a game. I saw a coach pass out on the sideline on Friday. He is fine but health & life is far more important than any game... always. There were several excellent tight games on Friday. Celebrate them and the communities involved & have a Merry Christmas.
  8. I said the same thing about Cooley for Southern Nash after watching him get 50 carries tonight. Ok... maybe only 48. Depends which stat guy you asked. I thought I was at a good game but sounds like this one was even better.
  9. 32-29 Southern Nash Final. Good ball game. Southern Nash was a little cleaner in execution & dominated time of possession. Cooley had 50 carries... maybe only 48 but at least one reporter keeping stats had him at 50. 1st drive of game was I think 18 plays, 80 yards, 10 min 41 seconds. With the 3A final being Southern Nash & Catholic... the game will be over in about an hour & 10 minutes. Old fashioned slug fest.
  10. ConnerP

    Vance 38, Richmond 7 (4AA West Final)

    It’ll take ya 45 minutes to get there from Deep Branch Road maybe a little less from Maxton.
  11. Strengths: Run game on both O and D. Particularly on O with Cooley toting the rock. Weaknesses: Passing game on both sides. They don’t throw much nor see many developed passing attacks. That’s short & to the point I hope. It may tick somebody off but it’s an honest answer.
  12. That’s one take. Another is that EA won & Havelock lost. Another is that EA left some points on the field too. Another is that the team that was more disciplined & executed better won. It answered a lot of my questions too. By the way, “more talented” does not equal better team.
  13. ConnerP

    3rd Round Scores

    Reidsville 24 Brevard 7 Final Eastern Alamance 21 Havelock 7 Final
  14. I think this will be a really good game. I have only seen some film of Myers Park and I’ve seen Richmond live. My impression is that both offenses are elite type offenses. I don’t feel that way about the defenses. I just can’t see this being a 14-7 type game.
  15. ConnerP

    Reidsville 24, Brevard 7 (3rd Round Final)

    I’ve seen mostly Heritage & East Surry folks trying to stir the pot on a thread about Reidsville vs Brevard. What a load of bull. Weak schedule this, don’t play anybody that, they’d smoke everybody you’ve played... yada, yada, yada... baloney. Truth is that most people that post stuff like this haven’t seen teams outside their small area & worldview play. They know nothing but looking up a record. Another thing, in some places when there are multiple schools in a county, a school has very little control over who they play at all. Why? Well first the conference is determined by the NCHSA. Those games are mandatory... no control on whether teams are good or not. I know a county where a couple of the schools have 7 conference games so that leaves 4 more for non conference. There are 4 other county schools not in their conference. Guess what? The school system/county AD & school board mandate that they play each other basically. Why? Money! These are the biggest gates for these schools. It takes just about an act of Congress to not play each other. It doesn’t matter that some of these schools have no business playing each other! So let’s see... 7+4=11. How many games in a regular season? Oh yeah, 11... hmm, how do you suggest they “play somebody?” Bottom line... 2 very good & deserving teams will play each other in this game on Friday. Either could win and neither should/will take the other lightly. It’s the 3rd round of the playoffs. Enjoy it. Support YOUR team win or lose. Don’t blame the refs... every call is seen through your own lense as a fan. I’m attending this game. I’m looking forward to it. I have zero rooting interest.