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  1. Obviously depends on what happens in other games as well. I think there are several between Brown and this list & some may be playing each other. That said, 3A is a mess with a lot of teams capable of knocking each other off on any given night. Playoffs should be interesting.
  2. Wonder if he played a mean 3B & smashed a few HR’s!?🤔
  3. I really like that he hasn’t griped, quit or transferred. He obviously stayed engaged & got his reps when he could because last night when his team called on him... he flat out performed. He was ready and there was no drop off or limitation to the offense. It was a performance worthy of praise. I think he actually throws the ball better than the starter. I didn’t get to see him in high school but Paul Graham (The Godfather of WNC football) told me this morning that he ran the Spread at Hendersonville. Not surprised with the dimes he dropped but he sure runs the triple option well too.
  4. Former Hendersonville QB Mike Schmidt came up huge for my Air Force Falcons last night. For those of you that didn’t stay up for the late night game like me since I have a rooting interest in my alma mater... Schmidt has been the 3rd team QB this year. The top 2 have been a little banged up on & off and the 2nd teamer didn’t make the trip for the game at Hawaii. The starter went down on the 1st series of the game for Air Force. Schmidt came in and went 5/6 passing for 147 yards and 1 TD. He ran 14 times for 120 yards & 3 TDs. I didn’t realize he had the kind of speed he showed on a 61 yard TD run off the option where he pulled away from the Hawaii DB’s. Made great decisions running the option all night & led Air Force to victory. The announcers couldn’t stop talking about the need to find him a spot on the field even when the starter comes back. Kudos to a NC kid on a great performance.
  5. ConnerP

    East Forsyth at Glenn

    Heard game postponed (to Saturday I think) as couldn’t get lights at stadium to work tonight.
  6. ConnerP

    Dudley at MT Tabor

    21-20 Final. Dudley missed a PAT on 3rd TD. Dudley was up 20-7. Tabor faces 4th down on Dudley 44 roughly with about 6 1/2 minutes left. Fake punt. Snap to up-back run for TD. Dudley then goes 3 & out. Tabor facing 4th & 12 at own 36 with just 2 minutes left & no more timeouts. 64 yard TD pass. Excessive celebration for way too many guys running on field & down to endzone.... PAT pushed back to a 35 yarder. Misses wide left.... tied at 20... wait, laundry on the field.... running into Kicker so retry the PAT as 30 yarder. It’s good. 21-20 Tabor leads. Ball game. Tabor wins.
  7. ConnerP

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Anybody have extra popcorn? I’m out. I thought I pulled up a thread about Vance & Mooresville. I wasn’t there. The result surprised me a lot. I expected Vance to roll. They got the W but it obviously wasn’t easy. Perhaps Mooresville is better than I thought.
  8. Do they field a football team/have a stadium? If so, news to me. I thought CMC was a conglomeration of several small campuses united under 1 umbrella.
  9. Yeah, the 4 highest are: Western State (D-II) at 7700’+ Wyoming (FBS) at 7200’+ Northern Arizona (FCS) at 6800’+ Air Force (FBS) at 6600’+
  10. That would be correct sir. They are 4th. Falcon Stadium field elevation is 6621’ although the Academy itself is at 7258’. Downhill walk to the games & uphill walk back.😎 And since you lived in Colorado, the highest elevation is the Mountaineer Bowl at D-II Western State in Gunnison. It sits at over 7700’.
  11. Correct. It wouldn’t make the college list I mentioned though. The Broncos home stadium is at 5280’ elevation. When the NFL played a game at Azteca in Mexico City back in 2017 it is around 7200’.
  12. Love the topic... Riddle me this? Name the 4 highest elevation college stadiums... hint, the top 4 to the best of my knowledge are (in order) D-II, FBS, FCS & FBS...
  13. ConnerP

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Traz Powell stadium in Miami is used by several schools. They actually have games on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I know that a couple of years ago 6 high schools were using it as their home stadium.
  14. B-Y quarterback broke his arm a couple weeks ago. They seem to have a pretty young team. I’m shocked at their record even if the schedule is soft. Good for them. That program hasn’t had much success over the years & many of their athletes find a way to go elsewhere. I know of one that was a State Championship game MVP a few years ago.