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  1. I thought Hough was pretty disorganized... slow to get plays in & get set up on O and not even set on D at the snap several times. Hough WRs also flat out dropped about 5 balls that hit them in the hands including 1 in the endzone right before the FG was blocked. The story so far is good Butler special teams/poor Hough special teams. The 2 blocked punts (1st one on the long snapper as he skipped it back there) led 2 both Butler TD “drives” of 4 yards & what was the 2nd one... 12 or 13 yards? I agree that Hough looks to have a higher ceiling if ever get it together. Offense should be electric. I assume the 2 misfires Chute mentioned were the deep balls going towards the field house where he overthrew them. I found it curious on 4th & 1 on the Butler 31 that a healthy Pryor wasn’t on the field. Butler is Butler... heart & grit... physical & kids finding ways to make big plays. I don’t know what the penalty count was but sure seemed to be a ton of flags, Also, 1st time I’ve heard of an unsportsmanlike flag for “not handing me the ball.” Yes, straight out of the officials mouth. It was the kid’s 2nd unsportsmanlike so he was ejected. Game resumes tonight at 5 with 58 seconds left in Q3. Hough ball around midfield. 1st & 10. Wish I could see the rest of it.
  2. We all love turf fields but financially they really don’t make sense very often. Money in school districts is tight. Always has been, always will be. Unless usage rates go up... this is what field turf companies sell communities on & they won’t at a high school... they are very hard to justify. They are in fact a luxury that most places just cannot afford in the long run no matter how much I may personally like them. 5 year old numbers but... 20 year cost for field turf... $2.61M, Bermuda w/ sand base...$1.68M, Blue grass w/ sand base... $1.76M If sand base not needed & native soil can be used for natural grass... the cost goes down considerably... in some cases by well over half. This also assumes starting from scratch & actually using a lot on maintenance costs for natural grass. This money unfortunately gets diverted by school systems quite often Use a reputable company that does natural turf & professionally puts in fields. Much more cost effective in the long run. The problem is too many places do a lot “on the cheap.” I know a guy that makes a heck of a good living putting in fields all over the country. He’s especially busy during bowl season. I know this won’t be a popular response but that’s ok. Weapons free.. fire for effect
  3. Chris, keyword you used on the lightning being close... not this ridiculous none seen for 30 minutes standard they use. Yes, I actually heard it emphasized by a white hat when briefing rule changes & emphasis items before a scrimmage this year. If seeing lightning is the standard then we’ll be delaying games with storms 50-80 miles away. Ludicrous... of course, I know at least 1 pompous blowhard that will argue they never use this standard & that I know nothing about weather!😎 Yall ready for some football yet?
  4. I don’t disagree. I think combine it with our litigious society and people/administration what if things to a ridiculous degree and often “play scared.” Rain is just part of the game. The counter arguments are lightning is a serious matter. There is no school on Friday so what does it hurt. Also, fields are pristine right now & undoubtedly more damage is caused to them playing in the rain so who wants to cause more damage to their field than necessary week 1. That being said I wish they would stay on schedule because predicting the weather is a little like herding cats... good luck. To answer Don’s original question, Eastern Alamance @ Graham and Cummings @ Williams have both been moved to Thursday.
  5. ConnerP

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    Ha.. heck yeah you do. Ag loves the tempo game. Fellas better get their cardio right!
  6. Piggybacking on Chute since I was at Reidsville for awhile too. Only saw the last 2 scrimmages & 5–8 minutes of Thomasville/Rockingham. The lineman from Rockingham is a Jr, Colby Smith. Listed at 6-7, 280 on 247 & Rockingham has him listed at 6-8, 290. Either way, big frame & definitely a prospect. The scrimmages were a 60 minutes running clock “game.” Special teams were not live. SEG is an impressive physical squad. The first thing that stood out were their numbers. Probably had 65 on sidelines & this didn’t include JV which was in the stands and had about another 60. They have big lines that move well. Completely agree that Jalen Fairley ran well & the long run he broke down the sideline was impressive as he was 1st grabbed in the backfield. The QB looked pretty good considering he was the backup. The starter went down with an injury right at the start of August practices. Not sure when he returns. I remember 1 dropped pass for sure. I think the kicker was a freshman (from the chants of the JV players when he made a FG). His leg will get stronger but his kickoffs don’t get real deep. SEG is definitely a threat to go deep in the playoffs again like last year. They “won” the scrimmage with 2 TDs & a FG to Western Alamance 1 TD. Western probably gets another FG or 2 if their All American K is there but he was out of town with a family event. Western Alamance is pretty young & the numbers are down as they only dressed about 35-40 for the game. (An additional 35 or so JVs we’re there for the JV portion). The defense looked pretty solid with the exception of 1 long run by Fairley & 1 long pass that a freshman CB gave up late which set up the second TD as I recall. The offense was a bit spotty but I thought RB Tyrone Slade had good vision & ran hard doing a good job getting yards after contact. The OL has pretty good size by WA standards as they haven’t been big in years. The WRs could have caught a couple balls they didn’t. The QB moved pretty well & showed a good arm but was inconsistent & missed one wide open WR downfield. WA held up well & agree they should be upper tier of conference (EA has to be the favorite) but SEG was better team Friday night. The 4th scrimmage was Reidsville/NEG. Agree with everything Chute said. Edwards (about 6-3 or 4) who came from Cummings is a nice addition to a Reidsville squad that already had a lot back from a State Championship team. Pinnix, Pass, Canada, Rankin.... this team has some dudes. They can play. I also thought #20 looked good but don’t know his name. I fully expect them to be back in the title game. As for NEG... they acquitted themselves well. Played physical football that is a trademark of Coach Bates team. I thought they looked much improved since last year and they kind of surprised me. They had success moving the ball. Scored once & had another drive ended by an INT in endzone. I think there was at least 1 more score after Chute left. Can’t remember if Reidsville “won” 3 TDs to 1 or 4-1.
  7. Pete Stout is another to add to this list
  8. ConnerP

    Conner P

    Thanks Glenn. Nice to talk with you. Y’all will be just fine. The talent is there & the effort was there. That staff will get them right. It was 2 pretty evenly matched teams overall. Could tell y’all were learning new systems on both sides of the ball but that’ll get worked out as I know that staff is tireless. Get a couple young guys to step up & all will be well. Very glad to hear the player that got hurt is not as bad as what was feared for awhile. I’ll see y’all again this year for sure
  9. Herman Boone... later portrayed by Denzel Washington in “Remember The Titans” as Head Coach of TC Williams in Alexandria, Virginia. This is one & the same isn’t he?
  10. Austin Bryant... Sr at Eastern Alamance Darius Ocean... Sr at Hough Kamell Smith... Jr at Eastern Guilford ... in addition to ones previously listed
  11. I just hope they don't go to 5 classes and then subdivide them all. I’d rather see 6 classes & no subdividing. Of course, geography is the limfac in any/all ideas.
  12. Congrats to Western Alamance Kicker Joshua Karty on his selection to the 2020 Under Armour All-America Game in January. Karty was selected this past weekend along with Harrison Mevis from Indiana as the 2 kickers for the game after a weekend competition featuring specialist from across the nation. Karty is a Stanford commitment.
  13. 1. Private/parochial schools play in public leagues all over the country. Most schools that don’t actually allow reclassifying & such within their leagues. CC & Cardinal Gibbons here in NC are considerably larger than other private/parochial schools. In some cases, the difference in size would be like Weddington playing Manteo. To find similar size high school student populations, they’d have to look at a Bishop England down in Charleston or something. Bishop England plays in the public school SCHSL by the way. 2. Unfair advantage? Not really, similar size student bodies playing within a classification. Their families pay $6,000 or $7,000 (I have no clue the amount to attend CC so I’m making up a number) to send their child to CC in addition to paying property taxes to support the public school. Hmmm, I can see how some might consider that unfair. Here’s the deal.... unfounded accusations when thrown out sound like sour grapes. You can’t just throw out accusations about kids & programs and say “I know” or “They are smart & good at hiding it with no paper trail.”... or however it was that you worded it. Anybody can make an accusation... I.e.— Those Shipley’s are being sponsored to play at Weddington. Some big booster is paying their rent to live in the district. Yeah, been doing it since kindergarten. HOW RIDICULOUS DOES THAT SOUND? Very? Yep... because it is... kinda like what you have said here. Think about it. I have zero affiliation to Catholic. I have been on their sideline as a correspondent. When Catholic gets off the bus, you aren’t intimidated. They don’t look like anybody you’d recruit. Their best player(IMO) last year was 5’8 & 160lbs. He was state title game MVP. I think you got it right when you said they are very disciplined & well coached.
  14. This is probably the rule I’d change. I like starting on the 25 better than the 10. I’d also be open to A-11 offense being legal. My understanding was it was in some states but then was deemed illegal nationally about 10 years ago. I know one coach in SC that was ready to install it. It would be crazy & gimmicky but a whole lot of fun to watch a game... maybe not for the purist.