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  1. In my opinion, Heritage is more well rounded I should say on offense. Last year they really had one main option in the back field, and that was robinson. This year they seem to have several options to move the football with.
  2. CoachMTurner

    Owen vs Mitchell

    Also got to meet mitchell mountie. Great guy. I enjoy having friends around the conference.
  3. CoachMTurner

    Owen vs Mitchell

    I will be coming off the sidelines
  4. CoachMTurner

    Owen vs Mitchell

    I will be down there.
  5. CoachMTurner

    Owen vs Mitchell

    Where you meeting?
  6. CoachMTurner

    Owen vs Mitchell

    Any mitchell posters around tonight?
  7. CoachMTurner

    Owen vs Mitchell

    Owen 26-7 Final
  8. CoachMTurner

    Owen vs Mitchell

  9. CoachMTurner

    Mtn. Heritage at Owen

    Any Heritage fans coming to the game tonight, If you would like to talk football, just let me know. I will be down roaming around the field before the game.
  10. CoachMTurner

    Shelby @ ACR

    Paul im on the shelby side
  11. yes, he is still there. He got injured the 3rd game and is out for season with a medical redshirt.
  12. CoachMTurner


    Congrats guys. Now go get everyone in the playoffs!!!
  13. CoachMTurner


    Yeah, we graduated several from basketball, but a guard from asheville and one big guy from mcdowell has transferred in. Plus, a kid from black mountain has moved back. Very very good basketball player, who lived here till the summer before is freshman year. Probably would have played varsity as a freshman. He is a junior now. He has returned, so we should be pretty solid.
  14. CoachMTurner

    Mountain Heritage at Madison

    84, I wrote you back on private message