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  1. Your right. All depends how the brackets shake out. Its all on matchups.
  2. Yes, I think we are capable of making a run.
  3. Any thoughts on this one. I believe there are a bunch of Mountain teams that can make a run this year.
  4. CoachMTurner

    Mountain Heritage 22, Owen 15

    I'm extremely proud of our boys, even though the end result wasn't what we had hoped for. They played there guts out and that all you can ask for. That's the team I been wanting to see all year long.
  5. CoachMTurner

    Mountain Heritage 22, Owen 15

    Heritage's JV is undefeated as well as we are. Correct me Heritage 84 if i'm wrong.
  6. CoachMTurner

    Mountain Heritage 22, Owen 15

    Bonecollector, To tell you the truth, the Polk game was the first game all season that we have put together a complete game. I knew we had some talent, but we haven't put a game together yet. Just a quarter or so here and there. Finally put as close to a complete game against Polk.
  7. CoachMTurner

    Mountain Heritage 22, Owen 15

    Yeah, to tell you the truth, I don't know what he did either. On the topic of Mitchell, I think they have a real shot in the 1A playoffs to make a state run. Murphy may be the only team that could stand in your way. Good Luck from here on out. Hopefully I can come up your way to watch a late round playoff game.
  8. CoachMTurner

    Mountain Heritage 22, Owen 15

    We didn't have anyone get tossed in the Mitchell game. We had one player who received a warning, and we just removed him from the game ourselves.
  9. CoachMTurner

    Mountain Heritage 22, Owen 15

    Both us and Polk had a lineman get disqualified. So he will be available/allowed to play this week.
  10. CoachMTurner

    Craig Pritchett / Brevard

    Madison had 1 year a few years back when they made a run the Western regional finals and got beat by East Lincoln. That was a good Madison team.
  11. CoachMTurner

    Mitchell @ Owen

    Well everyone, I don't post much. Me being a coach that could cause some issues, but I do enjoy reading on here. All I can hope for is that we play well, and that both teams have an injury free game. Good luck to Mitchell tonight. Hope all you Mitchell posters who make the trip down have a safe trip. And I down to talk football with anyone interested.
  12. CoachMTurner

    JV scores

    Owen wins 22-18 over Franklin. 5-0 now on the season.
  13. In my opinion, Heritage is more well rounded I should say on offense. Last year they really had one main option in the back field, and that was robinson. This year they seem to have several options to move the football with.