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  1. gg4bama

    Top Playoff games you seen

    From an ACR fan perspective..... 1999 ACR @ Richmond County ACR wins 13-10 enroute to their first State Title The last four rounds in 2009 were all great games.... ACR 25 Alexander Central 16 ACR was down most of the game and came back in the 4h qtr to win ACR 9 Mount Tabor 7 ACR 9 Dudley 8 Some of the worst field conditions I have ever seen at a game. ACR 14 Harnett Central 13 in the Title game. 2013 ACR @ Statesville ACR wins 52-49 in 3 ot
  2. gg4bama

    Worst Stadiums

    Owen High School's old stadium/field was one of the worst I have ever played on and seen. There was a huge crown in the middle and it felt like running up and down a hill all night. The visitor stands were next to a creek/river and the bugs were really bad early in the season. The bleachers were rickety as well. It was overall a bad place.
  3. gg4bama

    Best defense

    I pull for AC Reynolds so our 2 best defenses were very similar 1999 4A State Champs 15-1 Record gave up 77 pts. 4.8 per game 9 shutouts including 3 in the playoffs 2001 Lost in 3rd round to East Meck. 27-21 gave up 54 pts. 4.2 per game 10 shutouts
  4. I said it in an earlier post that I was surprised he committed to Bama to begin with, knowing his family history at UNC. Every kid has to do what is best for them. He made his decision based on what he thought was best for him. I wish him the best. By all accounts he is a good kid and an excellent QB.
  5. I guess we'll see about those rankings come next December and February but he does have a good class going so far. When the 5 star kids start committing then you'll see Bama start moving up the board. I really hope UNC gets better. Clemson needs some competition in the ACC.
  6. Coaching stops for Nick Saban include Toledo, Michigan St., LSU and Alabama. Coaching stops for Mack Brown include Tulane, UNC, Texas and UNC again. Toledo and Tulane...hmmmm not 2 powerhouse programs. UNC and Michigan St. are similar but Michigan St. has a bit more of a pedigree in football. Alabama and Texas are about the same with Texas having some advantages with the state of high school football in Texas. Texas is a money generating machine and should be good in football just like Alabama. At Bama, the fans are so passionate about football that they willing to put the money into facilities and coaching to get any advantage they can. In Alabama, there are no pro sports so college football is king. LSU is a good program and has had a modicum of success over the years and you can recruit there. Again, I like both guys. I was merely asking why someone would trust Mack over Nick because it can't be coaching.
  7. Actually it's very easy to compare numbers. You have to recruit and coach at both places. Saban also coached at Toledo and Michigan State. When Nick Saban took over at Bama, it was a complete mess and he took it and made it the juggernaut it is today. Mack also coached at Texas, which should be or is a top notch program, if I am not mistaken. When he got there they were mediocre at best. I like both guys but they have different personalities. I was simply asking why someone would trust Mack Brown over Nick Saban because it can't be coaching.
  8. I'm just curious why you would say this? Is it just because you don't like Nick Saban from what you see and hear on TV? Have you ever met either of them? I mean, what wouldn't you trust him with? Ever seen either of them interact with the players off the field. I like both them. I think both are fine coaches but just different personalities that you see on TV. I played for a coach that was very much like Nick Saban. He was very hard but he was fair. I love him for that toughness and I tell him that every chance I get. Just for fun, here is a coaching comparison.... Nick Saban: 24 seasons Coaching Record: 248-65 79.1% Losing Seasons: 0 National Titles: 6 NFL 1st round picks: 34 All Americans: 35 Mack Brown: 30 seasons Coaching Record: 251-128-1 66.1% Losing Seasons: 5 National Titles: 1 NFL 1st round picks: 21 All Americans: 22
  9. I was actually surprised he committed to Bama in the first place knowing his family's history at UNC. I hope he does well wherever he goes. I think there is a distinct difference in the amount of pressure on the QB at UNC than there is at Bama. The expectations at Bama are through the roof while at UNC they are not going to be that high while they are in the midst of a rebuilding and rebranding campaign. JMHO
  10. All I can tell you is he had offers from South Carolina, ECU, Marshall, NC State, UNC and Kentucky.
  11. Committed to Marshall University. I look for big things from this young man. Good luck Jhari.
  12. gg4bama

    Super Bowl 2020

    Explain how?
  13. My attitude towards officials really has nothing to do with winning and losing but rather with integrity and professionalism. I have friends that are officials in baseball, basketball and football in my area. I have a lot of respect for officials in general because a lot of them are doing a good job and are really trying to do the right thing. It's a very tough and thankless job for sure. Officials are necessary for the game but they should try to not be the focus of the game like some want to be. They make mistakes and I get that. Some of the officials are in over their heads because of lack of experience, knowledge, training or a combination of all three. What I have been trying to get across ( obviously I've done a poor job at it ) is that there are some that are out there to be seen and interject themselves in a game unnecessarily and there isn't any repercussions for that behavior. They feel untouchable because they aren't held accountable for poor job performance so it just goes on and on. The excuse is always the same... "we don't have enough officials". It's not about one fanbase feeling like they are getting hosed but an entire area that is getting short changed by supposed adults that can't put the players first and not themselves. I hear it from teams that win on a consistent basis and teams that lose on a consistent basis. A coach can send in video after video of examples of this and nothing is ever said or done. Oh yeah, a coach can say " hey I don't want so and so to do anymore of my games" and that official isn't scheduled for games for that school. The other officials here about it and then it's "Katy bar the door" when that team has a game because here come the phantom flags, fouls or strikes, because the other officials feel like they have to protect the other one. They have some vendetta against a certain team/s or coach/coaches and they will have a plan in the back of their minds to stick it to them any time they can. One of the worst officiated games I have ever seen, is one that the team I was cheering for won. How's that for bizarre? So it's not always about winning and losing. Controlling a game isn't done by trying to control the score. Coaches have many different philosophies about lopsided games on when to "call of the dogs" so to speak. I've seen officials try their best to keep the score close by throwing flags, calling fouls or phantom strikes for no reason other than to help out the losing team. That isn't the job they are tasked to do. That aspect of the game is to be controlled by the coaches and if they don't do that then there are protocols in place ( by the school's admin or NCHSAA ) to address that. Officiating the score should never come into play. Losing teams and their fans sometimes seem to want to have someone to blame for the loss other than their team. It's not all the time but sometimes that's true. If the fans are too rowdy for one side or it's becoming hostile then go to that coach and let him/her know you aren't going to listen to it anymore and there needs to be an administrator ( in high school ) to handle that. Officials, in my opinion, should always have a deputy/officer escort them off the field or court after a game to discourage any type of aggression towards them. I will say this again. It's sad that adults who officiate games can't put aside their dislike, jealousy, displeasure or disgust for a team, fanbase or coach and do a job in a professional manner. I have been witness to it over and over. I have officiated games in which the coach and I .... let's just say we didn't get along and I couldn't look at myself in the mirror or those kids in the face if didn't try to be as impartial as humanly possible and do the best job I could.
  14. First off, I do not condone physically assaulting an official, I don't care how bad they may be. Secondly, I don't think anyone on here is condoning what the gentleman did. I know good and well I would get fired from my job if I did what he did. I think that people on here are discussing reasons that fans and coaches alike are getting upset at officials. I said in my previous post and many times before, I understand officials make mistakes. I get that. Thirdly, what I do mind is exactly what I described in my post above. The blatant disregard for having a professional attitude about doing your job and not being held accountable for that. Voicing your displeasure about officiating has been around as long as sports. It's going to happen and officials have to understand that going into it. I've officiated games at the youth level and fans get unruly even at that level. I had a mom come on the field and berate me like no other. I stood there and let her yell at me and when she was done, I asked her if she was done and she said yes. I explained to her what happened and she later apologized. There is a threshold of acceptability as far as yelling at officials and what an official should and shouldn't have to hear. I've been around sports nearly my entire life as a player, coach, official, parent and fan. A lot has changed over the years but the constant has always been what a kid can learn from sports. Sports teach us so much that school or others can't.