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  1. EF 35. ACR 23 EF is a very good team. I was very proud of ACR for not folding after getting down 14-0 early. Like I’ve said before, it’s going to take ACR a little bit of time to find their footing with all the new players this year. We even have a different OC this year. All in all I think we are going to be just fine. I’m not sure ACR will play any teams the rest of regular season as good as EF and Shelby. I saw lots of positive stuff from ACR but we have a lot to fix as well. Good of luck to EF the rest of the way. They were the better team last night.
  2. It's going to take ACR a little time to get things going this year. Like RR said, we have a lot of new faces that need to get acclimated.
  3. Me too. They both need to play to gain experience.
  4. We are playing Owen JV's on 9/5 at ACR. I just got an email from our Administration with an updated schedule.
  5. I’m not arguing. I just wasn’t aware of that happening. I was just trying to understand exactly where you were talking about.
  6. Parts of Shiloh have always been in the ACR district. I grew up across the tracks in Oakley and had many friends in Shiloh that went to ACR and TCR.
  7. When did ACR take in part of Estes? I really don’t know. What area are you talking about? I’m asking because I really don’t know.
  8. They tried that once before and the parents in the Bell district raised you know what
  9. I look for West to be much improved over last year. I think West is running an offense that best suits their situation as far as demographics and number of athletes that are playing. They are a hard nosed bunch and if they can keep that system in place for a few years then I think they can make some noise for years to come. If you aren't blessed with big linemen and great athletes then that option football is tough because teams don't see it often. JMHO.
  10. gg4bama

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    Oh, ok. I misunderstood you. I don't think I have ever seen a delay of game call for players getting up too slow either. It's going to be interesting to say the least.
  11. gg4bama

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    If the offense doesn't substitute, the defense can, but at their own peril. With the 40 second clock, the offense can go as fast as the officials can get the ball spotted. If the defense is substituting and the offense doesn't then the D is taking a chance of getting a penalty for illegal participation ( too many players on the field ). So, in essence, the D can't just leisurely substitute to try and slow things down.
  12. gg4bama

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    If this happens and the offense doesn't substitute then I guess we will see a few more illegal participation flags for too many men on the field for the D. Coaches better get ready for this with those up tempo teams.
  13. gg4bama

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    In the link I shared in a previous reply goes over this very scenario. It says that the last 5 seconds are to be indicated by an arm motion by either the referee or the back judge when the play clock is kept on the field. You have to scroll down near the end of the entire link.
  14. gg4bama

    WHC 2019

    The kids of the AD at Mars Hill went to Madison so that may be an option. It will be interesting to see what Madison does with this problem.
  15. gg4bama

    Play Clock Changes for 2019

    I agree 100%.