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  1. gg4bama

    Asheville Job

    Pros to coaching at Asheville 1. Generally a very good base of talent to work with. ( that may change in the future, see below ) 2. The stadium is second to none. 3. Beautiful area to live in. 4. being the only City School, they don't have to share tax money with another high school. Cons to coaching at Asheville 1. Very expensive to live in Asheville. ( not as bad outside the city ) 2. The administration isn't as supportive as in years past. 3. No assistants that are teachers at the school. 4. Rumor has it the weight program is going downhill fast. ( None or only one class for weight training) 5. Families moving into the Asheville district are more interested in soccer, tennis, cross country or other things than football.
  2. Right now they can't compete in the mountains much less off of it. From the outside looking in, they need a complete overhaul.
  3. gg4bama

    Rush Propst is back

    If you want a coach strictly for football purposes then Probst is good. If you are looking for a coach that is more than just football i.e. character builder, father figure and builder of young men then you may want to look somewhere else.
  4. This is a great hire for Tuscola.
  5. gg4bama

    Shrine Bowl 2019

    If you are a prospect looking for D1 offers then this game is in the wrong time of the year. D1 coaches are in the dead period. The practices do have juco and D2 guys all over. I just think the game itself is not as popular as it used to be.
  6. ACA is a quality school and they have a decent athletic program. Unless they are willing to spend a good amount of $$ right out of the gate, it will take several years to field a competitive team that the public schools should worry about losing players to. The level of coaching they acquire will also play a factor in that as well. I know that a family's worries over the curriculum of public schools is a big consideration when contemplating sending your child to a private school. If an education with a Christian focus is your goal then the public school system isn't going to work for you. ACA isn't cheap to attend either.
  7. Our athletes at ACR pay a $50 fee every year for the cost of some stuff. If they play multiple sports then it is just the one time. Almost every sport has some kind of fundraiser to help offset the cost of uniforms and equipment. Our booster club is also a big help with that kind of stuff. Our baseball team has an annual fundraiser and they usually bank about $3k - $5k.
  8. gg4bama


    To me the main source of aggravation with the officials is the total lack of professionalism being displayed on regular basis. Too many guys want to throw the flag just so they can be seen. The game is about the players, not the officials. Some are on a power trip because they were not good enough to play back in the day , got curb stomped most Fridays or felt slighted in some way and this is where they can assert their power. I understand missing a call once in while but the blatant jealousy, vindictiveness and arrogance I see on Friday nights ( and in other sports ) is amazing. Like I said earlier, it's sad to see adults try to right some perceived wrong by screwing over the kids that have worked so hard to play in their respective sport. I agree about people in the stands not knowing what the rule is for HS football. My favorite this year was being able to ground ball without being under center. I don't know how many times I heard " he can't do that, that's intentional grounding". The other I hear a lot is when the QB is scrambling outside of the pocket and you here some goober yelling " just throw it out of bounds". I really want to correct them but my wife just tells me to let it go.
  9. My daughter would have loved to play flag football.
  10. gg4bama


    Get better at officiating = less harassment. It is a difficult job for sure. More training would help some but until the officials are held accountable (suspension from officiating ) for their on field performance then we will continue to get what we get. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken s&!t. I know that there is a shortage of officials for almost every sport but you just cannot have officials from County A (attended school there ) officiating games in that county. Here in WNC, there is an abundance of jealous, vindictive, mean spirited ex athletes that want nothing more than sticking it to a certain school/schools that they don't like from their old playing days. It's just sad that grown men and women can't put aside their allegiances for a few hours and do a job, that they are being paid to do, with some modicum of professionalism. It is rampant here in WNC.
  11. Sorry about that. I only went back to the early Seventies.
  12. My top 10 with minimal research.... 1. Robbinsville 2. Murphy 3. Swain 4. AC Reynolds 5. Asheville 6. Pisgah 7. Brevard 8. Franklin 9. Sylva Webster 10. Hendersonville ( no state title game appearances but very consistent for many years) 10. b. Tuscola
  13. I would consider them more foothills area.