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  1. gg4bama

    Football schedules for 2019

    AC Reynolds schedule: East Forsyth at Shelby at Owen Erwin at Enka North Henderson at Tuscola Open Asheville at North Buncombe West Henderson at TC Roberson That might be the toughest opening two games for anyone in the state with the defending 4A state champs leading off. Then the defending 2A state champs and 5 of the last 6 years on top of that. I have to say Coach Shane Laws isn't afraid to play tough non conference games.
  2. gg4bama

    Longer play clock

    I don't think the play clock rules should change until the officials can get the ball set in a timely fashion. I have seen officials here in WNC take 10-15 seconds just to get the ball placed before starting the play clock. They will casually walk the ball back to the hashes to place the ball for the ready to play and then the white hat just looks around like he has all day while both teams are standing around waiting. I understand it takes some time but most times it's ridiculous. There are two white hats in particular in WNC that are very slow in starting the play clock. I am not sure why they are so slow. Is there some kind of motive for this? I don't know. A lot of teams now run the hurry up/no huddle offense and this slow pace by officials takes away that dimension of their game.
  3. gg4bama

    AC Reynolds Schedule

    ACR will have a good many questions to answer this summer. Namely, who is going to be the QB. ACR has good skill guys with experience except for the QB. It is going to be very interesting this year and the coaching staff will have to do a great job to get them ready. I can't wait.
  4. gg4bama

    3AA West: Mount Tabor 24, A.C. Reynolds 21

    This should be a really good game. If ACR tackles well then I will say they win by 3.
  5. gg4bama

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    Both teams played their guts out. They were the best team we had played this year. Our tackling has to get better. I thought we could have run the ball on them more. I’ll take the win. Our D-line has to step up a little.
  6. gg4bama

    #15 Kannapolis @ #2 A.C. Reynolds

    Go Rockets!!! Bring your blankets. It's going to be a little nippy.
  7. gg4bama

    Running Clock

    I think most coaches know if there may be a running clock before the game even starts and should be prepared as such. With that being said, if I am the coach of a team that is leading and the opponent still has his 1st team in, I would find it hard to put my younger and possibly less physically gifted guys out there to get beat on. It's a two way street for the losing coach to also get some time for his subs when there isn't any hope of winning. What are you guys thoughts on that scenario? I have been on both ends of those.
  8. gg4bama

    What do you miss?

    I too miss the students being involved with cheers and all that stuff. It seems the school spirit is dwindling. I know that a lot of administrators are more worried about the 180 days and all that stuff rather than school spirit. I know at ACR, I feel our administration strangles the life out of student spirit. I remember homecoming week being a time of enjoyment for the student body but now it is just so ho-hum. In my opinion, if you make some things fun for the students then they are more likely to do well. If you don't, it's drudgery.
  9. gg4bama

    AC Reynolds vs West Henderson (Who was there)

    All 5 were incompetent. The white hat and the back judge more so than the other 3 but all were awful. Our kicker is a transfer from WH and every time he kicked an XP they would yell his name and tell him he sucked. The white hat said he couldn’t hear it. I don’t know how he didn’t because I heard it on the top row of the stands. That was his words to our coach. That is total BS. They were very quick to call other stuff for talking and stuff though.
  10. gg4bama

    AC Reynolds vs West Henderson (Who was there)

    ACR played uninspired and had some questionable play calling in my opinion. West played well. The officials were the worst I have ever seen. I’ve played, coached and watched football for nearly all my life ( I am 50) and I have never seen a group of officials so bad. I was very glad to ACR overcome their own wrongs and those of the officials to pull out a win.
  11. gg4bama

    North Buncombe vs Ashesville

    Asheville 45-20
  12. gg4bama

    CP Top-20 3A Power Rankings following Week 9

    Last year was a test both physically and mentally for ACR. They played very well and caught a break or two. This year's playoffs should be no different as far as level of opponents.
  13. gg4bama

    CP Top-20 3A Power Rankings following Week 9

    Playoffs are going to be a grind right out of the gate. You had better come to play every week.
  14. gg4bama

    What's the Problem!

    My first question to 96 would have to be ...who is making the comments about the coach at HH? If it's just fans in the crowd then I wouldn't worry about it. Fans are fans and they aren't ever going to be satisfied ( most are uninformed anyway). Are they saying it's because the staff is African-American or are they just running off at the mouth? I don't think criticizing a coaching staff is just limited to staffs of color. I am an ACR fan, we have won 30 conference games in row and were state 3AA runner up last year ( our head coach won a title in '09). I heard all kinds of complaints early in the year last year about the QB change that our coaching staff had put in. It turned out they knew a lot more than anyone in the stands. What I am trying to say is that I don't think it matters what skin color your coaching staff is or how successful they are, there are always going to be those fans that want to grumble about something.
  15. gg4bama

    Here Mountie-Mountie!!!

    I don't know you but I will say a prayer for you and your wife. My wife and I had the same thing happen. She had to deliver the baby and I must say it was and still is the toughest thing I have ever been through. Just love on each other and you can get through it. 1 Peter 5:7