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  1. It is definitely an interesting take on the process. I know travel would be more ACR if this were to come to fruition. We have been in a conference with McDowell and South Caldwell before. When you add in that trip to Boone, then that is a different animal all together.
  2. gg4bama

    No Class!

    I don't think there was an issue with coaches yelling at the players but the fans in the stands and on here calling them out by name was/is the issue. I agree that a coach needs to get the attention of a player sometimes by yelling. I have no problem with that.
  3. gg4bama

    Coaching Carousel

    If you ask the folks in Waynesville, the Tuscola job should come open. Will it? That's a great question. The fans of Asheville that I know would also like a change but that is another interesting situation.
  4. gg4bama

    Shelby Small 2A

    A true competitor wants to play the best.
  5. gg4bama

    No Class!

    What good could come of calling a kid out by name on here or any other form of social media? I mean, I get being frustrated but those kids read these posts and they see their name on here. Can you imagine how devastating that can be to an impressionable young person?
  6. gg4bama

    No Class!

  7. gg4bama

    No Class!

    Here's the truth in any profession.... If everyone were paid what they're worth, some would be millionaires and some would starve to death. Unfortunately the real world doesn't work that way. Do I think educators should be paid more? Absolutely. A degree with a teaching certificate should be worth more than what they are getting in NC. That's my opinion. Teachers also have to pay in part for a substitute if they are missing a day of work. I think that is ridiculous. I don't know of another profession that does that. I am not an educator but I know a lot of fine folks that are and they're hourly rate of pay if you take into account non school hours spent grading papers or getting supplies with your own money is substantially inadequate.
  8. gg4bama

    No Class!

    This thread took a detour somewhere down the line. 😄
  9. gg4bama

    No Class!

    1. I understand about the players. There are so many things that play into the mindset of a teenage boy. I can tell you for sure they don't want to make a mistake just like we don't want to make one at our jobs. They already feel bad enough and will hear about it from the coaches. When a mistake happens in the game ( it will ) and you feel the need to say something, give it the ol' "come on guys" or something of that nature. NEVER MAKE IT ABOUT ONE PLAYER. It's ok to be disappointed with the game, the play of some and the coaching for that matter but WE MUST SUPPORT THE KIDS. Lou Holtz once said , " praise loudly and criticize softly". If you feel the need to criticize a player then by all means, do it at home to your family and not at the game or on social media. I played ( many years ago ) and I remember my Mom telling me about someone criticizing me from the stands while she was sitting right next to him. Now, my Mom was not one to shy away from telling someone what she thought so she told him to shut his mouth before she shut it for him. She told him that was her son he was talking about. You never know who you may be sitting by. If you happen to see a player after the game or during the week, let them know how proud you are of them whether your team is having a great year or a lousy one. They appreciate it whether you think they do or not. 2. The coaches, for the most part, understand there will be criticism from the fanbase sometimes even if things are going great. Fan is short for fanatic. My son is an assistant for football and baseball and he understands that comes with the job and he is good with that. I hear people in the stands criticizing him and the other coaches from time to time but unless they are making it personal, I just let it slide and just chuckle at them. I actually think it's funny to hear some of the thoughts of the "bleacher coaches". I don't agree with everything either but that is just human nature I think. The coaches put in a tremendous amount of time into it with little pay. They do it because they love it.
  10. ACR wins this one. I too, think NB will try to control to clock by using their running game. If NB gets behind early and has to try to speed up to play catch up then it’s Katy bar the door. That’s when it may get ugly. I say ACR by 24.
  11. After last night I am adding Asheville to this list. They looked unorganized, uninterested and lackluster.
  12. gg4bama


    ACR 41 Asheville 7 halftime
  13. That's true. The folks I know at Asheville say the culture has changed over there with very little support from the administration. From what I have heard, they only have one coach for football that is at the school all day. The others have jobs outside of the school. That makes it very hard to find some chemistry and connect with the young men.
  14. Brevard comes to mind here in WNC.