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  1. Bonecollector

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Here pussy, pussy, pussy cat😄
  2. Bonecollector

    Mitchell @ Owen

    Always love coming to your stadium. It’s one of the best around.
  3. Bonecollector

    Mitchell @ Owen

    Not hardly. Our JV team has been very competitive all while missing 4 to 5 starters including a QB that is very similar to the current varsity starter. He’s only a freshman but I expect he will be the varsity starter next year. He’s a game changer. No doubt you guys will still be good next year. Joeys got a well oiled machine pumping out talent.
  4. Bonecollector

    High stadium elevation

    Coldest game I can rememberer was 2011. Mitchell vs Swain at Mitchell in the 3rd round. It was so cold people brought little buddy heaters and still froze. I think the temp was around 5 degrees. It was also the best game I’ve seen, even though Mitchell led the entire game until about 2 minutes left before losing. Swain went on to an epic comeback against West Montgomery in the west finals and then win the state.
  5. Bonecollector

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    I'll be very surprised if Avery scores two touchdowns. Hoilman is a good QB, but he's gonna have to get rid of it quick. Heritage is probably gonna blitz every play and I don't think Avery's o-line will hold up.
  6. Bonecollector

    Mitchell @ Owen

    Or Franklin😀
  7. Bonecollector

    WHC week 8

    It's best not to take it personal. I enjoy the smack talk, it's all just fun and nothing serious. We all love High School football and as a matter of fact I would rather watch it than pro or college. It's a family affair every Friday night and about the only chance other than church that my family is together in one place. So don't quit posting, just have fun and poke us back. The Heritage guys are getting good at it.
  8. Bonecollector

    High stadium elevation

    Avery is around 3800 feet and on a Friday night in November it feels like you're about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
  9. Bonecollector

    High stadium elevation

    Probably Avery or Watauga. Mitchell is about 2800 feet. Robbinsville or Swain may be close too.
  10. Bonecollector

    Mitchell @ Owen

    Very. But if I’m wrong life goes on. The deer will be waiting Saturday morning.
  11. Bonecollector


    He’s been on a camping trip with Boomhaurer
  12. Bonecollector

    Mitchell @ Owen

  13. Bonecollector

    WHC week 8

    I’m thinking about bringing the woodshed Friday night 😀. I know how Stampede hates that term.
  14. Bonecollector

    Game Start Times Question

    Just picking at you. 🤪 Matter of fact I have a can of Copenhagen with a re-dip in right now and I love potted meat and soda crackers.
  15. Bonecollector

    WNC scores

    Dang, hate that. Thought you guys might pull this one out.