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  1. I see him everyday and I really have no clue. I give up trying to figure these kids out. Although i wouldn't be shocked if he picks the Heels.
  2. Most likely the Heels.
  3. Yep! We knew about him long before anyone at Myers Park knew he exist. I remember saying DAMN! "I hope they don't move him up to Varsity during the playoffs".
  4. Yep! You're 100% correct. Creek against Hough and Vance against Wake Forest. New Year, New Team, more weapons and more polished.
  5. I wouldn't be talking about them if thought it would be an easy task. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
  6. Totally different game plan and preparing for RR vs MP passing game. I would have put the Creek at 3rd or 4th also. Nothing they did at the time warranted them at #1. Secondary has new movement and defense is clicking and will be stealth in the playoffs.
  7. He had a quick release against Vance in the 2nd half last year, but Aldridge figured it out. We're talking about different pressure than what Richmond gave last year. They were also able to run against Richmond last year. Which helped a bunch with their passing game. Maye is the delivery portal to the weapons @ MP., without him they;re in big big trouble.
  8. Yep! He’s all that. Let’s see how that works when he’s running for his life. Trent Simpson, Quentin Williams, Josh Llolla, JT Whitmore & a heavy rotation of 10 on the DL. He has faced absolutely nothing in the same stratosphere thus far. See Vance last year. Pressure bust pipes. Tic Toc!
  9. work7

    Butler @ Myers Park

    In the words of my old ball coach. “Film no Lie”
  10. Where is Ardrey Kell? Last year Admin numbers 2991. Did their numbers drop?
  11. It's just refreshing you finally came out the closet and let everyone know who you are. Baby Steps! Next! Let's work on being just one person and not 8 different people. All 5'7" of you!
  12. If you have someone's six. Their love ones you start making funeral arrangement's ... You went there? Hilarious! Now let's get back to football.
  13. I watched the game on HSOT. That’s not quite how it happened, but I can understand how someone’s Mom would have saw it that way. Looks like they went into a big boy package and powered up the middle.