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  1. Numerous people blocked him.
  2. You’re correct! He’s the same guy that is single handily destroying NCPREPS. Crazy juvenile back & forths.
  3. One of the option’s in Georgia is to shorten playoffs, with only conference champions participating in playoffs
  4. Guys like Maye, don’t grow on trees. He’s a huge reason for their success.
  5. Indeed! I know the story. 😉
  6. AK & Myers Park have lost key defensive players to other programs.
  7. Yep, and I provided information on my personal experience. So there you have it.
  8. The Florida Hospital Association pretty much represents every Hospital in Florida. I was advised there was a increase in positive test.
  9. I know of 2 in North Florida, Shands Live Oak & Shands Starke. closed on April 30, but emergency rooms remain open.
  10. I’m dealing directly with the Hospital’s that are seeing these patients. I don’t know how much more official you can get.
  11. I do government lodging contracts. I am currently working with the Florida Hospital Association. They need my services because of a spike in cases. Per my conversation yesterday.
  12. Where are you getting your information? Florida & Georgia numbers are up.
  13. Yawn! 3 losses in 5 years. 3 undefeated seasons in those 5. 1 Varsity Championship appearance. Good Luck with that undefeated JV season.