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  1. Much props on recruiting thus far.
  2. No! You STOP! You get more delusional with every post. A Nut Job Fan! Players get injured, players talents don't transfer over to college. players transfer. Could Howell be great? It's possible. You guys act as though you signed Trevor Lawrence . Jay Bateman was like the 3rd choice as DC...lmao! I don't know of a Super Bowl winning Coach? You better watch Lonnie Galloway he like's stealing film from opponents. That's not a good look. The Heel's were the only program that would hire him..lol
  3. I didn't disagree with your facts. My opinion is they're irrelevant until they do something on the field. Your Facts are like saying Carolina will wear white uniforms in 2019. Nothing you said guarantees anything different on the Field. Outside of Nathan Elliot, which I realize you didn't like. The coaching is going to be better based off of what? All of your question's are wishes of every team playing in the ACC. I really like Howell. I watched him a lot in High School. No QB whisper on the planet can assure you that his High School play success is going to be the same in College. Chazz Surratt was a 4 Stat QB also. Remember him? I can go on any message board in college football and get the same banter about their program. That includes every team the Heels will play this year.
  4. So if I disagree with you I'm hating? You also didn't answer the question? What's changes have they made on their roster that suggest anything different?
  5. What's changes have they made on their roster that suggest anything different? If their was a RAW RAW Trophy they would be Champs. Respond without your die hard fan hat on.
  6. I have them 0-4 going into the Clemson game.
  7. They're returning just about their entire offense and numerous players on defense from a team that had Penn State on the ropes the entire game in front of 105,232 in attendance. They're a legit program in the State. They'll probably have home field advantage since Carolina fans don't show up for games, and when they do they're quiet or doing something else.
  8. I believe they Handle the Heels when they roll into Kenan Memorial Stadium Saturday Sep. 21!
  9. The thoughts of a delusional fan.
  10. work7

    Power Echols LB 2021

    He didn't get along with Al Groh the Head Coach. He left and finished up at Fayetteville State.
  11. Although the expectations of FSU and the Heels are totally different when it comes to winning games. FSU lost 2 Five Stars, 5 four Stars, and 4 Three Stars from the 2019 Class. That's 11 decommits! Them going 5-7 had a lot to do with that. If you don't win games, all the noise goes away. I see you put up a confused meme 😕. I hope that helps you out? YOU GOTTA WIN FOOTBALL GAMES! The Wolfpack has more NC players on their roster than any team in the ACC. They've also beaten the Heels the last 3 years in a row. I doubt they're doing any crying. The Heels need to figure out how to beat a In-State program other than WCU, before they can start with the it's a good time to be a Heels Fan...lol! Love the optimism but they only won 2 games last year. I'm cheering form them, but winning games is the litmus test for me.
  12. Something about kid's committing before the season and the Team falls short? Don't get it done on the field and players will exit quicker than turning off the lights. You can't add players with stars before signing Day.
  13. I'm familiar with him. I know Georgia was recruiting him, and had concerns with his actual age? He looks like he's 30
  14. Charlotte had a 6'8" DE in the city? Where did he play and what was his name?
  15. work7

    Head Coaches

    You're an Awesome young man! Stay that way!