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  1. Once James Martin AD & Football coached retired (Ricky Clark). Things immediately started changing when he left the program. It had absolutely nothing to do with enrollment. The numbers have not changed with the student participation. Coaching and mentoring on the field and the classroom, had a lot to do with their success. I was on staff for 6 of those years and the players were nothing to brag about. It took a village. I spent numerous days taking kids home to empty houses, single parent homes, and paid numerous pay to play fees. A very difficult program to coach. To suggest that enrollment, and alleged weak conference was the reason for their success, just confirms you've never step foot on campus. Their success was based off the system he ran. Very strict and discipline and well organized and very structured. I also used Ridge Road, Alexander, Bailey Road, and i left out MLK as examples of schools that are feeder schools. So when you say they don't predominantly feed into one school. That's just not true. There might be 2 or 3 players from Ransom on Vance roster, and there are zero on Mallard Creek. In regards to Catholic out recruiting and getting these certain type of players, and stud athletes because of boundaries. I just don't see it. Very few of those kids play football after high school. They just have a well oiled machine of a system. I also don't believe you're familiar with the number of kids that are just packing up and moving into districts of choice, within the public school system. CC has no advantage over public. That's just a hard sale for me to suggest they have an advantage.
  2. Scrimmages? Mean absolutely nothing outside of getting your guys ready for the season, and working on stuff. CC during the Indy elite days would hold their on with them @ scrimmages. Real game, I'm thinking a beat down.
  3. It's evident you're not familiar with middle schools in Charlotte. The majority of middle school students all go to one school. In regards to your statement about Ransom Middle school. I'm thinking you just don't know. Very few kids from Ransom attend Vance or Mallard Creek. You might have 2 or 3. I wouldn't call that sharing. James Martin Middle School went undefeated for 9 years.. 97% of those kids attend Vance, which is 50 yards away. Their program did not change over night. They have a weight room, that would put most High Schools to shame. MC kids feeder program is Ridge Road, North Meck feeder school is Alexander Middle, Bailey Road Middle is feeder for Hough. Piedmont IB Middle School kids are from all areas of Charlotte. Their kids go everywhere. CC has no advantage because they're private. Great coaching and they do a great job of combining their middle school (Feeder) and High School together, which numerous programs throughout Charlotte can do. They very seldom get elite players like the public schools. Public schools have changed dramatically the last few years. More parents are just packing up and moving to the district, of school of choice. It's like a high school football portal. Vance QB previous school South Meck MC QB previous school Northwestern West Charlotte QB previous school Hickory Ridge Myers Park QB previous school Hough Hough QB previous school Clayton. Hopewell QB previous school Charlotte Christian Public schools can get any kid that's willing to move, CC cannot. Advantage Public.
  4. I usually do dinner with him when he comes to Charlotte. I know him good enough to discuss football, but not well enough to inquire about what's going on career wise. They were at the bottom on defense last year (Conference) . Houston is ruthless when it comes to his staff. He has no problem firing anyone.
  5. So I guess Weddington didn't get the memo?
  6. work7

    Richmond Week 2

    Yep! I was made aware last week.
  7. SM is one of the largest schools in the State. Joe Evans will get a lot of new kids playing. He made Myers Park tougher. After 1 year at Indy, following year they were 12-1. SM will be better.
  8. It was very normal in the eighties to play numerous sports, kids were much more active, no social media, no cell phones, kids playing pick up football games, hanging out on basketball courts and rec centers all day. I don’t believe they’re being burned out. It just a lack of sports interest in general. They can play their sport year round, or play numerous sports. Or just stay inside and hang out on the computer all day. Also Adults have figured out a way to make profits during the off-season. Travel Baseball, AAU Basketball & 7v7 Football. The kids who love their sport, play it. The ones that don’t have the passion, don’t.
  9. work7

    Rush Propst hired again.

    It's like leaving a stack of $100's on the ground in front of a thief. He's going to make the wrong decision. LOL! He's not a guy i would select to start a program.
  10. work7

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    I could see Drake backing up Sam Howell for 1 year, or he could be a kid who wants to come in, and play immediately. It’ll be interesting to see if he stays with Bama.
  11. work7

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    Trent with a successful freshman campaign, and calls Echols up and says come play with me. It's a wrap! Carolina Who?
  12. https://volswire.usatoday.com/2019/12/29/usa-academy-set-to-hire-rush-propst-as-head-coach/
  13. They need to get them 2 Juco guys on the D line.