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  1. ARaiderFan

    Scotland and Richmond

    The Blinky Lights are LED they're easy on the power bill.
  2. ARaiderFan

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Ouch. Bring a crowd (assuming we squeak by this week) it could be one for the ages.
  3. ARaiderFan

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    The ride to The Rock ain't so bad but the long ride home is a bitch...
  4. Come Friday night RC will be the one to huff and puff. Hough ain't no Mallard Park or Myers Creek...
  5. ARaiderFan

    SAC Week 4

    Lee County vs Hoke County 49-14 Lee Pinecrest vs Union Pines 45-17 PC Laney vs Lumberton 2-2 L Richmond vs Cardinal Gibbons 53-20 RSHS Scotland vs D.H. Conley 35-7 Scots Southern Durham vs Seventy First 35-10 Falcons
  6. 1. You Scots are just upset that the Raiders have started a new streak remember the last one... 2. And raider1 you think the Raiders are lucky (SMH). What have you seen that leads you to believe luck will be involved? 3. If any luck is involved someone will be lucky to have beat the Raiders in conference play (hang it on the locker room wall). 4. One horse show my aching butt - that's what everyone needs to do is just game plan for #5. 5. I anxiously await RD28327's conference picks.
  7. Cardinal Gibbons will be the biggest test so far. This match up should be very entertaining...
  8. Well it was a hard fought battle. But, the game I watched the Raiders left three touchdowns on the field and Butler got one more than they earned. I think maybe my prediction was the closest.
  9. What's your prediction 14-13 or 33-28 or 56 to 55 put your expertise on display. The only chance Butler has is if they can stop our offense if they can't they are behind the wood shed...
  10. The fire will be extinguished pretty quick. We beat them 30-19 at Butler last year this year it will be a lot worse at the Raider Stadium. RSHS buy a big bunch and they can hang it on the wall it won't matter.
  11. Put your tight score up we'll see who's closest...
  12. RSHS 48 - Butler 3 Scotland 42 - MCHS 7
  13. ARaiderFan


    The officiating crew for this game should be reviewed. These guys never had control of this game they missed numerous face mask calls one which the RB's helmet was ripped off. This was a dangerous game for all players involved...
  14. Ahhh - Coaches and Rumors of Coaches to start another week in Raiderville...