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  1. I don’t know the whole story but neither do you. I have seen refs smart off to fans instead of ignoring them. Your questioning him for what he did or what might happen next but it’s ok for you to call him a piece of $hit. So if you did that to his face what might happen. Makes you no better calling someone of piece of $hit. What will you call the next parent who makes a mistake. That’s what we do in this country we judge people before know them or what the whole story is. I have never meet this person so I’m not going to judge him.
  2. I have a friend who is in law enforcement and said that the guy who did this is actually a good person. Just got up in the moment..Sports bring out the worst of parents sometimes when it come to their kids.
  3. Appvol

    Power Echols commits to UNC

    Hopefully Vols hold on to Isaac Washington. He committed to Tennessee today. North Carolina is loaded with talent in the 2021 class. Tennessee is offering a lot of kids from NC.
  4. I’m surprised Eddy didn’t get a hold of him. You should ask Eddy about the time a Owen parent came out of the stands with a roll of quarters in his hand and sucker punched Averys coach in the back of the head while he was coaching a match.Knocked him out. It was during the conference tournament.
  5. Appvol

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    Knights Avery did pretty good in a tournament in Bristol,Virginia Saturday. Avery 220 had to go up against the 3rd ranked 220 in the Country from Georgetown Prep in the finals. Kyonte Hamilton he is committed to Rutgers.He won Beast of the East this year. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/prep-wrestling-lebanon-s-logan-smith-ends-cressel-classic-curse/article_1f25df80-34e5-11ea-868f-efcd185644ef.html
  6. Appvol

    Fred T Foard Wrestling

    They have had some kids dinged up early. One of the kids that won state last year is out this year with a shoulder.Some of the kids that didn’t wrestle against Foard are pretty good.
  7. Appvol

    Fred T Foard Wrestling

    Couldn’t tell why Avery forfeited 5 weight classes. Most of the year it’s just been 106 and 113.
  8. Appvol

    Fred T Foard Wrestling

    They didn’t destroy Avery. Avery forfeited 5 weight classes and only lost 43-31.
  9. Appvol

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    This is what track wrestling had if it helps.
  10. Appvol

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    Saw were Avery beat Robbinsville 54-28 and Swain 55-24 at the Enka Duals. Nowell didn’t wrestle. Is he still out hurt.
  11. Appvol

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    And I also understand that his injury in college could of been career ending. I’m glad it worked out for him. If you aren’t in the playoffs it’s a hard choice to play in the bowl game if you are a high draft pick.
  12. Appvol

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    With his rookie contract and his 2nd contract in 3 years he has got almost 40 million guaranteed. If he had been drafted 5 what would his contract been and for how many years on a rookie contract.
  13. Appvol

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    But it worked out for Smith. Maybe if he doesn’t get hurt and go to the Cowboys he gets hurt his rookie year. He got to sit a year and rehab and signed a new contract 5 year 64 million and 35.5 million guaranteed.
  14. Appvol

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    If Tua comes back Young probables Red Shirts next year and Jones is the #2.
  15. Appvol

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    Definitely on that but if he does come back it shouldn’t affect any decision Maye makes on going to Alabama because either way Tua will be gone.