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  1. Appvol

    Spring practice

    I try. I’m only one person.
  2. Appvol

    Spring practice

    If I’m not mistaken wasn’t high school football played before when there was no 7 on 7 and Spring practices.
  3. Appvol

    Spring practice

    That’s one thing I’m worried in Avery @Knights. The seasonal residents are coming up early from all kinds of different states. The population goes from around 20,000 to 60,000 when everyone comes back up. There is only 3 grocery stores in the County. The Hospital is nowhere big enough to handle a outbreak if that were to happen. Hopefully things will turn around for the good soon.
  4. I wonder how many people know Robbinsville has a 8th grader being recruited by a New Jersey high school, Pennsylvania high school and a Tennessee high school.
  5. How do explain other races dressing up as Confederate soldiers in these re-enactments. Do they have venom.
  6. Oh you are talking about the origins of the Dems. It does make sense.
  7. And the last president the only thing he did for 8 years was speak very eloquent and that was about it.
  8. But the Economy was doing great and more people were working than ever. The China Virus has put a halt on it now.
  9. Sorry when you make a comment about the economy right now during a crisis it makes me believe you are happy that China Virus happened and that people may be out of work.
  10. Nothing to be confused. If your on the left you are going to take the Hoax comment out of text and use it against Trump.
  11. The ball has been dropped for a long time. Got take care of yourself then help others.