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  1. Appvol

    West Brunswick getting turf on their field?

    Here is what North Brunswick looks like.
  2. I would put Watauga coach Ryan Habich up there. He is 106-34 over the past 11 years. I would like to see what he could do at one of the powerhouse schools.
  3. Appvol

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    I was just now looking at this thread. The Asheville paper got it wrong. Brewer took Avery to the playoffs all 11 years. Even when Avery didn’t have a good record they played teams tough in the playoffs. When you are a 1a team you are going to have up and down years. Wonder how good Watauga will be with Satterfield going to school in Kentucky now. Watauga has a great coach that’s has a lot to do with their recent success.
  4. I know it’s not Lunsford. I know his brother and he said he tried encouraging Mike to go with Brewer but he was happy doing what he was going to do.
  5. Just wondering who that might be then. Brewer hasn’t been a head coach for about 5 years.
  6. It would of been awesome if Lunsford would of came with him. Lunsford retired from coaching in TN but will be back helping his son try to turn Hampton around.Mike Jr. has had a few rough years since taking over for his dad at Hampton.
  7. I really like Brewer. He coached defense at Cloudland,Tn last year. My son likes him a lot and will miss him.
  8. One thing about Brewer is he is a really good defensive coach. When Avery had talent with him they were pretty good.
  9. It’s only 69 miles from Avery to Allegheny. Not much worse then going to Owen,Madison,or Polk.
  10. If Sam Howell is the real deal does he even stay UNC. If Howell stays 3 years and goes to the league Hornsby sits as a Freshmen then is a Red Shirt Freshman when Howell is a Junior. So best case is he starts as a Red Shirt Sophomore if Howell stays 3 years.If Howell stays 4 years Hornsby would be a Red Shirt Junior. Maybe he comes in and beats out Howell at some point. Competition and depth at positions is what you want.Just think in 2021 UNC could get Drake Maye.
  11. Appvol

    Top 1A teams

    If you like looking at rankings the 247sports composite is the only thing to go by because it averages out all the major recruiting services rankings. The OT for Murphy is ranked the 72 best player in 2021 in the country by 247 sports but doesn’t have a composite ranking yet.247 sports has him as OG in the rankings. https://247sports.com/Player/Yousef-Mugharbil-46081678/
  12. Appvol

    Top 1A teams

    Just wondering how you know he is the top ranked QB Pro Style in 2022 in NC when 247sports hasn’t ranked 2022 kids yet.Dont you mean he is a Freshman and will be a Sophomore next football season.