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  1. Appvol

    Top 1A teams

    Does Murphy get any kids from TN with it being on the state line. I know Copper Basin is close to Murphy and they are terrible at football. If had a son close to line and was good I would send him to Murphy.
  2. Appvol

    Top 1A teams

    Mitchell should be good again. Even though they didn’t win I thought they were better than Murphy last year. I think most of their really good skill players are back. Don’t know about their OL and DL.
  3. Appvol

    Hibriten ???

    That’s what I was told and no teaching responsibilities.
  4. Appvol

    Hibriten ???

    I was told Chesnee,South Carolina.
  5. Appvol

    State Championship

    Knights if Millsaps could of gotten a pin you guys would of tied Uwharrie Charter. The tournament started at 160. Uwharrie didn’t have any kids left after 138. Avery just didn’t get enough points in the consolation rounds. Had 3 state champions and Shell wrestled good against the Rosewood kid to take 2nd at 113.
  6. Appvol

    State Championship

    Robbinsville in the lead. Avery didn't do much in the consolation rounds.
  7. Appvol

    State Championship

    I’m headed out to Greensboro now.
  8. Appvol

    State Championship

    3rd place you mean. Robbinsville with 4 in the finals. Avery with 4 (3 Freshman) and 4 for Rosewood. The 106 pounders get to meet again and 220 in the finals. May come down to who can get the most points in the consolation rounds.
  9. Appvol

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Hope your prediction is right.
  10. Appvol

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    You think with a new staff App St want take a step back this year or just keep rolling.
  11. Appvol

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    If you guys were smart you would be App St. fans.
  12. Appvol

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Wonder where he might transfer to.Was probably FSU best OL when healthy.
  13. Appvol

    State Championship

    Yeah I'm wondering if Avery 113 gets to the finals if he can hang with the kid from Rosewood. He is 110-1 the last 2 years and won it last year at 106. Will Avery and Robbinsville 106 pounders meet again. Then the Wyke kid from Hibriten didn't make it to states. Was going for his 3rd. Must of got hurt in regionals.
  14. Appvol

    State Championship

    Guess not many people keeping up with wrestling in the state.
  15. Appvol

    Longer play clock

    Alabama did it this year. https://www.al.com/expo/erry-2018/04/e56ea395ff2254/how_will_instant_replay_work_i.html http://highschoolsports.al.com/news/article/5638358853113332158/heres-the-cost-for-alabama-hs-football-instant-replay/