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  1. Appvol

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I guess it was for just a half.
  2. Appvol

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Good luck to both teams. Hopefully it’s a injury free hard hitting game. Should be a good one.
  3. Appvol

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I was just responding to BigRed.You do a really good job on your post. Not salty. Didn’t think Cloudland would win and next year will be a beat down for Avery.Would like to see a Hampton Mitchell game one day since somebody was talking about Mitchell and MH schedules.
  4. Appvol

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Not saying they wouldn’t but Hampton would give them a better game then some other teams,. It would be a physical game. Hampton has a Sophomore QB that’s going to really good. It would be a game a would like to see. It’s funny Avery wouldn’t schedule Hampton anymore.I guess you think Avery destroyed a not so good Cloudland team. That’s the bad thing about some Avery people is they cant give teams credit across the state line.
  5. Appvol

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I would think just the Madison game. Kind like when a college player for one of the top teams gets in trouble and has to miss a cupcake game.
  6. Appvol

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    I have heard something about text messages to a Mitchell player to.Talking a little smack early in the year.
  7. Appvol

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Mitchell should be trying to schedule Hampton,TN and Heritage should be trying to schedule Elizabethton,TN. Win or lose it would be really good games early in the season to see where you stand before conference play. I know Mitchell JVs played Elizabethton freshman team
  8. Appvol

    WHC week 8

  9. Appvol

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    Well it sounds like Avery D must of played pretty good if Heritage had 6 INTs . Next year Avery may be pretty tough.
  10. Appvol

    WNC Week 8 Picks

    I would love to see Avery win but Cloudland had more total yards when they played. Avery scores with 31 seconds left and ran a kick back for a TD. Looking at a 28-16 game if not for those. Just don’t see Avery beating Heritage yet.
  11. It wasn’t in North Carolina.Happened in Tennessee. I was just wondering what other people thought about it.
  12. Kid has all kinds of D1 offers and it could of been taken away if his knee would of got blown out. https://247sports.com/player/jay-hardy-46058734/
  13. If your kid was done like this how would you react. Watch what happens to number 8 on a extra point play.