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  1. Knights

    1970's-1990's Game Film

    On YouTube I saw Robbinsville at Swain 87 I think and Swain at Robbinsville 92
  2. Knights

    Mascot name change

    Robbinsville was the blue devils in the 50s. Glad that changed
  3. Knights

    Worst Stadiums

    Mitchell's field is bad. Stadium is ok though.
  4. Knights

    Spring practice

    60% approval
  5. Knights

    Spring practice

    Not looking good. Flatlanders are not listening. Graham will be closing roads tomorrow at 12 because ppl from out of here wont stop trying to come here by the 100s. Be still!!!
  6. I like it. Not sure if the numbers work out though.
  7. Said the guy thats wants 25/25/25/25. Lol
  8. Knights

    Realignment Process

    Well 25/25/25/25 would be the most unfair of any option. Maybe we should make 2a play other 2a schools with double their enrollment.
  9. He'll probably be 205 as a freshmen FB next year. He's fast for that size.
  10. Ok. Thats good. Speculation is all I'm hearing. Bob Calvin was a good coach that was way ahead of the field at that time.
  11. Ok. Anyone have any names of those players that were supposedly brought into Robbinsville by PandJ? You do know pandj was a land clearing company that worked all over the world. Why would anyone move to Robbinsville to work for a company that would be in Florida, Oklahoma, NY or Mississippi. Doesn't make any sense really. Thank folks, thank. The only name I've ever heard was Mark Manual who moved here in the 4th or 5th grade. I guess they knew how good he would be in the 5th grade. Lmao.
  12. Btango What exactly did Robbinsville do to stack the deck. I promise you I will shut down your answer and you WILL NOT be able to back up your claim with facts.
  13. https://www.highschoolot.com/the-realignment-plan-to-level-the-playing-field/19015978/
  14. Well, you only got 4.5yrs to go.