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  1. Knights

    Robbinsville Wrestling

    It will matter because we probably will give up less than 6 points at 126. We won't give up 6 at 106 either.
  2. Knights

    Robbinsville Wrestling

    I noticed Avery still didnt cover 120. Robbinsville has all weight classes covered now. The first time Avery and RVille wrestled we didn't cover 126. Our HW didnt wrestle in the J.Orr but he will be back soon. Hopefully Tuesday as we wrestle Swain for the SMC.
  3. Knights

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    James Orr JVs Robbinsville 96 Swain 87
  4. Knights

    Robbinsville Wrestling

    Head to head Robbinsville 42 Avery 34 Should be one helk of a western championship
  5. Knights

    Robbinsville Wrestling

  6. Knights

    Robbinsville Wrestling

    This was the first match after we lost one of our better kids.
  7. Knights

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    Next year we might loss conference to swain. Something we haven't done much in the last 15yrs.
  8. Knights

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    As of now i think ut will be like this. 1. RVille/Swain 2. Swain/RVille. 3. Rosman 4. Andrews 5. Cherokee 6. Hayesville 7. Murphy.
  9. Knights

    My attempt at smc finishing order.

    Rosman beat Cherokee last night.
  10. Knights

    Robbinsville Wrestling

    Wow I didnt think Avery would have any forfeits. 126 has been a forfeit all year for us.
  11. Knights

    Robbinsville Wrestling

    We had a fourth rd football season and dont seems to be in wrestling shape just yet. Did Robbinsville forfeit any? We have been forfeiting one of the lower weight classes all season.
  12. Knights

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    Wrestling is a team sport as far as the duals. They might split the duals
  13. Knights

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    We would dominate at Wrestling if this happened. I'm not for dividing but it would put us in the driver's seat like Murphy in football.
  14. Knights

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    They do have a team state title based on individual t players am score.
  15. Knights

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    After thinking about it i dont think individually Tournament should be open. No way a small school could finish close to a big school. Big schools would qualify alot of weights if not all. Small schools would forfeit 4 or 5 weight classes.