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  1. Knights

    Brevard vs Smokey Mountain

    If its in Jackson county I'm going with SM. Probably go with SM anyway.
  2. Knights

    WNC Picks, Week 9

    I thought we looked a little sluggish tonight. We could've scored alot more on Cherokee but Cherokee did stop our 1st Offense a couple of times. Cherokee scored twice on our 1st D.
  3. Andrews Wildcats in the 60s.
  4. Awful quiet here. This game is huge. After all its for 2nd/3rd.
  5. Tarboro will not be Small A. Not this year. Not next year.
  6. Thats not going happen. The line will probably go up if anything.
  7. Anderson(1,000+) and Hooper(850)would get my vote as best RB combo in the mtns. Both average 8.8ypc.
  8. Why is that funny Medic. Smoky already lost to Robbinsville and Swain.? Do you think SM would beat Murphy? Maybe but Murphy would be the favorite.
  9. Knights

    WNC Scores

    I think Swain 28 Rosman 00 Near the half
  10. Who's the favorite in small A east?
  11. This isnt related but alooong time ago a man built a hunting lodge on the Hooper Bald(5,500ft). It was huge. He was rich. He brought in Bison and Russian Razorback hogs plus much more. The same Hogs that are all over Wnc now. The Hogs dont play around. All the animals eventually got free and most are gone now but the Razorbacks are going strong. These were the first Razorbacks in the area or maybe the country. He also had a lodge in California with Razorbacks. Not sure if the made it or not. The lodge also had the first phone in Graham county. It took 50yrs to finally build a paved road called the Cherohala skyway. Which is the Indian words Cherokee and Nantahala combined. When I was a kid you had to ride dirt bikes or 4wheelers up Little Buffalo or Squally to get there. About 3hr ride 1 way. Oh lord. Im rambling again. Lol
  12. Robbinsville is in a bowl surrounded by 3 mtn chains. The rest of the county is some of the most rugged and secluded land in NC. Alot of land here is Forest Service land and one main reason our population stays about the same. Only about 8,000 in the county.
  13. Week 1 we beat Smoky Mountain (Sylva Webster). Oh wait. Wrong thread
  14. Knights

    WNC Rankings Week 8

    Paul. Just wondering if you seeing Robbinsville and Swain is the reason Robbinsville moved up and Swain dropped down?
  15. they banned me last year for giving murphy a hard time

    1. Knights
    2. rville20


      I'm still banned 

    3. Knights


      Dang man. 

      Im back in now but im going post most my stuff here from now on. Gotta liven up this site.