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  1. Knights

    Mitchell and Murphy

    Yeah i watched it. Didnt know if it was a charter or Murphy you was talking about. Lol
  2. Knights

    Mitchell and Murphy

    Yeah and the coach said "winning breeds winning and kids are wanting to come here now." Thats an interesting statement. Mountie said nobody was going to TJ for football.
  3. Knights

    Fri.  Bishop vs WSPrep NWC & MVAC Scores

    I thought you meant bishop might get a bye. I must of read it wrong or you edited it.
  4. Knights

    Fri.  Bishop vs WSPrep NWC & MVAC Scores

    Not going happen
  5. Knights


  6. Knights

    Updated Brackets - New ADM for East Wilkes

    So we can see Cherryville at Swain or East Columbus at Cherokee next friday if these hold up. Who's going to catch one of these?
  7. Knights

    Updated Brackets - New ADM for East Wilkes

    They are now saying a team might be forfeiting a game.
  8. Knights

    Possible 1A/1AA Bracket

    If we play like friday we are toast. I believe we will be ready for any 2nd rd team but we better play like were capable.
  9. Knights

    Possible 1A/1AA Bracket

    I dont think we ever played East Wilkes. Sounds good. Should be a good game.
  10. Knights

    WNC leaders regular season

    Thanks He had almost 2 100 last year. Most thought he would be lucky to get 1,200 this year with a young small and entire new line. Hats off to the line for being good.
  11. Here's a number yunz nobody should see 14>0
  12. Dont have to guess. Are you going brag about that number. 😂
  13. We won it 2 outta the last 5. We are a true 1a school. I promise you this if Robbinsville and Mitchell had being playing every year for 50 or 60 years Mitchell would be in a big hole.