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  1. I'm wondering if Northamton can stop the pass. The game might come down to the passing game.
  2. Only schools playing by the same rules should be playing for the same title.
  3. Knights


    Every time we got a couple good runs the refs would slow down the game discussing something.
  4. What do you want? 10 classes?
  5. The year before it was against another charter in MIC
  6. Knights

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    We don't look like a team that's supposed to be in a down year.
  7. Walsh coaching one of the state's smallest schools to a 13-0 record and a Western Champion appearance.
  8. Murphy's D line is way better than Thomas Jefferson. TJ is no different than any other charter. Uwharrie Charter ha 10 state ranked wrestlers their 2nd year. That is almost impossible. The odds are really low that would happen.
  9. Why are you not there now.
  10. A natural drop of 100 would include some athletes but and EC drop of 100 doesnt include any athletes except maybe in a very rare situation.