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  1. Knights

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    A new rule allows you to split a team up 3 times in a year. 9+14=23kids. Unless some was out we have 23. I'm not sure how coach split them up.
  2. Knights

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    We had a kid not come out. He would've been 220 or 285.
  3. Robbinsville had 49 kids at one point this season. I think we finished with 47. Biggest team we ever had by far.
  4. Knights

    SMC Wrestling 2019

    Odom split the team between Enka duals and the one in Cherokee. 9 went to Cherokee and 14 to Enka I think. Not sure how they split them up. Howell might have been at Cherokee, I'm not sure.
  5. Knights

    Mooresville Wrestling

    Robbinsville is just now getting the football player on the mat so we should improve a good bit. One of our bigs decide not to come out this year. Hopefully he will next season. We have an eighth grader that is ranked 25th in the county at any weight class. Pound for pound. If he doesn't move up North he could be our first 4 time champ.
  6. all state as a senior at Robbinsville. https://gocamels.com/sports/football/roster/kurt-odom/1507
  7. Randy is 4th if you don't count all McCrackens yards, 5th if you do.
  8. Kurt Odom 5,600 Wood from Cherokee around 5,300 McCracken Rville around 5,150. Some reason his freshman year(around 900yds) wasn't counted. Don't know why. Would of had around 6,050. Dusty Anderson had around 7,500 passing which is the record (around 1999) unless the kid from Cherokee beat it 2 yrs ago. Garland around 1999 has the most WR yards or catches I can't remember which one but Carl Pickers holds the other.
  9. I think Robbinsville holds SMC records in rushing, passing, and receiving.
  10. Freshman 24-134 2tds Sophomore 253-2,031 18tds Junior 264-1,965 32tds Senior 272-2,029 30tds Total 813-6,159 82 rushing tds. It's been fun watching Anderson. Now who's going beat it?
  11. Passing Murphy/Rumfelt 64-126 1,137yds 12tds 6ints (rating 93.9) Hayesville/McClure 48-132 954yds 10tds 11ints (rating 53.0) Rville/Collins 59-98 887yds 9tds 2ints (rating 112.1) Swain/Lossiah 43-85 835yds 8tds 6ints (rating 87.1) Rushing RVille/Anderson 272-2,029yds 30tds Murphy/Murray 190-1,993yds 23tds RVille/Hooper 224-1,695yds 29tds Hayesville/McClure 143-1,434yds 16tds Andrews/White 205-1,297yds 20tds Andrews/Wilson 214-1,159yds 14tds Receiving Murphy/McCracken 29-523yds 7tds Cherokee/Bradley 30-486yds 4tds Swain/Hyatt 19-467yds 6tds
  12. It Can't be Robbinsville Murphy and Tarboro.
  13. Lol Same time zone. Our location hurts us but we have played C.Country day, CS, Hapeville Charter GA, Rabun County GA, (not Rabun Gap) and Ewrin lately. I would like to have Erwin or Reynolds on our schedule every year.
  14. Not really?????? You lost me. 1800 is 28 percent bigger than 1300. 500 is double 250