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  1. dogs79

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    It went down like truthness said. I had forgotten. Guess I got to call him truthness instead of fakeness.
  2. dogs79

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    WRH scored ,and the score was 14 -13 WRH. ED has a great kicker and could win it with late kick. So WRH went for 2 in order to make the score 16-13. That's how I saw it. Good call. No one ever makes the right calls all the time anyway. In 17 Reidsville coach wishes he could make different calls against WRH. No one trashing him. Fakeness,put your money where your mouth is. Probly wouldn't pay up like some haven't.
  3. dogs79

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    Fakeness is a hater.
  4. dogs79

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    I'll agree WRH shouldn't have lost the ED game. That's why things changed that night. I'm telling you "dude" WRH is not easy to manage with all that talent. Kevin got this.
  5. dogs79

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    Dude? I ain't your dude, straight up $500, I'll pick it up after 3rd quarter. Whiteville be in it a little longer than last year.
  6. dogs79

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    Love the coach at Whiteville,but don't drink the cool aid that the BULLDOGS aren't well coached. Kevin got this team and now will be almost 100% healthy, Dogs will win rd 1.
  7. dogs79

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    WRH or Clinton wins the East.
  8. dogs79

    Clinton 14 Wallace Rose-Hill 7

    Great play by the Darkhorses. I liked how y'all played Darkhorse football. "94" Dejavu !
  9. This game is basically for conference Championship. Man,those Darkhorses always play well in the showdown in the dog pound. This is what it's all about round here. I got my Dogs in a classic 34-28.
  10. I've seen NSJ play against Clinton and WRH. As long as Havelock doesn't overlook NSJ, the Rams should win by at least 2 tds.
  11. Quit hatin! Who your team this week ? How you a fan of High School Football when you hatin on anyone you jealous of.
  12. Dogs got a good record against West competition. Your senerios are so hypothetical. WRH's record are facts.
  13. WRH just plays toughest schedule possible. Your if's dont matter. You just jealous cause WRH getting alot attention. There isn't anyone in 2a that the bulldogs can't beat.
  14. Jealousy > Hating? Prbly both chipper