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  1. Quit hatin! Who your team this week ? How you a fan of High School Football when you hatin on anyone you jealous of.
  2. Dogs got a good record against West competition. Your senerios are so hypothetical. WRH's record are facts.
  3. WRH just plays toughest schedule possible. Your if's dont matter. You just jealous cause WRH getting alot attention. There isn't anyone in 2a that the bulldogs can't beat.
  4. Jealousy > Hating? Prbly both chipper
  5. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    WRH had over 500 yds of rushing. Kanye and Dalripple had over 200 each. I told y'all nobody runs wing t as well as WRH. WF runs it well. If the Dogs get healthy this week, we gonna roll the ECC.
  6. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    Good call Chris!
  7. dogs79

    Havelock at Northeasten

    I know sometimes a loss can be good for teams. Not sure last night is going to be good for NE. I think Friday against Havelock will tell a lot. If NE plays to their potential,I think they can win. 28- 24 Havelock
  8. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    Bulldogs played great. We couldn't stop them. Two plays and our dogs would have had a shot at winning this game. Thanks WF, class act. QB and Rb are beasts. Dogs d line and o line outplayed the cougars,I thought. Dogs left it all out there
  9. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    I've never been yapping about beating everyone,or complaining about playing top football programs. But I'm a realist and your "percieved" advantage is an advantage in most cases with top teams. One more thing, I'll yap all I want. What you going to do?
  10. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    I'm wondering why schools have different classifications. Can you explain that to me Mr Wrongley.
  11. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    Ok Wrongley! Thanks for scheduling WRH!
  12. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    How does the underdog supposed to think. If we think we can win everyone says we crazy. If we accept what will probly be a long nite,that's a problem. I must be crazy,cause I think on any given nite. We got a lot of talent,probly enough to win. Just don't think we can last if WF plays well
  13. dogs79

    WRH at Wake Forest

    Me to, it's hard thinking it's going to be a long night for my bulldogs.
  14. 38 -14 Eagles. Goobs team purdy good