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  1. MooresvilleDevil06

    West Rowan @ Mooresville

    That seemingly classic scoreline between these two lol.
  2. MooresvilleDevil06

    Week 1: Statesville at Hickory

    Couple things I will add about hickory that I noticed.... unless I’m remembering wrong but they look to have more numbers this year. Not by a ton but it definitely seemed like they had more bodies this year. Second is size.... they genuinely have solid size, more specifically their defense. They had 2 LB’s that had real good size. And I believe they have a couple WR’s that showed good size.
  3. MooresvilleDevil06

    West Rowan @ Mooresville

    Sounds like West will have a strong d line going into this one. A buddy of mine was telling me about a DE that transferred into west 6’5, 200ish. And if memory serves me right they already have 1 d lineman that is very very strong too. Also heard they had a RB come in too that’s looked pretty good. Setting up to be the classic slobber knocker that these two teams have been playing in more recent years
  4. MooresvilleDevil06

    Week 1: Statesville at Hickory

    I thought hickory looked pretty decent on defense in their scrimmage. Could definitely tell they’re still trying to figure out the QB situation. Statesville didn’t impress me a ton vs NM... maybe my expectations for them were too high... but you can just look at them on the field and tell they have the potential to be a very good team. Their RB looks amazing where he is given the ball. Their QB has size and a strong arm. Lines look like they have good size too. As for this this game I think this one goes in favor of the greyhounds. Might not be a rout, but I do think Statesville will wear hickory down and pull away second half
  5. MooresvilleDevil06

    Iredell Co Week 1 Predictions

    I’m not going to make predictions because I’ve only seen Mooresville South and Statesville. But what I will say is South and Statesville didn’t impress me too much last night. Especially Statesville. But I also don’t know how much rotating either team was doing at the scrimmage.
  6. MooresvilleDevil06

    West Rowan @ Mooresville

    West will go as their offense goes... I know we can probably expect the usual out of west.... solid run game, and a opportunistic passing game. If their QB can make the throws down field and keep our defense from being able to key in on them... then they will have a great shot to win. based on what I saw last night in our scrimmage vs Myers Park.... I think we may have a very solid defense. I never expected us to be able to pressure Drake Maye as much as we did last night. Our DB’s covered extremely well (was very impressed with whoever it was that covered Muhammad..... gave him little room to breathe). I think the most impressive thing was how we flowed to the ball. We looked very fast on the defensive side, for the most part thought we tackled well as well. As for our offense... hard to say what to expect. We didn’t show anything last night...so I honestly have no clue as to what to expect out of that side of the ball. At times I thought we blocked well for the RB.... and man does that RB run hard. But other than that.... ive got no idea. I fully expect this to be the usual 21-14 kinda game this always seems to be lol. There will be a lot of emotions in the stadium Friday night, as it’s the first home game since the passing of our player, Gavin Sharpe.
  7. That night cap between Mooresville and Myers Park.... wow! I’ve never been to a scrimmage that had a big game atmosphere in the stadium. Student sections were out in force. Crowds were loud start to finish. It was awesome! As for the game... Myers Park won an absolute thriller 6-3 as time expired. Mooresville led 3-0 the whole night, MP hits a couple long passes as time runs out to take the W. Both teams played like it was a regular season game. MP is no joke.... they’re gonna make a serious run at state. I thought our defense played some impressive ball. The offense has some bit to go but we still did some good things. That was just fun to watch.
  8. Strong test for the Blue Devils... Myers Park will definitely give us a good gauge of where we are at as a program headed into the season.
  9. MooresvilleDevil06

    Hoover Elite 7 on 7

    Congrats Creek guys!
  10. MooresvilleDevil06

    Hopewell, North Meck, Rocky River

    Hopewell will be much improved this year I think. Wouldn’t be shocked if they won more than one conference game this year (I do think they win at least 1). Have a pretty solid QB, got a WR getting some big ACC offers (Wake and VT that I remember). Got plenty of speed too. I think 4-8 in the i-Meck will be closer this year than in most years in the past... I definitely think the titans Have enough about them to grab a couple conference wins. Not sure about North Meck this year. Well coached... but just don’t have much info about em.
  11. MooresvilleDevil06

    HSOT set to expand...

    Amen. Maybe it’s the way it was just raised... idk... but I’ve always been taught to take criticism as a compliment... it only makes you better as a person. Too many times today (not just on the forums) people get butt hurt about criticisms when they could use that as a constructive tool to help improve upon themselves or points being made, etc etc.
  12. MooresvilleDevil06

    HSOT set to expand...

    Haha that’s a fair point... forgot about that. I do think the do put together a quality highlight show though, at least the couple times I’ve watched it anyway
  13. MooresvilleDevil06

    HSOT set to expand...

    Haha. Not a fan?
  14. MooresvilleDevil06

    HSOT set to expand...

    Saw it on their twitter page that HSOT is set to expand into the Charlotte area.. (assuming starting this upcoming football season)... and not expanding to the WNC (Mtns/Foothills). Found that interesting.... while they do great work for the triad area and out east (I watch their shows from time to time)..... they have little to no foothold on the Charlotte area... just don’t know how well that will go down for them in the Charlotte metro, especially initially. What do you guys think?
  15. MooresvilleDevil06

    Who was the best 4A team ever in N.C.

    One team I am curious about would be that 2018 Hough team... where do you guys think they stack on a list like this? From a pure talent standpoint I don’t think you could ask for much more than they were given last season