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  1. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Schedules are Posted

    Well I’m happy we at least get West Forsyth at home this year. Top to bottom no cup cakes on our schedule. I like it.
  2. MooresvilleDevil06

    State Championship

    Mooresville comes home with the 4A Individual Title, and 3 state champions. Isaac Shaw won his first title, Ike byers his second, and Silas Shaw won his third title! Heck of a day for Mooresville Wrestling
  3. MooresvilleDevil06

    4A Regionals

    Yeah that kinda surprised me too... I think the other thing that stood out was the I-Meck conference claimed the top 4 spots. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the conference is crazy strong in both Football and wrestling
  4. MooresvilleDevil06

    4A Regionals

    Mooresville won regionals today for a fourth year in a row, and sends 10 wrestlers to states next weekend. Top 4 spots were all from the I-Meck conference: 1) Mooresville 215.5 2) Lake Norman 182.5 3) Hough 176.5 4) Mallard Creek 117.0 5) Providence 102.0
  5. MooresvilleDevil06

    4A Regionals

    NW guilford advances over Mooresville by a score of 36-35! Match was decided on tiebreaker criteria. Helluva season and war tonight from Mooresville.
  6. MooresvilleDevil06

    4A Regionals

    Northwest Guilford defeats Davie 30-28. Sets up 1 loss Mooresville vs Undefeated NWG in the regional final
  7. MooresvilleDevil06

    4A Regionals

    Mooresville advances 39-36 over Hough in an absolutely war.
  8. MooresvilleDevil06

    4A Regionals

    Mooresville best Hough 46-27 in their conference match up earlier in the year. It was Houghs only loss in conference.
  9. MooresvilleDevil06

    4A Regionals

    Some big time match ups for Thursday night! Out east (at Jack britt) Laney (18-1) vs Jack Britt (13-2) Cary (20-1) vs Cardinals Gibbons (26-2) in the west (At Mooresville) NW Guilford (28-0) takes on Davie County (33-2) Hough (22-3) vs Mooresville (33-1) in a big time rivalry showdown! Get your popcorn ready 🍿 Go Mooresville!
  10. MooresvilleDevil06

    I-Meck Champs!

    Mooresville will be a regionals host site this year I think I saw. We go into the playoffs with a 31-1 record I believe
  11. MooresvilleDevil06

    I-Meck Champs!

    Congrats to the Mooresville Wrestling squad on going 7-0 in the I-Meck and bringing home the conference title! Time to defend that state title
  12. MooresvilleDevil06

    Very EARLY 2019 IMECK CONFERENCE Predictions

    Too soon. We haven’t even gotten to transfer season yet 😂 lol.
  13. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    It’s also different coaches calling the JV games so that has a big role in that too
  14. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    Similar base offense. Different players therefore different plays used. This much I can confirm. JV had a mobile athletic QB where his arm wasn’t his strength. Varsity has a less mobile pocket passer style type of QB.
  15. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    That would be a heck of a jump for sure. But I could believe it.