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  1. MooresvilleDevil06

    Very EARLY 2019 IMECK CONFERENCE Predictions

    Too soon. We haven’t even gotten to transfer season yet 😂 lol.
  2. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    It’s also different coaches calling the JV games so that has a big role in that too
  3. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    Similar base offense. Different players therefore different plays used. This much I can confirm. JV had a mobile athletic QB where his arm wasn’t his strength. Varsity has a less mobile pocket passer style type of QB.
  4. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    That would be a heck of a jump for sure. But I could believe it.
  5. MooresvilleDevil06

    South Iredell at Statesville

    South shouldn’t have much trouble with Statesville.
  6. MooresvilleDevil06

    I-Meck Conference

    I went to the Vance Mooresville game... couple things stood out... 1) Vance girls are stupid good. They DESTROYED Mooresville by 40+ 2) They Guys team is super long and super athletic. Mooresville actually played very well despite the 71-57 scoreline.. Mooresville year after year sucks shooting free throws, really hurt them again this game. Probably shot less than 50% from the FT line. While Vance shot near 90%.
  7. MooresvilleDevil06

    Vance at Mooresville

    Vance comes in 10-1. Mooresville coming off a last second loss at NW Cabarrus to snap a 5 game winning streak. I don’t expect Mooresville will be able to play with these guys for long, just hoping to keep it competitive. On a side note.... I forgot how freakin nice this new gym is we have. Only the second time I’ve been in it.... man they spend some money on this place
  8. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    Wouldn’t be surprised... that number came from the Statesville R&L so you could be right lol. But we certainly will be very inexperienced to start next year for sure.
  9. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    I think it’s going to be interesting for us.... losing 18 starters. Gonna be young.
  10. MooresvilleDevil06

    2019 Bold Predictions

    Happy New Years to everyone... and with a new year comes new opportunities for everyone! What are some bold predictions you guys have for next season... whether it be an “out of no where” champion (for lack of a better term), surprise conference finishes... good or bad... etc? my bold prediction, Hopewell will not only win a game or 2, they will not finish bottom of the Imeck. I really like the staff they have in place.
  11. MooresvilleDevil06

    Mooresville 79 South Iredell 73

    For the first time in many MANY years... Mooresville claims a holiday tournament title! Mooresville Varsity Guys defeat South 79-73. Mooresville really uses a massive 3rd qtr to take a lead and hold it. That’s 5 straight for Mooresville all of a sudden. Up next on the road at NW Cabbarrus
  12. MooresvilleDevil06

    X-mas Tourneys

    Iredell County Hall of Fame Classic boys title game- South Iredell vs Mooresville girls title game- North Iredell vs Statesville (I think)
  13. MooresvilleDevil06

    Mooresville 53 Lake Norman 51

    Yeah I’m not sure what has clicked for Mooresville these last couple games... might just be confidence after beating a struggling West Rowan team. They then beat Hough then killed Carolina International (who?!) and then beat LKN.
  14. MooresvilleDevil06

    Mooresville 53 Lake Norman 51

    Well.... can’t say I expected that one. Mooresville advances to face south iredell in the title game of the holiday tournament. The first game was 86-77 to South at the start of the year. After a 2 win season last year (possibly the worst season in program history?)... Mooresville has quietly rattled off 4 straight after an 0-5 start.
  15. MooresvilleDevil06

    Mooresville's Thad Wells - 2018

    Congrats coach wells