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  1. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    Get the popcorn ready
  2. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    And really we’ve largely held our own most years in the Imeck. Winning can happen here... all comes down to attitude and mentality now
  3. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    Hasn’t really been a time it hasn’t worked out... we’ve had 6 winning seasons the last 7 years. We can’t help that other coaches left to take other jobs for various different circumstances.
  4. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    Mooresville has officially announced Coach Nixon, formerly of West Rowan, as our new football coach! i like the hire. He brings a championship pedigree with him. Most importantly we now have a coach that will be here long term. Welcome to the family Coach Nixon
  5. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    Heard we have a board meeting today and both the HC for Football and Hoops could be final today.
  6. MooresvilleDevil06

    Iredell County Football

    Mooresville is still top dog in Iredell. In my totally “unbiased” opinion 😂. LKN/SVille a helluva battle for 2/3
  7. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    Welcome back rick! Glad to see you’re doing well.
  8. MooresvilleDevil06

    AL Brown 2020 Football Schedule

    At Mooresville? L 😜
  9. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    Nothing. Can rule out someone I considered to be a strong favorite, didn’t make the final cut shockingly. Otherwise.... all quiet
  10. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    That would be massive if that were to happen.
  11. MooresvilleDevil06

    Best fan base

    Yep add Richmond County as well. Totally forgot them. Was at the Richmond/Myers Park game last season..... one of the most unreal atmospheres I’ve ever been in.
  12. MooresvilleDevil06

    Best fan base

    I will be biased and say Mooresville’s is among the best in NC. Kings Mountain has a very strong fan base. West Forsyth as well.
  13. MooresvilleDevil06

    Favorites for the Mooresville job

    I’ve said it before... I absolutely love what Byrd is doing at Hopewell... hand him a program like Mooresville is I genuinely feel like the sky could be the limit for him. If I were placing betting odds, Hellams would be near the top, If not the top betting odd. Familiar with the traditions of our program, understands that family culture here, our senior group of players absolutely love him. And with there being a level of familiarity with those in charge with Hellams, I feel like that would be a safe pick for Mooresville. Those are two guys I have repeated to many people I feel like would be tremendous fits at Mooresville. Coach Snow is another one I feel would be a tremendous fit here... I’ve never met him but I feel like he runs his program in a similar way to that of Coach Capps... and Coach Capps is still thought very highly of around here. Jenkins would be interesting... given the intensity of that Mooresville/Hough rivalry at times. Idk much about him but he’s run a strong program down there. Coach McKee... love that man. He was our running backs coach when he was here.... and we were cranking out real good HS rb’s during his time. I think he has the same role at NM? But I’m not sure if he would apply here again. Oliphant is another interesting one. Got passed over for Wells... so not sure Coach O would apply back here this soon. On top of that he’s doing good things at LKN, I think he is the kind of coach that will see that out. I don’t know much about the other coaches personally but they all have pretty strong resumes. I look forward to see who we choose to lead and build this program. side note, great choice to let Hoppy get that AD position. Genuinely a good dude and understands Mooresville better than most.
  14. MooresvilleDevil06

    Hughes Is BACK!!

    Welcome back!
  15. MooresvilleDevil06

    Mooresville HC Change?

    I couldn’t agree more. There’s always a ton of great candidates but there wouldn’t have been anyone that understands the traditions and how tight knit the Mooresville community is with its athletics