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  1. tarheelg61581

    2AA East Bracket Discussion

    Yes, I think all four of these games have the potential to go either way, and would not say that any of them would be considered a huge upset...wouldn't have been a big upset last week had St. Pauls beaten Currituck or if North Lenoir would have beaten South Granville (that one would have broken my heart personally, but that NL team was solid); it wasn't a huge upset when ND beat OG...they did play a very close game in the regular season that could have gone either way....I would even say that every remaining game in the 2AA East could go either way....looking over tonight's 2nd Rd matchups, and looking ahead to the next two weeks....every potential matchup looks like a toss up where there's nobody would be heavily favored
  2. tarheelg61581

    2AA East Bracket Discussion

    2nd Rd Games: No short road trips East Duplin at Randleman: Intriguing matchup of an undefeated team playing at home, against a team that's been hot the last few weeks, including a couple of wins with late FGs, most would say that ED has played a much tougher schedule, but that Randleman has a more impressive overall body of work, having won all of their games, ED appears to be peaking at the right time, not sure how many of the upperclassmen on either team were playing varsity two years ago when they met in the 3rd Rd, I picked ED in my bracket but wouldn't be surprised either way Currituck at South Granville: Two teams who escaped the 1st Rd with hard fought tough wins, most would say SG has played a tougher schedule overall, but those two conference games that Currituck played in the teams they tied with are no joke, very good chance that Hertford & Northeastern will still be standing in 3rd Rd or beyond, going into the final week of regular season, these teams were very close in adjusted maxpreps ranking, with Currituck having a slight edge, SG passing in final rankings them allowed them to host this game, I picked SG in my bracket because they are the team that I follow, and the option heavy offense can be tricky for defenses to adapt to, and they're playing at home North Davidson at Hertford: ND, much like East Duplin, has been on fire late in the season, of course they did just lose their final regular season game to Ledford, who Hertford took down in the 1st Rd, both teams play in top heavy conferences with a gauntlet to run at the top of the league and some blowout wins against the bottom of the league, in my bracket, I had Hertford winning this game, but had them beating Oak Grove, not ND, still not surprised that ND beat OG but did not anticipate the dominant blowout win Salisbury at Washington: Both play in tough conferences that sent 5 teams to the playoffs, but are 1 of only 2 that survived to the 2nd Rd, haven't seen Washington play in 2 years, then they could run it, never seen Salisbury but multiple message board folks rave about their defense, I have Washington in my bracket, but like the ED/Randleman game, I wouldn't be surprised to see it go either way
  3. tarheelg61581

    2AA East Bracket Discussion

    Longitude, same with Mt. Pleasant, and all of the Davidson Co. schools in 2AA....if any of them had gone small 2A, they'd have been in the West bracket
  4. No entry fee; no prizes; picking for the satisfaction of getting as many right as possible, all 8 NCHSAA playoff brackets, click on the link, and it might require to make a login & password if you're new to the site http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=472677
  5. tarheelg61581

    1A/1AA Football Bracketology

    As for how it affects the East, it means there is one extra wild card spot open for somebody....maybe the loser of the Union/Lakewood game last night (I think Union will have a high enough ranking after winning that game, for Lakewood it's going to be close)....maybe Cherokee even though they don't play tonight....maybe Louisburg even if they lose to Warren Co. (win and they should be safe)....maybe the loser of the Comm. Sch. of Davidson/Pine Lake Prep game (I think the winner is in regardless)....maybe Weldon??...it just means one extra at large wild card is available for whoever either gets a win, or backs into it if every bubble team loses
  6. tarheelg61581

    1A/1AA Football Bracketology

    I messaged someone in the area who said he had hear that BGCS had indeed opted out of the playoffs
  7. tarheelg61581

    Football Friday Trivia

    (who is playing for a private school state championship)
  8. https://tarheel61581.blogspot.com/2019/11/1a1aa-football-bracketology.html Too much text to paste apparently so here is a link
  9. tarheelg61581

    High school recruiting

    That does make more sense when you bring in academics and the coaching change at UNC....but at the same time, I can't help but wonder if a kid with the same talent level at a 4A school in Charlotte or the Triad would have still gotten a lt more looks from other D1 Power5 (6 with old Big East still intact then) programs, in state and out of state
  10. tarheelg61581

    High school recruiting

    I believe I remember also hearing about TA, that then UNC head coach did not make recruiting him a priority because he went to a 1A school; with the mentality of 'oh he didn't play every Friday night against big time, top tier competition'...in as much as I appreciated that fumble at the goal line in 2004...my buddies and I who were seniors at UNC the year TA was a freshman RB for NCSU would watch games and highlights all the time and wonder....Why didn't we recruit this guy again???....Aside from what happened on a typical Friday night when Albemarle used to regularly put up 60 or 70 on people, just look at what he did in his last high school game in 2001 1AA state championship against Wallace-Rose Hill....NO CUPCAKE...I saw WRH with my own eyes the week before when I went to watch my old HS, Gates Co. lose at WRH in 4th Rd....that Gates Co. team had 2 RBs with 2000 yards but no passing game...WRH played cover 0 the whole game with 9 guys in the box and for all intents and purposes absolutely shut down our offense, who only put together one sustained scoring drive against their defense (WRH won game 42-24 but one Gates TD came on kickoff return, and one came in garbage time when it was already 42-16 in mid 4th Qtr and WRH pulled some starters on defense)....then a week later, that same WRH defense goes against TA and gives up something like 280 yards and 7 TDs and loses 66-28...and I heard from a guy doing chains or officiating that game that the vaunted WRH defense who had not given up more than 3 TDs in any game all year (even the one prior loss to East Duplin in a close game), did. not. actually tackle (like actually put him on the ground) TA for the. entire. game....every carry, he either got pushed out of bounds, or they blew the whistle when forward progress was stopped, or he scored......had he been at a bigger school, you would have seen college coaches lined up every Friday night.....also Todd Gurley from Tarboro....Tarboro is now 1A, they were 2A when Gurley was in high school......Can you believe this guy was only a 3 star recruit? From the first time I saw a highlight of him on one of these websites, to the first time I saw him run at Georgia, to now on Sundays with the Rams, I said this guy would have easily been a 5 star recruit had he been at a large school....In a related story, it is a shame what's happening with Albemarle HS....great program not that long ago, rumor is they might be closing school and putting them together with other schools in Stanly Co., Tarboro's done pretty good since Gurley left #Understatement, but I also can't help but wonder how much longer the Edgecombe Co. school board will keep North Edgecombe HS open with ADM this year of only 197.....if they go the way of Vance and Northampton and Robeson and Montgomery (and maybe Stanly one day soon) and start closing a campus to save money, those North Edgecombe kids might give Tarboro the numbers to be back in 2A if and when the time comes
  11. tarheelg61581

    2A/2AA Football Bracketology

    I wouldn't say "safely" 2AA yet for Shelby....get enough crazy upsets and/or draws go a certain way this Friday, then that cut line could move up 3 or 4 places and put Shelby in small 2A...I'm not expecting it, but there have been a lot of other things happen the last two weeks that I wasn't expecting
  12. https://tarheel61581.blogspot.com/2019/11/2a2aa-football-bracketology.html Too much text to paste apparently so here is a link
  13. tarheelg61581

    1A & 2A Baseball Playoff Bracketology

    Just updated with new Adjusted Maxpreps Rankings from Apr. 29 https://tarheel61581.blogspot.com/2019/04/1a-2a-baseball-bracketology.html
  14. tarheelg61581

    1A & 2A Baseball Playoff Bracketology

    I just don't have time to do 3A or 4A this year, was a lot to get these two done....but if you want a general idea for one team in 3A....go look up their most recent adjusted maxpreps ranking, if it's in the top 60 or so, you should be in the playoffs, unless you're buried in the conference standings under a team that will not make the playoffs
  15. Here is my latest update of 1A & 2A Baseball Playoff Bracketology