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  1. portcity FB

    Ashley Coach Steps down

    The community is just happy he is still with us. Things have been tough for Turner and his family. We all wish him well!
  2. portcity FB

    NH hires their HC

    NH replaced retired Earl Smith this week with long time Hoggard OC Dylan Dimock. Coach Dimock coach Ashley for 8 seasons as the schools first FB coach. Then he came over to Hoggard to work with the QB and then became the OC. He coached at Hoggard for 10 seasons.
  3. portcity FB

    Twenty Years of 4A Champions 1998-2018

    A lot of great champions. Which of these teams would be the best? I will go with 2004 Indy team.
  4. portcity FB

    4AA State Finals: Vance vs. Wake Forest

    Even with all their success WF still has a blue collar feel. They run the football and set up good matchups to throw. They have a legit D1 WR that teams can’t leave in single coverage. There defense is set up to stop the run and they do. They play physical and are well coached. This game could be 0-0 late just like last year. No question Vance can win this game but I feel the edge has to go to WF. They have the talent, they have a proven method and the players and coaches have been here before. Should be a great game. WF 21 Vance 7
  5. portcity FB

    4AA East: Wake Forest 49, Pinecrest 7

    PC will need some help to beat this WF team. They got some help against Hoggard so you never know. PC knocked out Hoggards QB on the 4th play of the game and also took out their best WR when he was hit in the knee on a fair catch call on a punt. Hoggard was a shell of themselves on offense and still had 2 chances to win the game. I just dont see PC having enough to compete with this powerhouse. Great year for PC getting to the ECF for the 1st time in school history. 42-7 WF
  6. portcity FB

    New Hanover Earl Smith retires

    After 4 seasons he steps down. He took this program to the next level and won a state championship. He did a wonder job. https://www.starnewsonline.com/sports/20181126/new-hanover-football-coach-earl-smith-retires
  7. portcity FB

    4AA East: Pinecrest 26, Hoggard 17

    PC is going to run it, run it, and run it. The QB isn’t the best passer in the state but he is a good runner and runs their offense well. PC also defends the run well. This game will come down to can Hoggard get the ball to the 3 WRS and can they slow the rushing attack. If they do they probably win. Should be a great game.
  8. portcity FB

    4AA East: Hoggard 38, Garner 21

    Garner played hard and they have some nice pieces. Hoggard was not as sharp as they need to be but they made plays when they needed it. They will need to clean things up next week if they want to advance. Great playoff win, Go Vikes!
  9. portcity FB

    4AA East Predictions Round 2

    I think HS-PC game can go either way. Wouldn't surprise me if HS wins. Either way it's probably a 3 point game.
  10. portcity FB

    3AA East: Dudley 42, New Hanover 21

    Pressure, pressure, pressure. If they get it on the QB, Dudley will win. If they don't NH will win.
  11. portcity FB

    4AA East: Pinecrest 21, Holly Springs 13

    I think this will be one of the better games in the state this week. Could go either way.
  12. portcity FB

    4AA East: Hoggard 38, Garner 21

    Chris, Hoggard has endured a weird season for sure. I don't know if it has helped them or hurt them. They looked great against NH and then the offense wasn't sharp against Laney. This team wants to win and the I think they will be ready to play against Garner. I look for them to be sharp in all 3 phases. The offense will go as their Soph QB takes them. He has looked great at times and he has looked like a soph at time. Garner will have to have success running against Hoggard to win. I don't think their QB will test Hoggards 2 CB's, Kemp (Duke) has picked up the intensity the last few weeks and I look for him to make plays on that side of the ball. I think Garner will stack the box and force Hoggard to throw at times. Hoggard has 3 very good WRs so it will fall on the QB. I think Hoggard will control the Garner run game and the trio of Hoggard WR's will make plays and Hoggard wins pulling away. Go Vikes!
  13. portcity FB

    Conference opponents

    In 3A NH plays Topsail in the 1st round and they played each other this past Friday night. I would have no problem moving a team from a 12 to a 13 so that this doesn't happen. I'm sure Topsail would rather play someone outside the conference. As far as getting rid of the East/West, that will NEVER happen. Schools complain about 2 hour bus rides. Can you imagine a Wilmington school playing an Asheville school?
  14. portcity FB

    Latest 4A/4AA playoff projections

    All the 4AA East schools on this projection have higher totals than Hoggard’s 2102. Reagan has a lower number than Hoggard.
  15. portcity FB

    Easily College HS adding to ADM's

    Hoggards new number is 2102.