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  1. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    They should be wrapped up then. Maybe the make their hire this coming week.
  2. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    Interviews started yesterday. I just hope those on the board doing the interviewing didn't forget.
  3. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    I count 6 starters on NH team this past year that live in Laney district and 2 in Ashley district. That is just that I am aware of, there are more. All 6 were all conf players and 1 was POY.
  4. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    I think their facilities are fine for coaches and players. Not the best but sufficient. The facilities are not the problem.
  5. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    I agree. Ashley has very nice facilities simply because the school is somewhat new. Hoggard is nice but could use a face lift with the weight room. NH has a lot of resources. MJ just donated 1 million to Laney, half of which goes to athletics. The parents and community can not want it more than the school does. If the admin doesn't care than things are going to be bad. They can say they care but actions are what really matters. It is hard to win a state championship. Over the last 5 years NH baseball has won 2 and has finished 2nd once. The football team has 1 state championship and an 2 ECF. Not bad, I would gladly take that. Ashely doesn't feed NH nearly as much as Laney because a lot of the Ashley players wouldn't get much playing time at NH. On NH state championship FB team they had 8 starters that lived in Laney district. That's hug, take those kids off that team they do not get out of the 2nd round and put them on Laneys team and they are completely different.
  6. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    NH is the only open enrollment school. Each school has an open choice option which allows a handful of kids to transfer but it isnt a lot. No one wants to go to Ashley or Laney for boys sports and it has been difficult to get into Hoggard. NH is a swinging door. No problem.
  7. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    Not even close.
  8. I love the scd but it is risky unless you have a deep team. CC could be decimated with injuries by conf play.
  9. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    I am afraid they already have their guy just like they did when they hired the previous HC.
  10. portcity FB

    Laney's new HC

    I am sure there are many good coaches applying.
  11. Laney will have interviews next week. This is a program in need of a new direction. Laney is 21 games below 500 since their great team in 2001. For those in the Wilmington area, we all know that Laney is the best draw in the area. This school has the best overall demographics by far. Laney has not been able to keep good players, the program has become so toxic that players leave. It has become a tradition in many families as younger siblings already know and go to a different school starting in 9th grade. I have experience this personally. This has also effected other sports as many of these kids play multiple sports. Laney is a sleeping powerhouse. NH has benefited the most from Laneys issue. Every year you will find 4-8 starters on the football team that live in Laney district. I am aware of 3 great coaches that applied for the Laney job and as of yesterday they have not even received a call. These are 3 guys who would be considered for any HC job in the state and they can not even get an interview at Laney. I hope it is not more of the same in the future.
  12. He did his whole career. Great player.
  13. Hoggard vs SC in 2017 was by far the most memorable game I have seen in a while. SC up 32-7 in the 4th quarter. Hoggard comes all the way back to tie at 32. SC responds and scores but Hoggard does as well to send the game into OT. Hoggard scores first and kicks the extra point and then SC scores and goes for 2 and wins 47-46.
  14. CF was loaded. I am not surprised that they lost but hard to imagine any team blowing them out like DF did.
  15. portcity FB

    3AA East Bracket Discussion

    NH could come out of the East. They don’t run great between the tackles but they can get the edge and they pass block well. NH passing stats aren’t off the charts but they could be. They have run the ball 70% of the time during the regular season. Nixon is a very capable, smart QB and they have plenty of talent at WR. They also have a solid defense.