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  1. CF was loaded. I am not surprised that they lost but hard to imagine any team blowing them out like DF did.
  2. portcity FB

    3AA East Bracket Discussion

    NH could come out of the East. They don’t run great between the tackles but they can get the edge and they pass block well. NH passing stats aren’t off the charts but they could be. They have run the ball 70% of the time during the regular season. Nixon is a very capable, smart QB and they have plenty of talent at WR. They also have a solid defense.
  3. portcity FB

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    Rolesville surprised WF for sure a few weeks back. No way that happens again. WF will be in playoff mode and ready to respond. I know this isn’t as strong of a WF team as the past 3 but they will be ready.
  4. portcity FB

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    I agree the Hoke could be the dark house. They have the players if they can put it all together and play consistently.
  5. portcity FB

    Freshman QB at HS Varsity?

    Many kids are held back at some point during their schooling. There are many 9th graders that are really 10th grade age. That extra year is huge. I am not saying that all of the kids listed above or any other kid has been held back a grade at some point or am I saying that in a demeaning way but it is a fact. It is rare to see a QB starting as a Freshman, and even more rare when they are excelling.
  6. portcity FB

    JV Scores

    Hoggard 18 NH 13 --------------------------------------------------------------- Hoggard, Laney, and WB finished at 6-1 WB beat Hoggard Hoggard beat Laney Laney beat WB
  7. Panther Cr or Green Hope will be the 1 out of their conf. If NH beats WB this week and Hoggard beats NH the next week that could give them a bump in the rankings and could jump to the 4.
  8. WB visit NH Friday night in what should be a great game. WB has a very talented defense and has only given up 30 points. They are lead by ECU commit Jvian McCray. He is a beast and not many teams can run at him. WB has speed and likes big plays. WB averages 21 per game on offense. NH has only given up 75 points this season but they average 40 per game. NH has been running the ball 70% of the time so far this season. They have the ability to throw and I think they will need to do that to win. They also have one of the best kickers in the state. I think NH scores enough to win, 20-14.
  9. portcity FB

    4a playoff prediction

    As posted in the 4AA projections, Hoggard will go 4AA.
  10. portcity FB

    4aa playoff prediction

    Hoggard will be 4AA.
  11. portcity FB

    Hoggard needs week 1 game

    Probably. Tough game to work out the kinks.
  12. portcity FB

    Hoggard needs week 1 game

    I know the coaches have spoken but it is a haul for Kann. There was an article written yesterday by one of the local TV stations that stated Hoggard did not have a week 1 game. Having family from Kann and also having graduated from Hoggard, this match up would be a dream for me personally.
  13. Hoggards coach Craig Underwood (I think hes right at 40) 4 seasons 45-14 1 ECF 2 ECF simis 6-4 Playoff record
  14. Lucas 10 seasons at WF 131-15 3x State champ 3X State runner up 1x Eastern Conf runner up
  15. Not sure how Lucas isn't in the top 10 or even top 5.