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  1. just a bystanders thought here, how did all you guys act the first year you were really good and were favored and maybe did not have the strongest schedule because you were building
  2. scotswin

    4aa playoff prediction

    Maybe he has another computer program as good as his rankings and picks to lay these layoffs out for us Tyler.
  3. scotswin

    4a playoff prediction

    in this scenario it appears they are one of the 12 furthest west. Britt #1 in the east,,, can a 3rd place finisher from a conference get a #1 overall
  4. Went to this one , the score definitely indicates how 1 sided it was and seeing it was no different .CC with several turnovers, a few 15 yd undisciplined penalties, CC offensively challenged for sure. Saw a lot of trash talk on the N.C. preps board from CC folks and various Charlotte posters. I think the team in Green deserves your respect after that azzzzz whooping they handed out .
  5. scotswin

    Best conference in the state

    This year at the moment sac 8 5 teams in everybody’s top 20-25... rich, scot, Pinecrest ...undefeated Britt , 71st........ hoke looks much improved swett, lumberton not good
  6. down 22-12 with 3 minutes left in 2nd quarter won 52-36 40-14 last 2 quarters, 3 min...………... Scots
  7. 1 team in each matchup is playing Monday, only Richmond Pinecrest is really interesting but PC finishing a game with 71st on Monday, that doesn't help,,, Watch out for Hoke here also,much better this year verse 71st.. Scots at Britt Monday, @ Swett Friday
  8. scotswin

    Havelock at Northeasten

    How bout them ACES (class 82)
  9. scotswin

    Best Stadium Entrance

  10. You are in the minority there , most of us think if we settle back into the run heavy mode the better speed guy is the answer, but his hands are not good. Wall is the wildcard here and will be seeing time there as we move forward. D1 caliber athlete that got hurt in the Butler game last year . Seems we have some trepidation in putting him at qb full time again. Scots have to find ways to get him the ball Otherwise Time will tell . We all fingers crossed number 12 Barfield settles into the spot..But have huge fears with his decision making .. It starts Friday..
  11. scotswin

    Game Start Times Question

    730 is so much better, man we got to get a lot of people to the games here .. travel and 7pm games is not easy, hate it ... sac 8 is 730 thank goodness
  12. Wise, Scotland has been trying to figure whom to play at qb in the 4 non conference games, lots of debate and disagreement with much chatter on this on the other boards. Chris you use the word Barfield and solid together, we all hope that turns into reality, it has not happened yet with either qb. Wall, Wall Wall... Scotland is loaded at the running back spot and actually has 2 top notch receivers also that we struggle to get the ball to. It seems Scotland will be Scotland with a pass or 2 more, or maybe throw that out the window if that continues to struggle. Defense has been lights out this year and definitely the strength of the team, very aggressive as the poster says is correct. Its conference time now, all the preliminaries are over, lets get it on.
  13. scotswin

    WRH at Wake Forest

    for a while went to "loooong while"... in other words don't just show up WF you still have to play the game
  14. scotswin

    WRH at Wake Forest

    WF pulls away in the 2nd half , I suspect WRH plays them tough for a while
  15. They are 4-0. there are 79 4a teams and according to Simmons ratings there schedule strength is. 79th amongst those teams . So they have played the weakest schedule of ALL 4A TEAMS. LOL