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  1. Play football in the spring , have to have the revenue
  2. scotswin

    Coaches who will step up? RSHS

    How big a group is that getting together ??
  3. scotswin

    matchup 2021

    I went to that classic last year, running clock by the end , it looked like a midget team verse the Cowboys
  4. For sure you would definitely have a few parents and a few students . You could offer free admittance or 1 dollar attendance to get more.
  5. NO ,,Weddington by several tds
  6. scotswin

    South View!

    It is ok for you to "Imagine" that wiseone88 because that is what dreams are made of. I tend to think in reality, and reality leads me to bet on a Scotland @ Cardinal Gibbons East Final next week. That's a 2for for you to ponder on...………….Both road teams win...………….
  7. Im shocked at what I saw there.Penalties will be SEVERE. 1 Year
  8. scotswin

    11-15-19 Games moved up

    cant find anything about the Scots game being moved laurinburg newspaper, scots twitter nothing as of now 8;45 pm
  9. scotswin

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    So sometime between Monday and Wednesday this week they discovered this ???????
  10. Massey : South Point 21-18 ?????? HD South Point Belmont, NC, USASmoky Mtn Sylva, NC, USA Actual Score0 0 Most Likely21 18
  11. Haywoods Smokehouse hands down, never didn't go there on trips to Western Carolina. You want regret it..
  12. scotswin

    4A East Bracket Discussion

    71st is really down and a shell of last years team that got to the east final.Power ranking and such has 71st winning that game but I just don't know about that.Not knowing much about Riverside, all I can say is that Id love to play them down the line, cause that would be here and the east final. lol