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    Talk about a flawed system...

    We got a survey from the NCBCA about playoff format and there were several options. One of those was the first week (round 1 and 2) be single elimination and then round 3 and on be best of 3. That's just one of the examples we received as well as the 3 game series throughout. I think most of us want a 3 game series so if we happen to catch that team with that dominate arm, we aren't out of the playoffs. Wouldn't mind the way SC does it with different regions having a 4 team double elimination bracket and on from there.
  2. Eagles 1313

    Talk about a flawed system...

    They have recently went more in depth on their site since the last time I read through it. Last time I read through how their ranking was established was about 2 years ago when there was minimal information about it. Being a math guy and a coach, I would love to see the formula if we are going to continue to use MaxPreps to give my players the best opportunity to be successful...just my opinion that probably isn't worth much though
  3. Eagles 1313

    Talk about a flawed system...

    MaxPreps factors in years previous and scores from previous years to come up with their formula or what ever their formula is. The Georgia Power Ranking is based solely on that year and has nothing to do with scores. It has to do with whether you win or lose and the record of the teams you play.
  4. Eagles 1313

    Talk about a flawed system...

    I would love to see NC use a power ranking much like Georgia does for all of their sports.
  5. Eagles 1313

    Baseball Opening Day

    East Forsyth at SW Guilford 5pm Wednesday
  6. Eagles 1313

    baseball preview

    I believe this Hartle is a cousin to those Hartles. Mortensen was a piece to their team (NW Guilford) last year but I don't think he pitched. Cao, Blanchard, and Summers were their main three guys with Egloff (graduated) being their 4th if I remember correctly. Triad is still a hot bed for baseball talent. You are correct about ECU and Winston Salem State having hands all in the CPC. I just hope Mother Nature cooperates a little bit with us over the next couple of weeks because as typical spring season begins, the weather gets colder and wetter.
  7. Eagles 1313

    baseball preview

    Central Piedmont Conference should be a loaded gauntlet again this year. Most everyone returns their main two starting pitchers except East Forsyth and RJ Reynolds. Last year CPC featured 3 teams of the final 4 in the western part of the 4A playoffs. Davie (lost in 1st round to Richmond County in 2018) Carson Whisenhunt 2019 LHP (ECU) Garrett Chandler 2020 OF (ECU) Michael Shelton 2019 IF (Radford) West Forsyth (lost in 4th round to Ardrey Kell in 2018) Peyton Idol 2019 IF (App State) Connor Monroe 2020 RHP (NC State) Brendan Cuthrull 2019 C (Guilford College) Reagan (lost in 4th round to East Forsyth in 2018) Josh Hartle LHP/1B 2021 (Wake Forest) Danny Beal RHP 2020 (ECU) David Asbill OF 2019 (WSSU) CJ Boyd IF 2020 (ECU) Carter Boyd RHP 2022 (Florida) East Forsyth (lost in Western Final to Ardrey Kell in 2018) Danny Fish 2019 IF (Gardner Webb) Noah Robinson 2019 C (WSSU) Hunter Hutchens 2019 OF/RHP (UNCG) Jackson May 2019 OF (Winthrop) Matt Rivers 2019 IF/RHP (Gardner Webb) Kameron Evans 2019 RHP/IF (WSSU) Xavier Isaac 2021 IF/OF/LHP (2022) Glenn (did not make playoffs...should be a lot better this year with majority of players being juniors) Chase Wallen 2019 OF (Methodist) Tanner Bray 2020 IF Michael Carico 2020 C Duncan Howard 2020 RHP Garrett Horn 2021 LHP RJ Reynolds Luke Stephans 2019 RHP/IF (Wofford) Elijah Knight 2019 OF (Guilford College)
  8. Eagles 1313

    baseball preview

    NW Guilford has more than just Rezek 2019 Tim Cao RHP (NC State) 2019 Ethan Blanchard RHP/IF/OF (Navy) 2020 Houston Summers RHP/IF (UNC) 2020 Gavin Mortenson IF (WCU) Just announced that NW Guilford will participate in tne National High School Invitational in Cary this year as well!
  9. Eagles 1313

    Fall baseball is cranking up

    That's correct. We will be down there February 23! Always love playing you guys and going to the beautiful park!
  10. Eagles 1313

    Fall baseball is cranking up

    You can tell it's getting close to baseball season. Crappy and cold weather well on the way!!
  11. Eagles 1313

    basketball conference seeding Question??

    (d) Split conference application (1) The highest finishing team from a given classification will automatically qualify, regardless of overall conference finish. (2) Two teams that finish 1st and 2nd overall in the conference from the same classification will automatically qualify regardless of rule 4.1.18(a)(1-3). NOTE: Ties for 1st place in the overall conference or for highest finisher in a classification must be broken using the established tie-breaking procedure [rule 4.1.13].
  12. Eagles 1313

    X-mas Tourneys

    Frank Spencer in Winston Salem Myers Tire Bracket (consolation Thurs & Fri at West Forsyth) Wednesday 12/26 #1 WS Prep 72 vs #8 Reagan 49 #4 Parkland 56 vs #5 West Stokes 44 #3 RJ Reynolds 89 vs #6 Walkertown 66 #2 Mount Tabor 66 vs #7 West Forsyth 52 Thursday 12/27 Consolation #6 Walkertown 68 vs #7 West Forsyth 67 #8 Reagan 36 vs #5 West Stokes 33 Semi-Finals (at LJVM) #4 Parkland 69 vs #1 WS Prep 50 #2 Mount Tabor 49 vs #3 RJ Reynolds 48 Friday 12/28 #7 West Forsyth 58 vs #5 West Stokes 55 (7th Place) #6 Walkertown 74 vs #8 Reagan 72 (5th Place) #3 RJ Reynolds 64 vs #1 WS Prep 58 (3rd Place) #4 Parkland 78 vs #2 Mount Tabor 62 (Championship) Pepsi Bracket (consolation Thurs & Fri at Parkland) Wednesday 12/26 #4 Glenn 41vs #5 North Forsyth 47 (OT) #3 Mount Airy 46 vs #6 North Surry 36 #2 Atkins 62 vs #7 South Stokes 32 #1 East Forsyth 50 vs #8 Carver 40 Thursday 12/27 Consolation #6 North Surry 42 vs #7 South Stokes 39 #4 Glenn 41 vs #8 Carver 28 Semi-Finals #1 East Forsyth 57 vs #5 North Forsyth 42 #3 Mount Airy 74 vs #2 Atkins 63 Friday 12/28 #7 South Stokes 47 vs #8 Carver 46 (7th Place) #6 North Surry 33 vs #4 Glenn 38 (5th Place) #2 Atkins 63 vs #5 North Forsyth 53 (3rd Place) #1 East Forsyth 59 vs #3 Mount Airy 47 (Championship)
  13. Eagles 1313

    X-mas Tourneys

    Frank Spencer in Winston Salem Myers Tire Bracket (consolation Thurs & Fri at West Forsyth) Wednesday 12/26 #1 WS Prep vs #8 Reagan 3pm (LJVM) #4 Parkland vs #5 West Stokes 4:30pm (LJVM) #3 RJ Reynolds vs #6 Walkertown 6pm (LJVM) #2 Mount Tabor vs #7 West Forsyth (LJVM) Pepsi Bracket (consolation Thurs & Fri at Parkland) Wednesday 12/26 #4 Glenn vs #5 North Forsyth 9am (LJVM) #3 Mount Airy vs #6 North Surry 10:30am (LJVM) #2 Atkins vs #7 South Stokes 12:00pm (LJVM) #1 East Forsyth vs #8 Carver 1:30pm (LJVM) Winners will continue to play at LJVM on Thursday and Friday
  14. Eagles 1313

    4A West: East Forsyth 42, Glenn 6

    Game was about the same as the first game. Eagles ran out to a 42-0 lead and running clock. Glenn scored with less than 2 min to go in the 4th quarter. Glenn had negative yards until a fluke play where Glenn's punter kicked the ball backwards, recovered the ball and ran it to the Eagles 25 yard line. Glenn scored 4 plays later. Eagles face another team they played already this year, Grimsley. Should be another fun night in Kernersville Friday.
  15. Eagles 1313

    Providence vs West Meck

    Should be a fun draw for the 1-3 seeds in the SoMeck
  16. Eagles 1313

    Latest 4A/4AA playoff projections

    Reagan just got bumped down to 4A with Hoggard's ADM moving up to 2102. That shift down also causes Scotland to head to the 4A East and makes Hoggard the #2 seed in the 4AA East. 4AA West gets stronger with Pinecrest heading West along with Richmond....next couple of nights could shift seeds!!
  17. Eagles 1313

    Games Moved?

    East Forsyth at Davie is moved to Thursday at 7:30
  18. Eagles 1313

    Age restriction

    Can't turn 19 before August 31, 2018 (1.2.3) https://www.nchsaa.org/sites/default/files/attachments/NCHSAA_2018-19-Section1.pdf
  19. Glenn at East Forsyth has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7:30pm RJ Reynolds at Reagan has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7pm West Forsyth at Davie has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7:30pm Page at Grimsley has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7:30pm
  20. Eagles 1313

    Metro 4A Conference Play

    Grimsley should be ahead of Ragsdale since Grimsley beat Ragsdale head to head correct?
  21. Eagles 1313

    Fall baseball is cranking up

    East Forsyth will be doing their Fall World Series this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday 4:45 first pitch Wednesday 6:30 first pitch Thursday 4:45 first pitch
  22. Eagles 1313

    Mooresville in the Rankings

    Not sure if anyone on here has looked, but Mooresville is the #1 team in 4A in the adjusted MaxPreps rankings. I think the NCHSAA is updating the adjusted rankings every Tuesday and everyone knows those are the rankings they use to seed. Good luck to both Mooresville and Hough tonight!
  23. The AD's in the conference met and came up with a schedule to complete conference play: 10/5/18 WB @ Hoggard Topsail @ SB Laney @ NH Ashley @NB 10/12/18 NH @ WB SB @ NB Hoggard @ Ashley Topsail @ Laney 10/16/18 WB @ Ashley SB @ NH Topsail @ Hoggard Laney @NB 10/20/18 WB @ Topsail Laney @ SB (10/19) Ashley @ NH Hoggard @ NB 10/26/18 Laney @ WB SB @ Hoggard NH @ NB Topsail @ Ashley 11/2/18 WB @ SB Hoggard @ NH Ashley @ Laney NB @ Topsail 11/9/18 NB @ WB SB @ Ashley NH @ Topsail Hoggard @ Laney
  24. Not a UNC fan....so as long as he is there, I just sit back and enjoy watching UNC take L's. You are 100% correct about recruiting! Oh well
  25. Do you think owing Fedora roughly $14 million after this year has something to do with no firing him yet? Remember he just got an extension through 2023 and is on year 2 of that extension...just wondering if that has anything to do with staying with him or not