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  1. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 8

    I'll update mine weekly from here out since everyone is in conference play. I don't project too much because the kids playing are 15-18 year olds and anything can happen. Most of my projections are based on where they are in their conference now. When we get closer to the end of the season, I will start to try to guess where teams will finish in their conference and do a true projection/prediction.
  2. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 8

    Independence when they won the 2001 4A State Championship and 4AA State Championship in 2002. Although 2002 was the first year they split all the classes.
  3. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 8

    Based off of last year's ADM's, here is what I have... 4A West 1 Grimsley 2 South Caldwell 3 East Forsyth 4 Vance 5 Hickory Ridge 6 Glenn 7 Lake Norman 8 Porter Ridge 9 Mooresville 10 Davie 11 West Meck 12 West Charlotte 4A East 1 New Bern 2 Riverside 3 South View 4 Hoggard 5 Scotland 6 Cardinal Gibbons 7 Seventy-First 8 South Central 9 Knightdale 10 Heritage 11 Corinth Holders 12 Jordan Obviously a lot can change between now and November...but I think this is pretty close.
  4. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction

    Grimsley will go small 4A which would push Scotland back to the East. Grimsley should be the 2 seed in the west
  5. Eagles 1313

    Mooresville Baseball

  6. Eagles 1313

    Mooresville Baseball

    We're going to be extremely young this year. Re-did the infield this summer and new scoreboard is up...should be fun!
  7. Eagles 1313

    Mooresville Baseball

    We'll be hosting the defending 4A State Champions on February 29th at East Forsyth in a tri-scrimmage with Forbush. Should be an entertaining day of baseball.
  8. https://www.ghsa.net/sites/default/files/documents/football/Class7ATieBreakerMethod2018.pdf https://www.ghsa.net/sites/default/files/documents/football/Class_A_Football_Power_Rating_SystemRevised.pdf I think Georgia does a really good job with their power rating. I think you rank your conference champions based on their power rating and then seed based on the power rating after that. Just my opinion
  9. Eagles 1313

    Fall Ball (Baseball)

    Here are some just from a quick search Mookie Betts (Red Sox) also does Bowling Cris Carpenter (Cardinals) also punter for UGA Tony Clark (Tigers) also played basketball at Arizona and San Diego State Vince Coleman (Cardinals) punter for FAMU Carl Crawford (Red Sox/Rays) offered football scholarship to Nebraska Mark DeRosa (Braves) played QB at Penn Darin Erstad (Angles) place kicker at Nebraska Josh Fields (Rangers) played QB at Oklahoma State Amir Garrett (Reds) played baskeball at St Johns Kirk Gibson (Dodgers) drafted to play in the NFL in 1979, 1978 All American Wide Receiver for Michigan Stte Tom Glavine (Braves) drafted in the NHL by the LA Kings Tony Gwynn (Padres) played basketball at San Diego State. Drafted by the Padres and Clippers in same day Todd Helton (Rockies) played QB at Tennessee Bo Jackson (Royals) won Heisman Trophy and I think this one is self explanatory Brian Jordan (Braves) played DB for Atlanta Falcons Sandy Koufax (Dodgers) played basketball at Cinncinati Joe Mauer (Twins) offered football and baseball scholarship to FSU. Was USA Today football and baseball player of the year in the 2000-2001 school year Joe Morgan (Reds) played hockey for Boston College Kyle Parker (Rockies) played QB at Clemson Jackie Robinson (Dodgers) four sport athlete at UCLA Jeff Samardzija (Giants) All American WR at Notre Dame Ryne Sandberg (Cubs) offered FB scholarship at Washington State Deion Sanders (Braves) play for Cowboys, 49ers and Falcons. I think he's the only guys to ever play two professional sports in the same day??? Someone might want to check that one. Frank Thomas (White Sox) played football at Auburn Dave Winfield (Padres/Yankees) drafted in baseball, basketball and football professionally before deciding on baseball These are just a few and I'm sure there are many more. Guys in Bold are hall of famers
  10. Eagles 1313

    Talk about a flawed system...

    We got a survey from the NCBCA about playoff format and there were several options. One of those was the first week (round 1 and 2) be single elimination and then round 3 and on be best of 3. That's just one of the examples we received as well as the 3 game series throughout. I think most of us want a 3 game series so if we happen to catch that team with that dominate arm, we aren't out of the playoffs. Wouldn't mind the way SC does it with different regions having a 4 team double elimination bracket and on from there.
  11. Eagles 1313

    Talk about a flawed system...

    They have recently went more in depth on their site since the last time I read through it. Last time I read through how their ranking was established was about 2 years ago when there was minimal information about it. Being a math guy and a coach, I would love to see the formula if we are going to continue to use MaxPreps to give my players the best opportunity to be successful...just my opinion that probably isn't worth much though
  12. Eagles 1313

    Talk about a flawed system...

    MaxPreps factors in years previous and scores from previous years to come up with their formula or what ever their formula is. The Georgia Power Ranking is based solely on that year and has nothing to do with scores. It has to do with whether you win or lose and the record of the teams you play.
  13. Eagles 1313

    Talk about a flawed system...

    I would love to see NC use a power ranking much like Georgia does for all of their sports.
  14. Eagles 1313

    Baseball Opening Day

    East Forsyth at SW Guilford 5pm Wednesday
  15. Eagles 1313

    baseball preview

    I believe this Hartle is a cousin to those Hartles. Mortensen was a piece to their team (NW Guilford) last year but I don't think he pitched. Cao, Blanchard, and Summers were their main three guys with Egloff (graduated) being their 4th if I remember correctly. Triad is still a hot bed for baseball talent. You are correct about ECU and Winston Salem State having hands all in the CPC. I just hope Mother Nature cooperates a little bit with us over the next couple of weeks because as typical spring season begins, the weather gets colder and wetter.