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  1. Eagles 1313

    Top Playoff games you seen

    2012 East Forsyth and Butler 2015 East Forsyth vs Mallard Creek 2016 East Forsyth vs Charlotte Catholic (Catholic used a fake punt to seal the deal) 2017 East Forsyth vs West Meck (West Meck up big and East rallied to troops to win and lose to eventual State Champion Harding the following week) 2018 East Forsyth vs Scotland County (State Championship Game) 2019 East Forsyth vs Grimsley (to go to the State Championship Game)
  2. Eagles 1313

    American Legion Baseball 2020 NCAL season Suspended

    American Legion Baseball just released a statement that there will NOT be a 2020 American Legion Baseball World Series and all 8 regionals will also NOT happen in 2020. Hard to imagine any American Legion Baseball this year.
  3. Eagles 1313

    Laney's new HC

    Luke Little from Freedom HS will be the new Laney HBC. Little was previously at Whiteville before going to Freedom
  4. Eagles 1313

    Players from the West

    Gabe Manns -East Forsyth, NC Central, Cincinnati Bengals Brandon Smith-East Forsyth, East Carolina, Jacksonville Jaguars Kevin Mattison-East Forsyth, UNC-Asheville, Miami Marlins Ryan Dull-East Forsyth, UNC-Asheville, Oakland A's, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays Danny O'Brien-East Forsyth, Maryland/Wisconsin/Catawba, Columbus Lions, Ottawa Redblacks and Edmonton Eskimos (CFL) Greg Scales-East Forsyth, New Orleans Saints
  5. Eagles 1313

    Name your Restaurant

    East Forsyth's press box. Since I work in the press box for all home games, it's where my typical Friday night dinners happen. When playoffs happen at EF we usually get some chili or some vegetable soup along with Giadas pizza and some wings to go along with the Pepsi Products and water.
  6. Eagles 1313

    Long Rides

    Ledford to Hertford County was a pretty long ride and they did that one last night.
  7. The CPC in general! You have Vance and Hough battling for the final auto berth in the I-Meck. Green Hope, Panther Creek and Jordan are all tied in 1st going into tonight. Panther Creek and Jordan play each other. Green Hope defeated both teams so as long as Green Hope wins, they are the 1 seed. Grimsley has to win to secure their 1 seed. Wake Forest and Heritage are playing for their conference championship tonight. Apex Friendship and Garner are playing for the final auto berth in their conference. Richmond and Scotland are playing for a potential conference championship. A LOT going on in 4A tonight. Overhills, Page, West Charlotte and RJ Reynolds are all on the bubble. Also on the bubble is Pine Forest, South Central, Millbrook, and Garner. It could be an entertaining night of high school football!
  8. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 11

    Started using the byes when 1A and 4A went to 48 teams in the playoffs or 24 in 1A/4A and 24 in 1AA/4AA. In 2A/3A and 2AA/3AA there are no byes because there are 32 total teams in each A and AA
  9. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 11

    Teams that beat EF haven't been able to win the following week (WF loss to Davie and Reagan loss to WF) so that has made the entire conference entertaining for sure. I know one thing, EF sure could use a bye week to help heal up some injuries, but only time will tell on those. Maybe EF and Mooresville will cross paths again this year.
  10. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 11

    CPC Scenarios West wins = West #1 Glenn wins = Glenn #1 Glenn loss + EF win + Reagan win = 3 way tie for 2nd and will have to draw for the 2 seed West loss + EF win + Reagan win = West #2, Reagan #3, EF #4, Davie #5 Reagan loss + EF Win + WF win = EF #2, Glenn #3, Davie #4, Reagan #5 EF loss = EF #5 I think that's just about all the scenarios possible. I know what HSOT has, but I've also seen the entire CPC with my own eyes and I think it's very possible to have a 3 way draw Friday night for the 2 seed.
  11. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 11

    I have Mooresville as a 7 seed. It is possible for them to jump Hickory Ridge and get to a 6 seed, but that would require them defeating Mallard Creek and I think the Creek is on a mission right now. Not saying it's not possible, but the odds aren't in their favor to defeat Mallard Creek.
  12. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 11

    I think you are referring to Jack Britt? New Bern, South View, Cardinal Gibbons and Heritage all finished 1st or 2nd in their conference. After they seed the 1st and 2nd place conference teams, the rest of the seeding is based solely on the Adjusted MaxPreps Rankings. Jack Britt's Adjusted MaxPreps Ranking is 13 which is the highest of the remaining teams in the 4A East. That is why they received the 5 seed in the 4A East. Seventy-First who will finish 6th in the Sandhills Conference gets an 8 seed for the same reason
  13. Eagles 1313

    4aa playoff prediction after week 11

    Apex Friendship can't be higher than Green Hope. Someone has to win the Triangle 8 Conference and they will be above the 2nd place finishing Apex Friendship. #1 Wake Forest (1 seed) (Adjusted MP: 7) #2 Leesville Road (1 seed) (AMP: 14) #3 Holly Springs (1 seed) (AMP: 20) #4 Green Hope (1 seed) (AMP: 28) #5 Hoggard (1 seed) (AMP: 41) #6 Panther Creek (2 seed) (AMP: 34) #7 Apex Friendship (2 seed) (AMP: 38) Those are the automatic seeded teams. From here its strictly Adjusted MaxPreps Rankings #8 Rolesville (AMP: 19) #9 Hoke County (AMP: 26) #10 Wakefield (AMP: 36) #11 Millbrook (AMP: 43) #12 Garner (AMP: 46)
  14. Eagles 1313

    4aa playoff prediction after week 11

    Hoggard goes in as a 1 seed because they are in the top 3 of the Mid-eastern and also above .500. Where you finish doesn't matter if you are not a top 2 seed from your conference. Once the 1's and 2's are seeded, it's based strictly off of the Adjusted Maxpreps rankings. Rolesville (19), Millbrook (43), Garner (46). Garner is the lowest of all 4AA East thus the 12 seed.
  15. Eagles 1313

    4a playoff prediction after week 11

    4A West (couple of scenarios because of the CPC mess) 1 Grimsley-bye 8 Davie 9 Lake Norman 5 Glenn 12 South Caldwell 4 Scotland-bye 3 Ragsdale-bye 6 Hickory Ridge 11 West Meck 7 Mooresville 10 Porter Ridge 2 East Forsyth-bye 4A East 1 New Bern 8 Seventy-First 9 Jordan 5 Jack Britt 12 Pine Forest 4 Heritage-bye 3 Cardinal Gibbons-bye 6 Middle Creek 11 South Central 7 Riverside 10 Knightdale 2 South View-bye