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  1. Eagles 1313

    Providence vs West Meck

    Should be a fun draw for the 1-3 seeds in the SoMeck
  2. Eagles 1313

    Latest 4A/4AA playoff projections

    Reagan just got bumped down to 4A with Hoggard's ADM moving up to 2102. That shift down also causes Scotland to head to the 4A East and makes Hoggard the #2 seed in the 4AA East. 4AA West gets stronger with Pinecrest heading West along with Richmond....next couple of nights could shift seeds!!
  3. Eagles 1313

    Games Moved?

    East Forsyth at Davie is moved to Thursday at 7:30
  4. Eagles 1313

    Age restriction

    Can't turn 19 before August 31, 2018 (1.2.3) https://www.nchsaa.org/sites/default/files/attachments/NCHSAA_2018-19-Section1.pdf
  5. Eagles 1313

    Metro 4A Conference Play

    Grimsley should be ahead of Ragsdale since Grimsley beat Ragsdale head to head correct?
  6. Eagles 1313

    Reschedules/Postponements 10/26

    Glenn at East Forsyth has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7:30pm RJ Reynolds at Reagan has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7pm West Forsyth at Davie has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7:30pm Page at Grimsley has been moved up to Thursday (10/25) at 7:30pm
  7. Eagles 1313

    Fall baseball is cranking up

    East Forsyth will be doing their Fall World Series this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday 4:45 first pitch Wednesday 6:30 first pitch Thursday 4:45 first pitch
  8. Eagles 1313

    Mooresville in the Rankings

    Not sure if anyone on here has looked, but Mooresville is the #1 team in 4A in the adjusted MaxPreps rankings. I think the NCHSAA is updating the adjusted rankings every Tuesday and everyone knows those are the rankings they use to seed. Good luck to both Mooresville and Hough tonight!
  9. Eagles 1313

    Mid-Eastern 3A/4A Conference

    The AD's in the conference met and came up with a schedule to complete conference play: 10/5/18 WB @ Hoggard Topsail @ SB Laney @ NH Ashley @NB 10/12/18 NH @ WB SB @ NB Hoggard @ Ashley Topsail @ Laney 10/16/18 WB @ Ashley SB @ NH Topsail @ Hoggard Laney @NB 10/20/18 WB @ Topsail Laney @ SB (10/19) Ashley @ NH Hoggard @ NB 10/26/18 Laney @ WB SB @ Hoggard NH @ NB Topsail @ Ashley 11/2/18 WB @ SB Hoggard @ NH Ashley @ Laney NB @ Topsail 11/9/18 NB @ WB SB @ Ashley NH @ Topsail Hoggard @ Laney
  10. Eagles 1313


    Not a UNC fan....so as long as he is there, I just sit back and enjoy watching UNC take L's. You are 100% correct about recruiting! Oh well
  11. Eagles 1313


    Do you think owing Fedora roughly $14 million after this year has something to do with no firing him yet? Remember he just got an extension through 2023 and is on year 2 of that extension...just wondering if that has anything to do with staying with him or not
  12. Eagles 1313

    Hurricane Florence Moving games to midweek

    Glenn at Mount Tabor is now Wednesday 9/12 at 7:30pm
  13. Eagles 1313

    Triad Area Final week 4

    Was the Tabor loss due to the West Forsyth hangover?? or has Reagan made that turn to being a contender in the CPC this year?
  14. Eagles 1313

    WS Reynolds at Reidsville

    Reidsville blew away Reynolds last year and I would not be surprised if the same thing happens again this year. Reynolds has played SW Guilford, WS Prep, and Atkins....besdies SW Guilford, not exactly a stellar schedule. Reidsville wins with a running clock
  15. Eagles 1313

    Squads in the East not named Wake Forest?

    This could be a year where you see Page and possibly a NW Guilford go East in 4AA?