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  1. Wormyone47

    East Surry 35, Mitchell 28 (1AA West Final)

    I second this, what a great group of young men, the line has been tremendous all year. Thanks for the ride.
  2. Wormyone47

    1AA Showdowns Next Week

    I'll take us and the points, how much?
  3. What a pair of cork soakers these 2 fine representatives of Good old Yancey County are.
  4. Wormyone47

    Avery @ Mitchell

    A little extra sauce in the soup this year, going with the Mounties 55-13.
  5. Wormyone47


    This is also disappointing for the Northwestern area teams: Mitchell against Mt. Airy - 2-0, East Surry 1-0, West Wilkes 1-0 and East Wilkes 2-0
  6. Am I missing this weeks?
  7. Other site says disqualification. Hopefully we will be practiced up for the punt lineup. Should be a good one. No 8 against no 10 in maxpreps. 10 being home should be favored i would suspect.
  8. Didn't need one to beat Heritage 9 years in a ROW. See how history works? 😁
  9. Didn't need a miracle to beat Owen by 34. 😁
  10. Wormyone47

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    What gracious winners.
  11. Wormyone47

    Mitchell excuse thread

    Congratulations, good hardnosed game. No excuses well played well reffed. .