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  1. football101

    No Class!

    I'm glad some of you tried to clarify the pay scale statement. I retired February 2018, with 34 years experience when I retired my salary was $51,300. We did get pay raises but all the nice raises went to those with less than 20 years experience.
  2. I'm fine with that ! I like 48 teams, 6 champions because 64 is to many. I like going on each years enrollment so no team gains an advantage due to new lines or opening of new schools.
  3. Keep it 4 classes. take 48 teams to playoffs and sub divide into 6 classes or divisions , all sports.
  4. Get rid of everybody ! Fedora , Doreen , and Montgomery !!
  5. football101

    Running Clock

    You can't legislate everything in sports or life ! There will always be things that happen that aren't just right and we just have to deal with them . I've had a coach that was up 30 and onside kick . My young assistant coaches went crazy . I told them to take care of what you control and that was that our kids play hard to the end of the game . I wasn't happy either but we have to deal with things we don't control . By the way I've been on both sides won by 70, with 3rd string backs scoring and lost by 70 . If it's such a problem have a way to deal with the one's who intentually run the school up .
  6. football101

    Running Clock

    I agree 100% ! We've had games where the officials stand in the middle of the field while the clock runs .
  7. football101

    Clinton vs Wallace Rose Hill

    Didn't East Duplin beat WRH last year ?
  8. football101

    Hurricane Florence Relief Effort

    Duplin County , no school next week ! Don't know about games . Water starting to recede , now the real work to recovery starts 1
  9. football101

    Let's talk realignment

    4 classes then subdivide into 6 divisions using ADM . You may have been 1A at realignment but go 2A for playoffs.
  10. Most all of these Head Coaches' egos are to big ! Recruiting takes a back seat to these guys . When Skip Holtz Became the Head Coach at ECU he came by the school that I worked and spent a hour with me just talking about football and everything else .It wasn't because I had a big recruit because I didn't . He said he was going to into every high school in NC personally . That meant a lot to me ! Fedora and every other coach In NC should do that .
  11. football101

    No Top-20 Power Rankings this week

    In ENC we don't know when we will play again !!! Parts of Duplin County are UNDER water . East Duplin has students and coaches who have lost everything . They have waist deep water in their homes today . Don't know when we'll go back to school !!
  12. Coach Ruff did take too many chances on kids. We loved Coach Ruff , but we did have too many recruiting classes that never materialized . It has cost us since.
  13. ECU does not take non qualifiers, no AAC school takes non qualifiers. When they were in Conference USA they took partial qualifiers.
  14. East Duplin = Rushing 777 carries 6223 yards 8.0 per carry 388.9 per game 77 TD Passing 94 attempts 45 completions 654 yards 40.9 yards per game 13 TD 5 int
  15. East Duplin may have broken the record for rushing in a season! They Finished the season with 6223 yards rushing and a 388.9 yards per game average.