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  1. Ladge

    Hyatt steps down at Piedmont

    Rebuilding West Stanly? Eric Morman left it in very good shape.
  2. Middle school football in CMS is an afterthought. They don't start until school does, which wouldn't be a major deal except the middle schools don't have lights. After daylight savings the games end around the end of the third qtr if they start early and shorten halftime. When asked if games could be moved to a high school or lights could be rented, the response is if all middle schools can't then none will. Downtown CMS could absolutely care less about middle school sports. Although they are certainly happy to take the activity fees!
  3. Ladge

    Forest Hills

    Due to redistricting they don't have the bigs like they used to have. Many of the athletes find their way to Monroe as well.
  4. Ladge

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Again, Monroe is read option, counter trey and sending their Frisbee catching dogs downfield. SP ( at least last time I saw them ) is triple option, very different.
  5. Ladge

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Monroe and SP offenses are no where near the same.
  6. Ladge

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Which Cabarrus Radiofree broadcaster turned off the stadium lights during this past weeks game at JM Robinson?
  7. Ladge

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    Tongue in cheek = Lost in translation
  8. Ladge

    South Point at Mt. Pleasant

    SP you better catch up quickly, between these two offenses game may be over in an hour.
  9. Ladge

    The bracket are out

    That argument makes a little more sense, not your original argument comparing team seedings in different brackets.
  10. Ladge

    The bracket are out

    How are they not? They are seeded compared to who else is in their bracket not with who they have played during the year in different brackets. Which teams in Mt.'s bracket should not have a better seed? That is the comparison.
  11. Ladge

    The bracket are out

    Seeding in different classifications are irrelevant! If Mt. and West were in the same classification Mt. would be seeded in front of West.
  12. Ladge

    Bracket Disaster Averted?

    It certainly ended up correctly. Many conferences would have gone full record which drops Cuthbertson to six, then Monroe beat MR head to head so Monroe gets the 4 and MR gets 5. Fortunately they got the same results with straws. Power rankings should get the same results as well. The straws could have knocked out two decent teams though. Both Monroe and MR can win.
  13. Ladge

    The bracket are out

    The seeding is completed after the teams are broken up between A and AA. The seedings in each classification are not relative. Now, if they both were in the same classification Mt. would have a better seed than West.
  14. Ladge

    Bracket Disaster Averted?

    Makes you wonder if certain straws were drawn first😉
  15. Ladge

    Blurred lines

    With the West Cabarrus opening pushed back a year, they won't have adm numbers next year. Nor will the other schools in Cabarrus have their numbers reduced yet. Any idea how that process will work.