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  1. Ladge

    Artificial turf

    JM Robinson in Cabarrus County as well.
  2. Ladge

    Best defense

    Charlotte Catholic 2018 allowed 6.88 per game 3A State Champions 1984 allowed 7.5 per game 2A Div II State Champions
  3. Announced on Twitter, Beady Waddell
  4. My gut feeling: This is about comfort level. Mata and Hastings worked together in the Charlotte Senior All Star event. Maybe Mata prefers to be an OC. The AD at Indian Land was the AD at West Meck last year so there is a relationship there as well. Heard there will be another opening at another school today or Monday.
  5. He is going to Indian Land to be Hastings OC.
  6. Look for multiple Charlotte jobs to open, starting today with West Mecklenburg.
  7. Ladge

    Cabarrus County Jobs

    Darius Robinson the former DC at Central was hired a few weeks ago to be the HC at JM Robinson.
  8. Ladge

    Richmond Week 2

    Plus Central will be breaking in a new HC.
  9. McClamrock announced on his twitter that he is "hanging up the whistle"
  10. Depends on the coach's experience. Some instances a Cabarrus assistant with many years can make more than a HC in another county
  11. With Gentry moving to West Cabarrus, there are now 3 HC openings in the SPC specifically Cabarrus County ( which has a pretty decent coaches stipend ). Northwest Cabarrus, JM Robinson, and Central Cabarrus.
  12. Delma Glaze OL West Mecklenburg signed with Maryland
  13. Maybe a nuanced example of how charters have less restrictions and oversite?
  14. Ladge

    All Decade

    Catholic's offense evolved from straight T ( still their base ). They ran the straight T a lot with Hood so you couldn't play one side or the other. You knew it would be lead or power just not sure to which side.