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  1. Ladge

    HS Venue ( Waddell)

    Waddell the high school was shut as there were too many high schools in that area (debatable), the facilities are still used as a school. It is a K-8 language magnet, which has worked out well for that program. The Waddell middle school has the best football and soccer stadium in the county lol.
  2. This game was scheduled last year when the opening of West Cabarrus was pushed back.
  3. One of my favorite stats: Bob Poroli and Jim Oddo who were roommates and teammates at NC State have combined for close to 800 wins as HC's.
  4. Ladge

    West Cabarrus New School?

    In a vote that will make Jed and Matt Eckert happy, the West Cabarrus mascot is... The Wolverines
  5. Ladge

    West Caldwell

    Most teams will have Spring ball in May. June for most are workouts and 7 on 7's
  6. Ladge

    Ardrey Kell Opening

    Heard he is going to IMG in Fla.
  7. Ladge

    West Meck

    Pretty sure Morman at NM is the same age.
  8. The rules for CMS not playing private schools began with desegregation. Some of the private schools were created as busing began and CMS officials decided not to play private schools especially new ones that were taking students.
  9. Imagine those Concord and Robinson games are one year. They both needed a one year game due to pushing the opening of West Cabarrus back a year.
  10. It is a math/science magnet. Tough to get a consistent football base type of player. They had a pretty decent team 6 or so years ago running a double wing. They need to find someone very patient to develop a system for the type of kids they get.
  11. Craig Pritchett has made a similar turnaround at Brevard.