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  1. Hibriten

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    But I do know that A.C. swept their all county awards 🤪
  2. Hibriten

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    I swear I read it in the HDR or LNT bc I thought our QB shared POY honors w a Draughn kid? Maybe that was soccer. ETA - something was released bc the Bunker Hill Coach was rightfully COY
  3. We Hibriten fans hope you enjoy your adventure to the confines of Jeff Storie Memorial Stadium this Friday, November 23, in the year of our lord 2019. While we hope you return home disappointed in the outcome of the contest, we do hope you enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality that Hibriten provides. With that being said, here are a few reminders about your upcoming travels to our den of the mighty Panthers of Hibriten: 1) Our visitors bleachers sucks, please don't remind us about it at every opportunity 2) There should be room on the scoreboard side of the home stands for extra seating 3) See #1 and refer to #2. Be safe in your travels, and have a blessed day.
  4. Hibriten

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    Anybody still as shocked as me that A.C. won’t be playing for a state championship this year??? I was for certain that those undefeated JVs that moved up this year would carry them to a title. I’ve not slept in 2 days! Please tell me how this happens? ps... anyone know when the ring ceremony is for the JV state championship? I don’t wanna miss that!
  5. Hibriten

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    Politics is what ran Bazzle off at A.C. He struggled but he never got any traction with the program b/c of certain last names.
  6. Hibriten

    2AA West Bracket Discussion

    HHS pulls away in the 2nd half to win 45-26. They definitely have a tough task ahead next week w Burns.
  7. Hibriten

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    Well I’ll be damned - One of A.C.s streaks is more meaningful than the other.....
  8. Hibriten

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    Obviously you do based on your comments.
  9. Guarantee the conference champion and ties for con champ. Everyone else seeded on record and max preps. If a split con team doesn’t win their con, they are at large based on record and max prep. If that doesn’t get them in, so be it.
  10. Hibriten

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    Congrats to A.C. they might finally make it to the 2nd round this year!!!
  11. I watched the officials throw 3 flags on one play all live ball- 2 on defense and one on offense. And yet they didn’t offset. I also saw my first defensive chop block ever. It was unreal.
  12. I went to the Saint /South game - absolutely one of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched other than Hibriten’s state championship game. Saint scores twice under 4 min left and won the game with a faked extra point.
  13. I may just come and meet you!
  14. Stizz you’ve always been a straight shooter so I got no real hate towards you.....but schmo can EAD. That guy is too over the top for me. Can’t wait til he puts his hood on and talks about the “Hickory culture” next week 🙄