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  1. Hibriten

    2AA West Finals: Shelby 28, Hibriten 21

    So, is the winner of this game the favorite to win the State Title? Is one of the eastern teams better than HHS or Shelby?
  2. Hibriten

    2AA West: Hibriten 28, South Point 20

    It’s a 4 quarter game South Point you lost.... lick your wounds and get ready for next year....Hibriten and Shelby might be decided on the field in a couple of weeks.....SP take the loss and move on.... you can “what if” in one hand and $hit in the other and see which one fills up faster.
  3. Hibriten

    2AA West: Hibriten 34, Bandys 15

    Maybe I’m over confident but this seems like only a good game on paper.... HHS should win comfortably.
  4. Hibriten

    2AA West: Hibriten 28, South Point 20

    Didn’t post all week about it- nervous until the end.....good fight back SP. Congrats Hibriten! Brandy’s is next....
  5. Hibriten

    Erwin 48 Alexander Central 21

    It’s never going to matter bc A.C. just doesn’t put the athletes on the field that these other schools do. AC is the only school in the county and they are playing 3a. That says a lot.
  6. Hibriten

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    Looks like it’s time to get ready for softball season!
  7. Hibriten

    West Caldwell

    not a chance. In reality, there should only be 2 schools in the county- South Caldwell and an HHS/West combo school. I doubt I will ever see that happen in my lifetime......it guess its possible though.
  8. Hibriten

    West Caldwell

    lol i totally missed the sarcasm...... yes oh yes the mighty cooters of AC!
  9. Hibriten

    West Caldwell

    He might actually apply....he likes the challenge of a rebuild.
  10. Hibriten

    West Caldwell

    Uh, I'm a proud HHS alum.
  11. Hibriten

    West Caldwell

    pretty sure Butch Carter is "persona non grata" in the Caldwell County school system.......
  12. Hibriten

    West Caldwell

    but he also had some pretty good talent to motivate as well.....Nick Saban ain't turning that program around based on the kids they have on the field.
  13. Hibriten

    West Caldwell

    no matter what is said in public, there just isn't the support from administration for the FB program.......you've got another Anderson at the helm for basketball so expect to see things continue on the same path.....
  14. Hibriten

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    don't worry Schmo, softball season is right around the corner......
  15. Hibriten

    #11 Alexander Central at #6 Erwin

    Check the AC/Hickory thread- it’s just an inside joke