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  1. If they are not eligible to play on athletic teams they are not counted in the NCHSAA ADM.
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    This is for the betterment of the sport in this state.
  3. Padgett was on the US 4x100 team at the Beijing Olympics. They did the US usual, blew the bat in exchange and did not make it out of the years. He finished 4th in the Olympic Trials 100. Third place would have qualified him for the 100 meter heats.
  4. Can our Creek insiders give us some info on Coach Palmeiri? Every year he is in the running for some top out of state jobs but has remained at MC. Does it appear imminent this time or is it more rumors? If Mike moves on who is next in line to take the reins or do they leave the program for his replacement. Also, any word on the out of conference schedule? Myers Park appears to be on it and a school from Georgia. More info, please!
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    Is LJ back at MC? What’s the story?
  6. 60% of the schools make the playoffs. Too many regardless. I am 100% in favor of dropping one round from the playoffs to allow schools to have one more week of regular season play. Conference champions and then MaxPreps rankings to round out the field. 1A and 4A stay at 32 teams instead of 24 (half of the normal 48 qualifiers). Split conference the larger classification champion must win the overall conference to guarantee a slot. If they do not they must qualify via their power ranking.
  7. That could be the way to go. As Dawg Dynasty wrote some of the schools biggest gates are those first few weeks. Does Dutch Fork prefer to play Vance in a huge game or Irmo, huge rival gate, host IMG or Cheraw, Greeenwood, and Brookwood (GA)? Vance and Irmo are the first two games and I think those are the two they would prefer to play. The Irmo game is a $30,000 plus gate every season.
  8. My opinion is finish the week before Christmas which is on Friday this year. So the 18th and 19th. I would not go past that date. Facility, travel, and safety issues due to weather come into play much more in January and February.
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    Congratulations Tanner Muse

    Does he stay at safety or eventually move to linebacker? I think he will play a lot of specialty teams with his size and straight ahead speed.
  10. Give schools ten weeks to play up to ten games if they wish. NO ENDOWMENT just ten games. Play their conference schedules as set but moved back. It the conference has six teams play up five non conference games. Remove a round of the playoffs with 32 teams subdiving to 16 for four rounds total. Putting together a eight or nine game schedule at this point with no set games would be a complete cluster bomb.
  11. I think a great staff at one school may be a very good but not great staff at another school. I have always thought continuity is as big a help to staff as about anything. One of the most successful told me one time that half the battle is a supportive principal and admin from bottom to top.
  12. Byrnes is not up to the level their two biggest rivals, Gaffney and Dorman, but it is a great atmosphere. Unfortunately the expansion of the school behind the visitor bleachers stopped them from doing the Clemson entry where they drove the bus from the field house to the opposite end and a mini hill. Late season when it was dark that was a great site with the police, fire, and ambulance lights spinning.
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    I'm pretty sure you knew the answer before I posted above.
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    I was around the WNCHSAA with a member school. Reidsville has always been a member of the NCHSAA. Asheboro HS was most eastern member school. 1969 and 1970 the 2A and 3A played to a West and East Regional champion. There was not a state championship game. The NCHSAA does not recognize those as State titles only as Regional titles. 1961 - 1966 2A played to a Sectional or District Championship with three champions (61-62) and then four champions.
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    Since 1972 ...

    2001 was the first year of subdividing for 1A. The next season, 2002, all classifications went to the five round playoff.
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    Best fan base

    The crowd at that game rivaled the Harding v Garner state title game. By far the two biggest crowds there. It was not above capacity at 6pm because the line was down the street at the 7:30 kickoff. People started surging and security (with police) determined it was best to open the doors. Three Parade AAs on the field. Great game. State title game had a paid gate count of 18,000. That did not include coaches passes. The 2003 Richmond v Indy regional final was huge, also. Not up to those numbers but I thought it was as large or larger than the Butler v Indy games in that time period.
  17. There are a lot of very impressive facilities in SC. Dorman and Gaffney are at the top from ones I have seen. Nice, big, top end. Personally, I prefer Gaffney's but I miss their old stadium although it was a dump.
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    They were never a member of the Western NCHSAA.
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    I think some of their “state” championships were when there were four and two final games in some of the classifications.
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    Prayers for Rick Harrington

    Kick um in da balls, Rick!
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    Almost Baseball Time

    I have been told that 2020 calendar year could be in question.
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    Mascot name change

    One of the best us Rocky Mount HS. When integration came the Blackbirds and Lions combined to become the Gryphons
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    Mascot name change

    Why the change? Both are good names!
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    middle schools

    What was it last year? Separate teams for 7th and 8th graders?