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  1. Zero but I truly believe that it will evolve like the other sports have. Ten plus years ago when people complained about the three Parochial schools I told them that would pale in comparison to what was coming. When I told them the charters I was laughed at. It’s here. Football will be next.
  2. In OT third n 18 pass play by Catholic. Interference call against KM. Anyone have a good luck?
  3. There are only a few charters that play football. They need to look at playing up in football. Non football sports could have a playoff for non traditional schools. There are other problems in 1A that need to be addressed. How many high school students live in the district that do not attend the school but opt for other academic offerings and are not counted in the sports ADM. “Traditional” schools with numerous players that do not live in the district. Countywide open enrollment and magnet schools especially from metro areas. 1A needs a complete overhaul.
  4. btango


    I thought the illegal formation flag on that play was thrown by the line judge on the Richmond sideline at the snap? May be it should have been an intentional grounding. He was being slung down when he threw the ball which seemed to cause the trajectory. Could argument be made that it was in the area of a Vance player. I would like to see the film on it.
  5. It will not be as many schools in the mix like non football sports and I think it will be a few years but it is coming. 1A schools need to be united and cohesive with a well thought preemptive plan. Need to get every superintendent, principal, AD, and coach 100% committed. Get some big donors involved. Meet with every legislative rep from 1A areas. That would mean the folks mentioned above plus any influential people.
  6. Will they have anything left for Southern Nash next Saturday. Wow! Talking about physically draining but mentally exhilirating.
  7. No definitive plan at this time.
  8. Great game! Echols is beastly! Vance DBs have did a good job and with the pressure Hood is struggling to get the ball downfield without running it which he has did well a few times especially the first two plays of the game. Vance can we take the short dump off to the RB. Was alone until last O play of the half. Props to the Vance kicker. Underestimated him. Richmond D has been awesome! Heavy pressure off the edge and DBs had strong cover on a couple of big receptions. Vance cut the penalties! Have had zero unsportsmanlikes!!! Who is winning the adjustment game.
  9. I prefer smaller number in 1A and 5A due to enrollment differentials.
  10. No idea. Most of the main guys have been there since freshman year. QB is new. It is hard to compare urban areas to more rural. The size of the district is much smaller, surrounded by other high schools with middle schools that feed multiple high schools. A short move can cause a high school change. If you are not happy you can easily move homes if needed. I feel there is some advantage to having players come through a system since youth ball. The biggest difference for Charlotte Catholic, in my opinion, has been the youth and middle school programs falling in line. Almost every player came through that program. Bobby Bentley (former Byrnes HC, now USC assistant) said during their elite run that having the consistency through the youth program and two middle school teams had been a turning point. Every youth team was the Rebels and the slogan was “every kid lives to be a Rebel.” One time that “Rebel” was embraced by all and used positively. He felt when they got on campus it was just a continuation of the program and success.
  11. If they are willing to cut the playoffs down a round (1A and 4A to four rounds with no byes) and reduce the number of championships that would be less money to them. Playing in the large college stadiums costs more than other options.
  12. If that is the case I stand corrected and apologize!!! That is what I get for not being in attendance. JV and varsity play the same day in high school at most places. What are the pros and cons? I know it may give a player the ability to get playing time that may set the bench on varsity but could be needed with limited numbers or the way the game plays out (fouls, injury, et al). I think the biggest negative could be the JV team aspect or possibly just the paperwork part. Thanks for the heads up!