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  1. btango

    Brand leaves Vance

    Assistants is a crap shoot. A lot of moving parts with the first one being an acceptable position at Irmo. Regarding Knotts, in my opinion it will not be an issue. It will be competitive but not a personal clash.
  2. btango

    Brand leaves Vance

    When coaching at Vance, Harding, West Charlotte and a may be a few other schools you are making sure a lot of your student athletes are fed and safe. I remember visiting West Charlotte and all the coaches brought leftovers every day. They would bring leftovers from neighbors and other teachers. The players were being fed at lunch but they needed extra and food for dinner. I don't think some folks can really understand the circumstances some people live in.
  3. btango

    West Cabarrus New School?

    4A will be dependent on how they split the classifications. If it is 12.5% for 1A and 4A each Kannapolis will remain 3A as the smallest 4A school will have about 1,850 plus students. The 25% option across the board would most likely put them as one of the approximately five smallest schools in 4A.
  4. btango

    Union Pines

    I have seen coaches use it strictly to get more for their program in terms of facilities, equipment, et al. If you are in a single high school system you can often use it for personal income / logistics or assistant related items.
  5. Numbers are down at almost every school. There is concern in all areas of the game about this. The first item that must be extinguished is the safety concerns but do not think that is possible. A lot more options available for a student than there were ten, twenty, thirty years ago. Playing one sport and concentrating on it year round or may be a second sport that is a back burner option to fill some time. Different types of education structure within the schools. Crazy.
  6. btango

    Playoff scores

    I took it to mean the teams were made up of players from two schools for Uwharrie and one for RCS. The way you interpreted may be what he meant. Curious but this shows the major complaint from 1A schools. 1A sports do not require loaded teams. One or two players can really flip the field. I am personally not questioning either school on how the players arrived but if all the players from RCS are districted for Roxboro that brings in the issue of fairness in classifications. RCS plays in 1A conference but all players come from a school that plays 3A. Should Roxboro not play 1A if half the team is at another school?
  7. btango

    West Cabarrus New School?

    I like Wolverines but I still think having a very unique mascot is a great marketing option. Also, I prefer a geographical spot over a directional school. Chris and I talked about Coddle Creek Copperheads. Thought that had some ring. I wanted Montgomery County to be the Montgomery Maulers. They went with Timeberwolves which is not bad.
  8. btango

    The Creek and Dutch Fork on ESPN 2

    I like the Dutch Fork option! Think that will provide the best atmosphere and profit for the two teams. Great facility. Visitor stands a bit small but will be fine for Mallard Creek supporters. Home stands are huge. Couple of year old turf field. Was hoping for Thursday on this one and then over to Dillon for the Havelock game on Friday then may be some good ones to choose from in the Carolinas on Saturday. Hough v Butler is on Friday in the area with Christian v Sun Valley on Thursday. The promoter should flip flop those two games as I think Butler v Hough and MC v DF pull a lot non aligned fans from one another. If I am a MC parent I am planning for this now. I keep reading that due to the game being an out of state game for the NC team that there are no issues with playing on tv. Indy was not allowed to play on live tv on a Saturday night in Ohio. The steadfast rule always has been no live tv on Friday during the regular season. Period. Recently changed that for Thursday night regular season games and I expect Saturday would be fine. Personally, I want the game on Thursday. That gives them two more days to get it in if inclimate weather hits. It will be played regardless of amount of rain if it is on tv unless there is lightning. I would think ESPN would be fine with Thursday, also but not Saturday so much. This is what I have been told numerous times by various people including a few ESPN employees. They have to use Saturday for college to meet their contractual obligations. Surprisingly, was told about five years ago the biggest possible high school game would probably not bring in the ad revenue a mid tier college matchup would. May have changed. Also, was told that the games that draw the best are not the elite teams as much as the games with the most big time college recruits.
  9. btango

    Brand leaves Vance

    Both have very affluent parents. South is much more diverse. Each probably lose starters and players to the Big Four privates and Catholic. South more so than Weddington due to CMS. Each school's athletics are constricted by their school systems but it appears there is more autonomy in Union County. Weddington has had strong leadership, not only with a great head coach that replaced a few but also worked heavily preparing the current one, but strong AD and principal. Community support (from the parents) is very strong! A lot of pride in their school and teams. They excel in non football sports, also. Playing in 3A is helpful to them although with current alignment it probably has not been as positive. Not sure they win the small 4A last year but would be a in it to win. Jim Martin had limited success at South Meck and a couple of good seasons running a Wing T style O. Shaughnessy would go onto be a real big piece of the Butler success at DC and had a solid run at South before they had nearly a decade of terrible results. Shag's teams played TK and WC to the end a few times in the playoffs in some of the best games I have seen. His best team (in my opinion) lost by a point as time ran out keeping them from trying a winning field goal from about 30 yards out. In 1992 he did something few have done, beat TK in a rematch after losing to him in the regular season. Unfortunately they left it on the field and were rolled by East Forsyth the next week in a severe beatdown. The Sabres are a long way from Jim Seacord's undefeated state championship team from 1981 but he was up and down a bit, too. Rocky White is a really good guy that really cares about the game of football overall. He was not getting the job done on the field (W-L). Biggest issue I have is the timing. Rocky will be a hot commodity for any staff. What level of replacement does South get with the time line as school is basically over next week and CMS often moves at a slow pace. Add in that South has a new AD and principal coming in. The new principal may already have a guy ready to move from another CMS job. Interesting. If it becomes a drawn out cluster South will pay the price for a few years minimum.
  10. btango

    Union Pines

    I would be very surprised, also.
  11. btango

    Brand leaves Vance

    May not be the school you are alluding to but about 23 years ago South Meck hired a recently retired NFLer as the new HC although he had no coaching experience. Complete disaster. Knotts was their next target but he opted for Indy.
  12. btango

    Brand leaves Vance

    Agree on many of your points. Hard to compare high school districts and demographics prior to 2000 after the 1997 decision to end federally mandated busing for racial equity. I totally agree cost of youth sports and facilities is the biggest reason why some sports are inferior in certain schools.
  13. btango

    Brand leaves Vance

    TK stated in 2006 or so that Myers Park was the sleeping giant of NC football. TK was about to take the South Meck job in 2000 before accepting the Indy offer. Reason for South Meck was because of it being the nearest open job to his house. He was ready to go hard for East Meck but a good friend was in line and appeared to be the choice if Knotts did not accept. I think a big decision for Indy was the demographics, enrollment numbers, talent in the school which was most significantly Chris Leak.
  14. btango

    Union Pines

    Very surprised with one you allude to. Would be a huge “get” if he comes to UP.
  15. btango

    Montgomery Central Timberwolves

    I will attend at minimum one of their games.