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  1. I think they have advantages but I do not think it is as much for being a "private" school as it is for being a school with families that have the means to focus on education and finding the absolute best opportuities for their children whether it be academics, athletics, or social. There is one trait they all have and that is a Catholic education and for the most part a family that is involved in the Catholic church. That is their community.
  2. Please explain "controlled numbers and the elective process."
  3. J-Heat you are uneducated on the matter if you think Charlotte Catholic is set up like the two Parochial schools they played this year.
  4. btango

    Richmond Week 2

    No idea but I question how good they will be this season.
  5. btango

    Davidson Day basketball

    I think that is a very fair statement!
  6. If a public school wants to travel they can make it happen but it takes a lot of effort. Byrnes (SC) is the best example. They have also hosted a lot of OOS opponents. They went to Florida, Ohio twice, Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, California, and NC over the years.
  7. Too many players leave the sideline during a fight on the field team is out of the playoffs. Too many players get tossed for fighting team is out of the playoffs. Misuse of the eight quarter rule results in forfeits which can cause a team (ie, Dudley) to miss the playoffs. I would prefer to see teams not forfeit and not miss the playoffs. Lost home playoff game(s) and / or coach suspended for regular season or playoff game(s).
  8. At the regular season game it was on the Vance side and I think all Vance students. Not sure if there were issues at playoff game.
  9. This type of scenario has been discussed numerous times. The “they didn’t play, we didn’t know” excuse does not work. Every coach knows the rule and if they do not they should not be a head coach. If you dress you are participating. Rule book 101. I do not like forfeits either but there has to be a line. Suspended the coach a few games? Lose first one or two home playoff games? Why was she dressed and on the bench?!? Should not have played the JV game.
  10. btango

    Davidson Day basketball

    They beat Carmel Christian the other night. Carmel is missing a starter and another went out with an injury sometime in the third quarter but they won about ten (I think) at CC which is a tough feat!
  11. If they dress and set on the bench that is participating. It is the same in football. Have seen it with ineligible players being dressed and not playing but the team forfeiting a game. This is 101. Should not happen. Any idea why the coach did this??
  12. Would have preferred CC v Richmond. Hopefully they get a strong opponent.
  13. I think that is a sleeping giant just as I said Myers Park was.
  14. Look at the schedule and teams they play. The private teams in their area in northern NJ are strong. SJR, DBP, SPP. Impressive. All three of their OOS opponents would be very strong in NC 4AA playoffs most seasons.
  15. Forbush has two double digit winning seasons in over fifty years and they fired this guy!