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  1. btango

    #3 Butler (9-2) vs. #6 Myers Park (11-1)

    This game is at the top for me. TL Hanna v Dorman and Gaffney v Byrnes would be great but I hate driving down I-85. Huss v Crest, Catholic v Monroe, Hibriten v South Point. Four really good games with Charlotte metro schools in the second round. Crazy!
  2. btango

    Cox Mill vs Sun Valley

    Went to first half. Two terrible calls were costly to CM early. First drive QB takes full step past goal line, goes down, ball pops out as he hit ground s it appeared. Had full control as he crossed line. SV ball in touchback. SV throws deep. Looks like no contact. I was directly on play on sideline. Flag. Some of the runs Howell makes are really impressive. String and tough. Don’t think I would have him returning punts.
  3. btango

    Way Too Early Discussion of 2021 Realignment

    The rule does not remove the prior issue. The prior rule required a change or primary residency unless the LEA had a different rule. The new rule allows a student to change schools without changing their primary residency. Students can still change schools at any time with a valid residency change. That is where a lot of the "transfers" were coming from.
  4. btango

    Way Too Early Discussion of 2021 Realignment

    Note, that I discussed the issue in 1A and my proposal to alleviate that. The problem is more prevalent in 1A and gradually the charters will dominate every non football sport except for in few instances. The smallest schools in the class will almost always be at a disadvantage but there has to be a line. I am confident that it is easier to find five or nine than 11-22 players to field a competitive team. I have seen basketball teams with three or four average players at best in a state title game but they a star or two. To field a football team over a season you will basically need four times as many players as are needed in basketball. Baseball seems to rely more on one position than even football. Softball takes that to an even higher level. Smaller schools are competitive in basketball in 2A, 3A, and 4A. Saw a list a few years ago of the finalists for boys and girls and where they ranked in the classification per enrollment. Many smaller schools did well. 4A boys was right at split between the two. Whiteville has dominated the last few years with a superstar in 1A baseball. South Stanly, Cherryville, East Columbus were all small 1A. Those schools won five of the last ten titles and Whiteville four.
  5. btango

    Former Mooresville Coach

    Williams HS. Burlington. Alamance County. Catawba College.
  6. btango

    Way Too Early Discussion of 2021 Realignment

    There is little difference in school choice and charter schools. Charter schools are choice just as attending a public high school that is not your home district school. Both are public schools that allow students to come to that school if there are seats available. Some school districts charge tuition if you do not live in the district, ie out of the county or city schools boundary. You cannot compare the 1A classification to the larger schools. Totally different animal. Charters are not the only problem in 1A. Open magnets and schools that allow students that do not live in the school's geographical district are a big issue at the small school level.
  7. btango

    North Stanly fan

    What were they? More info, please.
  8. btango

    Way Too Early Discussion of 2021 Realignment

    The 1A schools will flip out just as they did when it was recommend to them during last alignment to look at going to four rounds for each subclass. They wanted to know why they should be treated different than the other classes. Well, that is the class that brought you subdividing and the pod system. I AGREE 1A and 4A should have been four rounds. 32 of 75 teams is over 42%. If a conference only gets their champion in it would be because their runnerup school is not that strong. I base this on using the proper power poll and not the one components removed. Get away from the 48 teams. Byes need to go! 32 or 64. Want to end the season earlier. Cut the season to 11 games in 11 weeks instead of 11 in 12. I know people like a bye week and they can have one but then only ten games are played. Someone the line needs to be drawn. In 4A the winter sport issue is not as much of item but in smaller schools especially the 1A schools it is huge!
  9. btango

    Way Too Early Discussion of 2021 Realignment

    Good topic and good opening post! A few thoughts. My preference is that football is aligned separately than all other sports. Football is "different" than the other sports and I believe it should be reviewed separately. The non football sports are much more along the same lines to include girls sports. I would like to see the realignment go as standard year 1 then football realign in year 3. Think Summer and Winter Olympics: 2016 and 2018. 2020 and 2022. I believe this could give the football coaches more autonomy and improve the game but they have to work together as one and not several fragmented groups determined by class, geography, success, et al. This was put forth to the schools when the process for the current alignment being played under today started the review discussions. Schools were against it. Some of the reasons given were it would be too confusing, people would not understand, it would hurt rivalries, among others. I bring up the following split because I have learned that the baseball coaches have been discussing subdividing and may have voted on it. Let me make it clear I do not favor subdividing non football sports except for a major caveat I will discuss further into this. We have seen small A schools play for and win championships. I do believe the subdividing of non football sports will cause a drop in the quality of the game(s). I think one thing that could be looked at is going to more teams in 2A and 3A but subdivide for all team sports. Do NOT subdivide for individual sports! The split may could be 16/34/34/16 or somewhere in that area. The 1A and 4A schools seem to be pocketed together more in smaller or more isolated geographical areas. Here is the kicker, for 1A subdivide for all team sports OTHER than football as "traditional" or "non traditional". The biggest logistical issue will be how to determine what is a "traditional" school. First, all charters and magnet schools are non traditional. WS Prep, School of Science and Math, Lincoln Charter, Thomas Jeffereson, Gray Stone, et al will all be non traditional. The fight will be "regular" schools that need to be deemed non traditional due to not following their district lines for enrollment. Any school that allows a student to play athletics that does not live in the district boundaries of the school would play non traditional. Exceptions would be the child of a parent that is a teacher or administrator at the school. No non faculty coaches children or a part time employees children. Have to stop ways to work around the rule! Another exception would be if a student moves from the district after the start of their junior school year they would be allowed to remain in the school. Would need to determine how to deal with a younger sibling in a situation such as this. I expect that some laws such as homeless children would be another issue that would require extra review. This is about being fair to the masses on the playing field and not making exceptions for a small amount of students so they or a school can take advantage of the rules. That is a lot to think about but just a few items I think that need to be looked at as possible improvements to what we have.
  10. btango

    North Stanly fan

  11. btango

    Hyatt steps down at Piedmont

    I have had other teachers that worked at Piedmont tell me the same thing. Over the years I have always noticed a small but very vocal group of azzhole parents at their contests. All schools have them but Piedmont seems to be very consistent regardless the sport. I wish Luke the best, always a good guy and a class act. Appreciate the insightful post, Hoov!
  12. btango

    Forest Hills

    Glenn, I know all of those fellas but do not see any of them. Tommy is retired. He ran the Sports Center. Was a great spot to catch up on all the goings on in town. Miss that.
  13. btango

    Montgomery Central High School

    If they combine teams and he is the football coach next year there will be two high school principal slots. The following year the state allotment will go to one high school principal. The county pays a stipend on top of state salary so the state portion will stop. I am sure they can make it work. I am excited if they do as more counties may look to increase the coaches pay.
  14. btango

    Vance Playoff game moved to West Meck

    The field at Berry has been terrible the two times I have been to games there. It has been about four years or so since the last time and I expect it was worse. Grass fields need a lot of maintenance. Most schools with really nice fields have a lot of community assistance or deep pockets to get help for the staff. It is a job by itself.
  15. btango

    First Flight at North Davidson

    I have found that coaches are always looking for an edge. Never know what people will try. Just a little change can become a mental thing.