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  1. btango

    Spring practice

    Thanks fir the post, GDG! I think everything possible needs to be done to get back to normalcy as soon as possible and that includes extracurricular activities but beating this thing is the only concern right now!
  2. btango

    Mascot name change

    Lexington is the Yellow Jackets and their colors are blue and orange.
  3. Coach, most of your audience will be asleep at at 11pm.
  4. btango

    Mascot name change

    Byrnes (SC) is Rebels but they have taken away the Confederacy “theme” and kind of made a “we do things different” type of thing.
  5. btango

    Mascot name change

    A lot of schools were once Rebels. South Stanly. Rebels now Rebel Bulls. Monroe. Rebels now Redhawks. South Rowan. Rebels now Raiders.
  6. btango

    1970's-1990's Game Film

    That is Ed Lawing! Great guy and a helluva story teller. He is about 5’9 and weighed around 150. Starting qb for Harding in their state runner up 1987 season. Starter on baseball team that won the state title that spring (1988). Played baseball at App State. Chris Hughes needs to do a video or audio interview with him!
  7. I don’t think it would have been very close this past season.
  8. btango

    Which school?!

    Catholic O was their worst defense against Weddington. Too many unforced errors against to stay close to a team that good.
  9. I have been to both stadiums. Richmond’s visitor side probably seats close to what both sides at Tarboro seats.
  10. Tell us how they are going to structure the classifications and we will have a good idea, until then it is only a guess. 1A and 4A could be 25 or 30% of the football schools.
  11. btango

    2020 Schedule

    In Matthews. Followed by Ardrey Kell and Weddington.
  12. btango

    2021-2022 season

    2021?!? Really. My goal is to get through this weekend. Seriously though, I am much more interested in the matchups on tap for 2020 than speculating about who may play line up in 2021.
  13. Need to know how they are going to structure the classifications. We should get some info on that soon.
  14. btango

    2021 schedule

    Need to know how many teams are in the conference before you can really start chasing after it although I am sure big gate rivalries games will be the first ones to be scheduled.