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  1. btango

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    A fence, a railroad track, and an access street separated my house from the mill. Canton Pisgah's jersey's have Mill Town in smaller font right under the neckline and the middle stripe of the helmet is a train track. It looks really good!!!
  2. btango

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    I find that disrespectful and my people are offended but if they go that route my people want our cut from apparel sales!!!! Great name. That is right up there with Lint Heads.
  3. btango

    Basketball State Championship games

    Her basketball is elite. No doubt she is a scholarship player just what level. She has a few years to go. Set back and enjoy!
  4. btango

    Basketball State Championship games

    I saw 1A and 2A girls last week in west regional and 3A state title game. Heritage takes 1A and 3A, also. Thought 3A title teams were weak. Heritage is very well coached, game savvy and high basketball IQ. They have solid depth and get after it with decent length and quickness. The PG, Hannah Tipton, is a sophomore, and a special player. Not sure how her game transition to the next level but outstanding high schooler that can do it all.
  5. btango

    Thoughts and prayers

    No! Great young man. This is heartbreaking!
  6. btango

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Are they going to petition the “weather gods” if it rains? Move graduation to Intimidators Stadium.
  7. btango

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Kannapolis City and the Kannapolis City School System footed the largest part of the cost. The school system decides how to use the funds they are allotted by the two counties just as Cabarrus Schools decide what to do with their county funds.
  8. btango

    Basketball State Championship games

    Williams had impressive guard play. Not much issue with half court trap which handcuffed Cox Mill. Williams lost the rebound battle bad and the frintcourt players had trouble converting in the paint. I think South Central is the best public team in NC. The big man is a game changer and they have a complete team that is very well coached. Regarding West Charlotte andcwhat sime think they would not get routed by SWG. Matchups make games. They would control the boards which is where a lot of the SWG points start on the break and with put backs on O. That changes the game. The WC big men set up while Cox Mill’s play more near the perimeter.
  9. btango

    Basketball State Championship games

    I don’ think people were questioning the WC v South Central game. Not many thought it would be a blowout.
  10. btango

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    Glenn, county funds go to each school based on the number of students that live in the county. Kannapolis gets funds from both Rowan and Cabarrus. My understanding is Cabarrus and Kannapolis had already signed off and were waiting on Rowan.
  11. btango

    New turf field at Kannapolis

    A lot of posters have no idea. One asked why Rowan County was providing funds for the field.
  12. btango

    Cuthbertson Now Open

    The toughest issue in the past has been building a staff. Do not understand that the coach needs to build "his" staff.
  13. When dropping a school mid alignment period the current high school class is viewed as are the feeder middle school classes along with a recent review of the enrollment variations. In a smaller town economic factors are reviews such as the closing of or planned closing of businesses.
  14. btango

    Sanderson hires Jeremy Buck

    Harding was one of the worst couple of jobs in Charlotte when he took over. Every aspect seemed to be a negative.
  15. btango

    Sanderson hires Jeremy Buck

    Screwed. People I know there thought he did not get a fair shake.