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  1. btango

    Head Coaches

    I thought Wake County had 23 public high schools playing football?
  2. btango

    Watch out Cox Mill!

    Defending 4A state champ Indy beat Carmel Christian last night in a barnburner, 58-57. Carmel was their only loss last season. Indy's losses are by two to Village Christian and then on back to back days by five to a national top ten team (Salesian) from California, and by two to one of the top teams in SC (Keenan). They will play at Greater Atlanta Christian next week.
  3. btango

    Legion Collegiate Academy of SC!

    The legislature makes the laws and depending on their support and guidance the SCHSL can enact rules if they do not have them in place. The main way to curb the charter would be a geographical district for athletic participation and possibly all students. NC has a 25 mile rule but I am not sure that is enforced. Another option would be a sit out period if they do not enter as a freshman day one. NC once had this but a bit shady as some charters would use change of residency which was an unattended loophole.
  4. btango

    Legion Collegiate Academy of SC!

    Note, these are public charter schools. Not private schools with tuition. I have no issue with providing opportunities but this setup is a bit of a head scratcher.
  5. btango

    Caleb King steps down at Havelock

    Agree with that! Easley has always seemed to struggle in football.
  6. btango

    Ardrey Kell/Catholic series to end

    Hearing Catholic is trying to step out with something different for the 2019 schedule. If those games work out, props and kudos to their program on pulling off the scheduling, financing, and logisitcs.
  7. btango

    Ardrey Kell/Catholic series to end

    This would be interesting: Catholic v Shelby. Two year contract. Alternate home field.
  8. btango

    Power Echols LB 2021

    With the way the game is moving in college Hollifield may very likely have a hand on the ground. He is impressive but the speed and explosiveness of Echols is unique.
  9. btango

    Larry Dowdy

    Big props to Coach Tate!
  10. btango

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Muhammed is Class of 2020 so both would have been great. MM has a year to grown and improve. Found Bowick to be much more physical with more ability to make the play this past season. College competition will be different in high school but his aggressiveness on either side of the ball, blocking or receiving impressed me.
  11. btango

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    I think this player came through the Hammer Down Heels program that Bly and some other former UNC players run. Wish they could have swayed Bowick. Top end speed may not be the best but what a player.
  12. btango

    2019 NCHSAA Basketball Regionals moving

    Good move geographically. See how it works out logistically. Think this will improve attendance. Wake Forest had decided to not allow them to use LJ that weekend due to WF could not schedule a home game.
  13. btango

    Carson head coaching position

    Hampton can still take the job if offered. Do not think the system would try to stop the hire if the school wants it. I think their HR officer would recommend against stopping the hire from within the system.
  14. btango

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Where has Lawless been? He was supposed to have been at UNC this past season as a true freshman. Apparently academics were the issue. Hoping it works out this time and he is able to gain admittance.
  15. btango

    Robbinsville youth wrestler

    I think if they do subdivide, individual sports would not. Wrestling, tennis, golf, track, et al. I love seeing young people succeed but I think we overdo it sometimes, also. I like competition, to see the best play the best.