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  1. I would like to see an estimated difference in total time of the second half for a regular clock game that is stays at 28 points throughout as compared to a game with the running clock starting immediately in the second half. My gues is may be thirty minutes saved at most? In a tight game with a lot of timeouts it may be more but in a game where it is fairly basic I think it is not a huge amount.
  2. I have always found Anson to have really strong fan support and the games somewhat of an "event." Ralph Jackson is one of the best players to play at West. Great guy, also. Truly tries to do the right thing. He played at Fayetteville State and graduated as the all time leading career rusher with 3,000 yards and is still second on the list.
  3. May have as much to do with West Stanly, Washington, Smokey Mountain, and Eastern Randolph winning Friday night. All about the playoffs.
  4. My concern on the Anson matchup is based on the Albemarle and Forest Hills games. First, I did not see the games but it seems the teams with more athletes and speed gave the Colts the most trouble. AHS was their first game so that makes it a little more understandable. They handled FH but from watching the scores it seemed they pulled away. West has a star and a lot of solid, robo type hard nosed footballers. Anson is still a question mark but the Lee County game was impressive. Once again, not there but a close game against a good team.
  5. btango

    Butler @ Myers Park

    Every NCHSAA Board of Directors meetings has a section on ideas to get more referees especially as they continue to lose older ones and the amount if younger ones is not close to the number needed to replace them. Having enough good, experienced referees is currently an issue. It is going to be crippling in the next five to ten years. Not worth it for what they deal with, especially basketball refs, and the net income after travel and education.
  6. Anson v West Stanly will be a good gauge of where West is.
  7. btango

    Hibriten field

    Totally agree. I know staffs that bust their butts but just do not have the financial resources or staff members to do as much as they would like. Hibriten has outstanding support from the community. Very impressive football program.
  8. Not always but it usually shrinks as the year goes on. I want to see a Tarboro v East Surry matchup so hope the Vikings remain big.
  9. btango

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    I think he played OL in college.
  10. Kannapolis has an impressive resume with longevity but they have not won a title since 1997 and not played in title game since 2008. They have been consistently good but how often have they really been great? AL Brown has won two state titles (89 and 97) and lost in the title game three times (84, 91, 08). Lost once in the regional final (05). They have six (I think) perfect regular seasons and one more with no losses with a tie. The two state titles seasons each had one loss.
  11. Very interesting matchup. Would like to see this one but a few others of interest, also. Shelby v Burns. Murphy v Swain with David Gentry going for the all time wins record for an NC coach. Mitchell against Mountain Heritage.
  12. Massey saw the writing on the wall. He told me he felt the better they did the worse the complaints were when they lost. He said his last season made him open his eyes.
  13. btango

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    I went to the Colquitt County at Vladosta (Georgia) rivalry conference game a few years ago. Colquitt did not have school Friday so after their Thursday walk through they took the team to dinner, drove the 45 miles to Valdosta to check into a hotel, had study hall, and lights out. Friday they did breakfast, morning walk through, team meeting, lunch, movie, pregame meal, game. Big time high school football.
  14. btango

    West Forsyth at East Forsyth

    Two to three feet wide left. The kicker’s reaction told the story before the ref signaled which was immediate. No question on the FG.