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  1. Not sure. USA Football is not affiliated with the schools or association. It is like travel baseball and AAU basketball. Dead period is the main one I thought of.
  2. SC ends the week before NC. Myrtle Beach for North South game. The crowds are not great. Shrine Bowl attendance has been low for several years. Seems to be the norm.
  3. I think that would go against a few different rules in place. I am not positive but I can think of at least two. Any coaches that may have more indepth knowledge please post.
  4. btango

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    Just a few caveats pigskin4. The player needs to represent a religious community that is probably 5% of the local population area they pull from. Also, the family must be willing to pay $12k tuition and provide transportation. It just got a little tougher. If you want to take it a step further, make 95% of the players Caucasian. On the positive, the family is somewhat middle class and up socio- economically. Ok, may be a bit too complicated.
  5. I agree with any player headed to college not playing. Remember looking at Mark Maye’s hand 36 years ago. Seemed to stay injured after that. TA McLendon is the last big name headed to a major D1 I remember playing but I am not as tuned in on this game so may have missed some. I do not think the NCHSAA will agree to the game one week after the finals with the recent history of the season getting extended. Not sure a majority of coaches would be for it. Two weeks after is Christmas. It’s a tough one. I have long wanted the NCHSAA season to continue with 11 games but do it in 11 weeks without a bye. That would give them an open week before the Shrine Bowl. I would not be surprised if the Shrine Bowl and East West game do not go away or have major changes in the near future.
  6. btango

    Top 20 Preseason Power Rankings

    Hasn’t Swain lost four years in a row in the second round of the playoffs? A few were real bad losses. May be they should be in the top 20 but top 10 is a stretch.
  7. btango

    Mack Brown named new coach at UNC (Updated)

    Both of Maye’s brothers played on national champion teams, UNC hoops and Florida baseball.
  8. btango

    Preseason top 25 in 4A

    Comes out today.
  9. btango

    2019 Charlotte Catholic schedule

    So a student attends from kindegarten on makes you think they were "sponsored" to play sports there. A Catholic family moves from out of state. They have been attending a Parochial school so it is most likely they will opt for the same in their new area.
  10. btango

    North Stanly HS Stadium

    Very intelligent!
  11. btango

    If you could change one rule

    Not the norm but is not out of the question and possibly easily explained.
  12. btango

    If you could change one rule

    Don't think he is a charter school supporter.
  13. btango

    If you could change one rule

    I think the individual state championships wrestling, track, XC, tennis, and golf should have no classifications! One meet! In track the relays would run by class. Tennis, doubles would go by class. Wrestling duals and the individual team title would be by class but would not give automatic individual bids just because a wrestler is at a 1A school.
  14. btango

    If you could change one rule

    Yes. It was nearly a requirement for siblings of different grades when a new school opened in Meck County in 2009 and then full student body in 2010. Crazy, foolish, and not good vision by leadership. The admin was so hyped up on controling where the students went due to past issues and the overwhelming number not wanting to leave their current school due to the rivalry, academics, demographics, athletic programs, et al. Biggest issue there was no sibling rule put in place as had been in the past. Rising senior (sometimes juniors, also) stays in current school. Underclassmen go to new school (if districted there) unless a sibling qualified to remain in the current school. A single mother of one of the top underclassmen footballers in the US had a choice to make. The plan was her rising senior son could stay at his current school. The rising sophmore would need to move to the school they had been districted for (not the new school as it was a student shift with several schools involved). It would have been a huge setback at the time for the younger son. She took a heck of a risk, rented out her home, and rented an apartment to keep her sons together. I applauded her then and still do! There have been cases of students in two different schools living in the same home playing sports at two different schools due to opting for magnet programs. Not sure if there has been any where the students were required to move as in the first paragraph.
  15. btango

    If you could change one rule

    Jon Crucitti. Was very instrumental in the West Rowan titles. 2009 Offensive MVP for state title game. Played baseball and football at West Point. Now an Infantry officer.