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  1. 48-7 ac final
  2. 42-7 ac 4th qt.
  3. 35-0 ac 1 min till half
  4. 14-0 ac. End of 1st
  5. stizz49

    Looking for JV scores

    Ac jv won 30-19 over south
  6. Statesville 49-35. Ac lead 35-21 in 3rd. Statesville scored final 4 tds including about a 80 yd pick 6. Statesville run defense stepped up in the final qt.
  7. 42-35 statesville. 80 yd pick 6. Statesville has scored 3 straight tds
  8. Ac statesville tied at 35. Start of 4th
  9. Statesville been airing it out with success. They are having trouble stopping ac running game. Each team has a turnover and Statesville blocked a punt to set up a short field. Ac has a kick return td. Aj Miller for Ac hasn't played so far. He's suited up but not playing
  10. 27-21 ac at half. Not much defense
  11. https://www.taylorsvilletimes.com/2019/08/24/cougars-rally-to-prevail-in-opener/
  12. Ac has a lot of young players too. This game could go either way.
  13. stizz49

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    Did anyone go to this? How did ac look?
  14. I coach youth football and travel baseball has killed youth football in my area. I've lost so many good football players to travel baseball. It's so watered down too! There are way to many kids playing travel ball that shouldn't be. It's all about $$$