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  1. chcole64

    Southern Lee HC position

    The thing that bothers me the most is, All parents want their kids( male and female) to excel in life, whether it's sports or life in general. Alot of these parents/kids are looking for a way to reach that goal, it hurts me to see kids/parents trying their hardest to acheive that goal when you have admin/coaches not on the same page. I wonder what would happen if admin/coaches were held accountable for their actions/choices? My son set goals, met those goals and succeeded, not because of admin/coaches, but because he wouldn't give up on his dreams when nobody else cared about him or his dreams after high school.
  2. chcole64

    Southern Lee HC position

    Just got word and I hope I'm wrong for the kid's sake, but the AD and one principle were seen walking around campus with a former rec/middle school football coach. If he's hired ,even though I wish him the best, the gap between this school's football program and others will widen until football at this school is a memory. I've already heard that alot of players are not going out for football this year and several have already transferred out. Alot of parents of players from the main feeder school (San Lee) are looking at options for their kids,
  3. chcole64

    Southern Lee HC position

    Bullzye, you hit the nail square on the head, unfortunately, finding political influences exclusive of (or above) the BOE in such a small (brown nose) county is not as easy as it seems. It's a terrible thing when decisions/ recommendations are made by business leaders concerning the Other school and influence the ones making the final decision
  4. chcole64

    Southern Lee HC position

    While Lee county as a whole is definitely growing, I still say the county is too small for 2 high schools. I agree with Chris that it would've been a better choice to have made Southern Lee a freshman/sophomore only school. Even with 2 high schools now, the girls sports are suffering, both schools are having a hard time fielding jv teams, one high school would help them out. I'm all about football, but I watch the sports programs at both schools, both male and female and it's sad to see the decline in girl's sports at these 2 schools. If something doesn't change pretty soon, I'm afraid we are on the verge of seeing one or the other high school not have enough female players to even field a varsity team. Bottom line is, I think the athletes are overlooked for the most part, especially females
  5. chcole64

    Southern Lee HC position

    I couldn't have said it any better, why we have 2 high schools in one of the smallest counties in the state and less than 4 miles apart is beyond me, Southern only has a little over 200 seniors graduating this year. I graduated from Lee Sr and have nothing but respect for my former school, but having 2 kids that have gone to Southern Lee, I've seen firsthand the struggles to get any kind of support from the vast majority of Lee supporters and Southern Lee admin
  6. chcole64

    Southern Lee HC position

    As much as I'd love to put ALL the blame on Southern Lees current administration, it goes a lot deeper than that. Alot of their problems come from county administration also. The decisions made there hinder any further growth of the football program at Southern. Most of the businesses in Lee Co. fall on the Lee Sr side of the county, and those business owners kids mostly go there. Administration wouldn't dare upset those money giving businesses by hiring the best coach available to coach the OTHER Lee co. team and risk losing their financial support. It's kinda sad to hear these business owners talking about the potential coaching applicants and which one would be the best coach in their interest. As far as Purnsley possibly being named the next head coach, you're exactly right, he's a yes man with no balls to do what's right, pretty sure he doesn't want to have to resign again at another school
  7. It's a shame that it came to them having to leave. Those coaches were volunteers( like all the rest, but 2) but they put in numerous hours for years with that program, even with previous coaches. That makes a total of 6/7 coaches who have left in the last 2 years. I've heard before, if they could make Southern Lee a science and math school only, they would. The NCHSAA has put out a radio announcement telling coaches and others that kids get ONE chance to play highschool sports, lets encourage them to be their best. That's a tough sell when you have that many coaches constantly leaving for same conference schools.
  8. I, personally don't see anything changing as long as the current admin/Ad stay there. After a football game had ended last season, a player's dad threatened a coach coming off the field, this took place in front of admin, when the coach asked the admin to take care of the situation, admin told the coach, (don't tell me how to do my d..n job). as far as the Ad is concerned, all you have to do is look at Pinecrest forfeiting its entire season with him as the Ad.
  9. And now said (flunky) principle is assistant superintendent over Lee County Schools