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  1. coachpearson1

    West Wilkes

    I am Marcus Pearson a 1992 alum and I was coached by Ray Barger.
  2. coachpearson1

    West Wilkes

    Yes he will
  3. coachpearson1

    West Wilkes

    Yes he will
  4. coachpearson1

    West Wilkes

    Not yet the searched ended on Friday and I expect interviews will start this week. I am hoping that fellow alumni on here will reach out to other alumni. To get them to reach out the AD or principal to let them know that we need to hire a former alum for the position.
  5. coachpearson1

    West Wilkes

  6. coachpearson1

    West Wilkes

    I am a alumni from West Wilkes High School and current assistant coach at WSSU. I know the community and there is talent there to make the team better. I have applied for the position and I know I can bring excitement back to the program and make the program relevant again.