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  1. Bulldog1999

    Thomasville HC Search

    So back to the actual discussion of who will be the next Bulldog HC . Hope we make a hire by the end of January. Spring ball is coming soon .
  2. Bulldog1999

    Thomasville HC Search

    As a Tville Alum, i understand what you mean when you say he’s never coached at a place like it. He was at Glenn for one year which has similarities. I’ve talked to people in the midway community ( where i live now ) and they hold the Honeycutt’s in incredibly high regard . His dad is a coach . He’s been around it forever . Idk if he will end up being the guy, and I’ve never met him and wouldn’t know him if i saw him, but i do think from what I’ve heard he will be here for as long as they’d keep him and i think he’d win! He’s won everywhere he’s been . So let’s no write a man off until he gives us a reason ! Go Bulldogs .
  3. Bulldog1999

    Thomasville HC Search

    Saw on another prep site that Tripp Huneycutt would be a good fit . Not sure who he is . Any help?
  4. Bulldog1999

    Thomasville HC Search

    I don’t see anyway they get Laymarr unless they just throw a ton of stuff his way . Bagamary would’ve been my choice but he’s heading to page as well . They need to start as soon as possible. Spring ball is coming in a hurry
  5. Bulldog1999

    High Point Central HC Job

    Anything new on this ? Heard interviews may start going after Christmas Break ?
  6. Bulldog1999

    Thomasville HC Search

    Do HC at TVille still make decent money? If i remember correctly they use to make a bit more than other schools in Davidson.
  7. Bulldog1999

    Thomasville HC Search

    Tommy Green at Glenn is a tville alumni . Great guy . Would need an Offensive guy to come with him but i could see him getting a look .
  8. Bulldog1999

    Thomasville HC Search

    There are many names in the area who are current Coordinators who would be a great candidate. I want a guy from a winning and established program. North Davidson has an OC & DC who would be strong candidates. I like Beal from East Fo but he will never come to Tville . Also , Trivett from CD played here back in the day . I’m worried about interest level for this job .