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  1. What are you excited about in your schools returning 2020 team? What would be a successful season in your opinion? What would be a disappointment?
  2. Wes hunter

    Best fan base

    And none of those people got in. My father was one of them.
  3. In 1995/96 I witness Independence and West Charlotte fill memorial stadium in Charlotte above capacity before 6pm. There had to be 20,000 fans there. Those days are long gone but who now has a good fan base/following and exciting football environment?
  4. Wes hunter

    Mallard Creek

    The best in the city still comes down to Vance and Creek no offense to anyone else. I think it’s too early to say who's the top dog. I’m not taking anything away from Vance’s run last year bc that team was really good but that defense was better than good. Now they’ve lost many of the guys who carried the pain. Thompson was the X factor and was just flat out unstoppable to me. Last year meant more to them because what they all experienced the year prior. Outside of Echols many of the young guys stepping in this year didn’t play in that game, felt the pain associated with losing to wake and had that motivation to carry into this past season. Yes transfers and a good coach came in over the off season but In my opinion the types of players (skilled) and Coach that came in was already in the building. I hope it works for them but too much of the same often creates issues and divide but yet still many would rather be in that position oppose to the ladder. Creek’s transition is just the guys calling the shots. Ride pass that field any day of the week and you find an impressive number of young men out there putting in work on their own. It still means more to the kids than it does for the coaches which is the way you want it(tradition). If creek can keep the OC in place along with solidifying a signal caller, what we’ll see from them will be creek football as usual. Hope the young kid bower gets his shot oppose to what we’ve seen them do in the past at that position. With covid and potentially not being able to start until August familiarity will be key. Can’t wait to see them play again.
  5. I don’t disagree one bit. I think the plan is to move to 4a ball eventually so what better way to prepare than play a though schedule.
  6. Hmm didn’t consider that one but agreed. Guess they feel they got something.
  7. Boy Gentry went and got himself a big time schedule. Excited to see how the SPC shakes out with all the new coaching changes. This will be sleeper tough conference but I think this year is the return of the great Mike Newsome so they call him. WC takes second followed by NWC.
  8. Wyatt was a human highlight reel
  9. Wes hunter

    Best trainers by position in NC

    There’s a guy in sc name Ramon I keep hearing people talk about for qbs and wrs but again that’s hearsay and it sc
  10. Off season training has turned into big business. Some good some bad but who are the best of the best position trainers in nc that kids should be working with in the off season?
  11. Wes hunter

    Most poupluar schools in NC

    If Independence is mentioned you have to say West Charlotte
  12. Wes hunter

    Mallard Creek

    😂😂😂 Comical coming from someone posting under a nickname. It’s all good brother I like to gossip so no offense taken. I believe everyone’s entitled to an opinion. It’s why your on the net. Thankfully you don’t have to agree to what you read nor do I have to agree with how you would have done it. God bless us all
  13. Wes hunter

    Mallard Creek

    This news ain’t a secret plus there’s more to the story maybe you here it on Monday. ✊🏾
  14. Wes hunter

    Mallard Creek

    He’s out to the state of GA. Creek will gave a new coach this season