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  1. 336footballer

    Northeast Guilford

    Interviews have supposedly begun today . No idea who. Brandon Wiggins a candidate?
  2. Have they made a hire yet?
  3. With Coach Bates gone , do we have any names for NEG? Bates has turned them into a contender in that mid-state conference. Who y’all thinking ?
  4. 336footballer

    Bates to SE Guilford

    I like it . Hard nosed and respected in the coaching community. I think he will do just fine , especially if he can bring some of his guys with him.
  5. 336footballer

    Southeast Guilford- Who takes the helm now

    Hearing Laymar Marshall & Kevin Wallace both interviewed well. Laymar is front runner in the opinion, but Wallace is offensive guy who can do some nice things with talent level that Southeast has . Should be interesting.
  6. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    Jacob Sheffield will reportedly be the next football coach at High Point Central . Congratulations to coach Sheffield! Hope he can bring HPC back to form !
  7. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    Agreed . I don’t always understand that either . Are any of the Coordinators ready is the question .
  8. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    Any updates ?
  9. 336footballer

    Lexington Job Open

    100% agree CH. I don’t understand what’s going on and i don’t think any coach on the list i posted will be even interested, and it’s a shame how far Lexington has fallen. Sad to be honest .
  10. The Lexington Football Job is posted on Maxpreps . Haven’t heard officially happened there , but I’ve got a list of coaches they should call... Brian Flynn Laymar Marshall Rob Creason Brandon Wiggins Alex Tesh Tripp Honeycutt
  11. 336footballer

    Southeast Guilford- Who takes the helm now

    They should call the following people IMO: Josh McGee Antwon Stevenson Mark Holcomb Brian Flynn Aaron Beal Jared Rolfes
  12. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    I’ve talked to numerous people regarding each candidate trying to get a better understanding of who they are . All of them seemed to be great men, but 2 gained the highest praise from others and it wasn’t even close : Honeycutt & Scheffield. I was shocked to hear some of the stuff from BIG time HC’s around the triad about the both of them . I hope , for HPC fans and community sake , they hire the best candidate. Not the easy hire, but the one who will turn that thing around .
  13. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    I would expect someone to get the call by Monday. With a rebuild like this, coach needs to be announced by March IMO. Good luck to all the candidates
  14. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    Wiggins and Howze both have had issues getting wins , but that could be a lot more about talent than anything. Even then, i still see this job getting offered to Torain or Honeycutt.
  15. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    I’ve heard a lot of buzz on Honeycutt and Torain. Supposedly they were former teammates in college which is interesting . I think Wiggins and Howze have a shot just because of HC experience, but i think it’ll be one of the Coordinators who get it .