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  1. 336footballer

    Thomasville HC Search

    When he was at Northern , i met him and we spoke many times . Incredible young man. Was to many of the players the coach they went too when something was on there mind or heart. Just a good dude . You will not find a more respectful and intelligent young coach. Wish he never left NG but the pull to go back to ND and be the OC there was too strong and was understandable.
  2. 336footballer

    High Point Central

    If they could somehow convince him to leave Glenn and come home , that would be an absolute homerun. I don’t See that happening, so i would expect some Coordinators from the area to apply and for one to get the job. I don’t see a current HC leaving there program for this one . Just my opinion tho
  3. Has anyone heard anything about this job ?? It’s been open for months and has been incredibly quiet
  4. 336footballer

    Forbush Head Coaching Position

    Any potential candidates?
  5. 336footballer

    Thomasville HC Search

    Honeycutt * big time coach from Davidson County who is current OC at ND. Went to ND so I’m not sure his interest level Or if he wants to leave. I think people around the ND community expect him to be next HC but if he’s eager to be a HC , thomasville should take a look. Super smart for his age and experience.
  6. 336footballer

    Page HC Opening

    I’ve heard a bunch of different rumors about certain coaches turning down the job. Don’t know what’s true and what’s not , but does anyone with a solid source know what’s going on? Everyone I’ve spoken with said someone would be hired by Christmas Day.
  7. 336footballer

    Page HC Opening

    This job will come down to 2 names . Kennedy Tinsley & Brian Flynn . Not my opinion, but what I’ve been told .
  8. Anything new? Have heard they've started interviews but haven't heard names.
  9. Anything ? Expecting a young Coordinator to take this and make it a total rebuild .
  10. Has anyone heard anything as of yet? This job is very intriguing to a few coaches i have spoken too.
  11. Has anyone heard anything as of yet ? Would expect them to try to hire someone by Christmas but could be wrong .
  12. Has anyone heard anything as of yet ? Would expect them to try to hire someone by Christmas but could be wrong .
  13. If i had any say in the hiring process , I would focus on the top coordinators in the area. I agree that i don’t see them getting a current HC . They will try and they may believe they can get one, but i think they’d be better off searching for a younger OC/DC who has a hunger to build something because this is a total rebuild .
  14. I’m not sure about that. A young Coordinator who is wanting to be a HC would for sure go after that job. In my opinion they’ll have to go get the next young OC/DC , but those 3 head coaches stuck stuck out to me for different reasons . Anyone have any favorites for the job?
  15. Possible Candidates: Jared Rolfes ( Ex- Page Head Coach ) Antwon Stevenson ( Glenn HC, HPC Grad ) Brian Flynn ( North Davidson HC ) Antonio Hall ( Dudley OC) Joe Rigsbee ( Grimsley DC) Tripp Honeycutt ( North Davidson OC ) Alex Tesh ( North Davidson DC) Aaron Beal ( East Forsyth DC) David Hines ( Southern Alamance OC)