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  1. Science Hill vs Mountain Heritage boys game should be a great one.
  2. Tarboro looked like a 500 team, not a 44 win in a row team. Wasn’t impressed
  3. Boaz and wr’s are bad dudes!! Congrats
  4. Lol great call there buddy!!! You know your team!!
  5. Tarheels1

    E. Burke 55, Mountain Heritage 45

    After coming off a state championship and losing several key girls it’s almost like a rebuilding year. I think we will be fine mid season, Coach Susie will adjust some things.
  6. Tarheels1

    Players from the West

    Didn’t Sam Gash ever make it to NFL??
  7. Now that they took that rule out, it would be a incomplete pass
  8. Thank you 97. People argue over stuff and don’t even know what they arguing about. Geez. It’s all about the situation the receiver is in. The last part of the foot has to be inbound. In this situation it was the heel.
  9. You wrong I believe Owen. The last part of the foot matters in this situation. I’m done with this, it’s over. Great game by both, life is short
  10. The heel does matter. The whole foot in this situation because he was sorta backwards the heel would also have to be in. It was a great game by both team’s.
  11. 🤼‍♂️ Ok wrestle