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  1. Now that they took that rule out, it would be a incomplete pass
  2. Thank you 97. People argue over stuff and don’t even know what they arguing about. Geez. It’s all about the situation the receiver is in. The last part of the foot has to be inbound. In this situation it was the heel.
  3. You wrong I believe Owen. The last part of the foot matters in this situation. I’m done with this, it’s over. Great game by both, life is short
  4. The heel does matter. The whole foot in this situation because he was sorta backwards the heel would also have to be in. It was a great game by both team’s.
  5. 🤼‍♂️ Ok wrestle
  6. Awesome. I remember that poem he wrote
  7. This just in. ESPN news is reporting that the NC referees association has reversed the call. Be at Duke December 14, for the championship .
  8. Yep that summed it up, he was out. I luv Mitchell fans.
  9. Broke back you make me laugh.😂
  10. It will never die over in Mitchell. This was their final sling shot. They are done for at least 5 years, could be more. But I did say good game by both.
  11. Coach 42 you may as well not say nothing. It won’t help, Mitchell will be on this for next 4 yrs. it may even go as high or higher than the the Trump impeachment. Good game by both.
  12. It absolutely eats at your guts you guys can’t beat us in crap. Now you guys more less make fun of your own basketball team, used too that was your go to sport. Now that sucks and your football program will head same direction. And this is from youth all the way to high. Heck you combined middle schools and still can’t do crap