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  1. Hokie4ever

    Catawba County Football

    Maiden will continue to be strong, their qb is extremely talented. Newton-Conover will have great speed. Bandys will be better, if the kids buy in to the new coach. Hickory will be average again unfortunately. St. Stephen's and Bunker Hill is a crap shoot, consistency is the key. Foard lost their qb and rb along with 11 more seniors. Doubt if they win a game. If they even have enough kids to put a team on the field.
  2. Any word on the assistants that Coach Minor is inheriting and the coaches that's coming in.
  3. Hokie4ever

    Bandys football

    No doubt theres alot of choices in Catawba county. Sometimes it seems like the Administration's are the ones who are abandoning the good coaches, I believe these Administrators feel threatened by the popularity and respect that the good coaches receive. Theres jealousy among the coaches of the other sports in the building. Football is the high revenue sport in the school, yet these coaches are the ones who normally are put into bad situations. Thus, these coaches are leaving to other county's.
  4. Any word about his staff? He expects the dedication he puts into the program. If the kids buy and put in the work, this program will do wonders!!!
  5. He's put the wheels in motion. A Twitter account to communicate and promote the program. Put forth his goals for the team. That's what a leader does! We will make these young men better! On and off the field. He will instill a winning culture. I truly believe there will be transfers from Foard due to the lack of these convictions that's currently at Foard.
  6. EB got a quality Coach, a leader on and off the field. Wishing him only the best.. I'm sure the administration at Foard is not happy with the hire so close to home. Maybe they should have treated the players with more respect.. ex. Updating stats, the politics. I'm sure some players will consider a transfer a few miles down the road... Will he be bringing back some of his assistants with him??
  7. Hokie4ever

    High School All American Bowls

    Congratulations to these outstanding young men!!!
  8. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    A couple of them did...
  9. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Exactly... he held them accountable. Kids don't need to be handed everything in life.. they have to earn it!! He put them into the position to succeed. They weren't handed a position... the kids do appreciate that and learn from it.
  10. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Coach Minor did expect commitment from the kids and his assistant coaches. There was discipline in the locker room and on the field. His "philosophy" produced back to back playoff appearances. For the most part the kids and parents supported him. He did have a positive impact on these young men. I expect the current coaches to support the current head coach, but the proof is black and white... a 2 win season! Politics and the good ole boy system is always going to be present, but when it effects young men, that's wrong...
  11. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    It didnt just go backwards, Foard imploded. There was no communication, no community involvement. It's that good ole boy mentality, the Administration and coaching staff should be held accountable. Look at MaxPreps, the staff wouldnt even update the kids game stats, I'm sure they were embarrassed and ashamed, but those stats are important to the kids, especially to the ones with aspirations of college. The seniors ARE the ones that truly got screwed and there was 18 of them. To go from the playoffs for the 2 seasons to 2 wins, is a disgrace. They could have very easily won 5-6 games. On the other hand, if Minor does go to EB , they are getting a great young coach and even better man!!
  12. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Thanks... who made it in Caldwell county and Catawba... I wonder....
  13. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Been looking online and can't seem to find the results anywhere ..