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  1. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    A couple of them did...
  2. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Exactly... he held them accountable. Kids don't need to be handed everything in life.. they have to earn it!! He put them into the position to succeed. They weren't handed a position... the kids do appreciate that and learn from it.
  3. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Coach Minor did expect commitment from the kids and his assistant coaches. There was discipline in the locker room and on the field. His "philosophy" produced back to back playoff appearances. For the most part the kids and parents supported him. He did have a positive impact on these young men. I expect the current coaches to support the current head coach, but the proof is black and white... a 2 win season! Politics and the good ole boy system is always going to be present, but when it effects young men, that's wrong...
  4. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    It didnt just go backwards, Foard imploded. There was no communication, no community involvement. It's that good ole boy mentality, the Administration and coaching staff should be held accountable. Look at MaxPreps, the staff wouldnt even update the kids game stats, I'm sure they were embarrassed and ashamed, but those stats are important to the kids, especially to the ones with aspirations of college. The seniors ARE the ones that truly got screwed and there was 18 of them. To go from the playoffs for the 2 seasons to 2 wins, is a disgrace. They could have very easily won 5-6 games. On the other hand, if Minor does go to EB , they are getting a great young coach and even better man!!
  5. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Thanks... who made it in Caldwell county and Catawba... I wonder....
  6. Hokie4ever

    Northwestern Foothills 2A

    Been looking online and can't seem to find the results anywhere ..
  7. Has the All Conference players been named?
  8. Hokie4ever

    East Burke head coach opening

    Got a feeling Coach Minors year off has come to an end.
  9. Wherever Coach Minor goes, I hope he's treated right and given the opportunity to excell. He truly cares about his kids and puts them in the position to become better young men.
  10. There's some talent there, but they missed a year to develop, they could have a really good line, offensive and defensive, there's a couple jv linemen that will move up, a Siemer- like rob that will move up. Then there's several juniors that are good... I believe your looking more a power run game. Develop a qb. But they need coaching leadership!! And administration that's actually involved in a positive way
  11. You're absolutely right!! The principle and AD should go!!! Gettys needs to return to tennis! The fact is they could care less about these kids. 18 seniors are gone.. character needs to return to this program. There's only one man in that building that could restore the pride, he actually cares about those kids!!
  12. That's still true today and applies to football too. Just look on the sidelines and see who's not playing... the players even tell the coaches to put the best kids in the game... yet they'd rather see the team fail. It's a shame and disgrace!!!
  13. Foard still has some really good kids and a few on JV. With the right coaches, discipline, weight room and leadership they could return to the playoffs, but it takes good leadership, beginning with the administration, the good ole boy coaching staff needs gone...asap.
  14. How does the administration and Gettys supporters feel now for a 2 win season?? There was enough talent to make the playoffs! How did that good ole boy system work out?? The kids are the ones who suffer from the politics!!! I hope the regime is proud of themselves...