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  1. Don't forget Jordan Bly! As well as the Newman Brothers coming out of the backfield. Twan Flip can change a game quickly.
  2. with not a lot of rain the forecast GP will be just fine, if not UNCC works great as well
  3. Grass, Turf, Gravel, or hardwood, we'll be there
  4. that's right, one game at a time, just like you need to worry about West Forsyth
  5. I don't know about you but if MP can get by RC, I want Vance at Gus Purcell
  6. Livermushmaster

    Donnie Kiefer gets career win #250

    I remember him when he was at Tuscola! Great Coach
  7. Livermushmaster

    Myers Park 48, Ardrey Kell 7

    only way to know if I'm serious or not is to come see if you can smell livermush in the air
  8. Livermushmaster

    Myers Park 48, Ardrey Kell 7

    I'm camping out at the stadium because I can't wait to get there
  9. Livermushmaster

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    I would say Olympic, they were the more impressive team at least when MP played them first game of the year
  10. Livermushmaster

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    I'm from WNC and most football games were well attended, more so of course when winning. In the mid 90's when Jeremy Laster played for NBHS every stadium was packed wherever they went.
  11. Livermushmaster

    Myers Park (10-0) @ Independence (6-4)

    Kokie all dressed up lookin good
  12. Livermushmaster

    Myers Park (10-0) @ Independence (6-4)

    Some say it's hard to pass in the cold weather so only SIX TD passes for Drake tonight. Congrats to the OL and the RB's for running the ball so well tonight, the best we've ran it last year or this year.
  13. Livermushmaster

    Vance at Hough

    so what was the Final Score?
  14. Livermushmaster

    Myers Park (10-0) @ Independence (6-4)

    it was 14-7 , they never had a 14 point lead
  15. Livermushmaster

    4aa playoff prediction after week 11

    they can be creative, I set on the other side of the press box to get away from them going up and down the steps