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  1. NCHoopsFan24

    Central Piedmont 4A Conference Tournament

    I was at this game and for about 2 1/2 quarters, it looked like West Forsyth was going to pull off the upset. But the last half of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter, RJR’s backcourt of #10 and #3 took over. Also #12 Johnson who’s just a workhorse on the interior even though he’s undersized. #3 has Trae Young like range. He hit 3 DEEP ones tonight. #10 Davis is just a really big guard who can handle it, Athletic, and can get to the rim anytime he wants. Will be interesting to see if they can pull out a W in the championship.
  2. I've seen both of these teams play and all I will say is Mt Tabor will have to pay a darn good game to beat Ben L. Smith. They're long, athletic and fast. Also very disciplined and aggressive on defense. But I'd definitely like to see how this one turns out.
  3. RJ Reynolds 89 Ronald Reagan 50. Winston Salem Prep 62 South Stokes 52
  4. NCHoopsFan24

    West Stokes(9-1) vs RJ Reynolds(5-7)

    That was a shock to me when I seen it. But they looked very impressive against West Stokes. So I think I'm going to check them out tonight again. Or go to the Mount Tabor vs Dudley game.
  5. NCHoopsFan24

    West Stokes(9-1) vs RJ Reynolds(5-7)

    I just checked RJR's schedule and I may go check them out again on Friday play Reagan or Winston-Salem Prep vs South Stokes. It looks like RJR beat a 9-3 Davie team by 19 on Tuesday night. Friday might paint the picture for the CPC
  6. Went over to Winston Salem to check out an interesting matchup. 9-1 West Stokes against a 5-7 RJ Reynolds team. I went to this game expecting West Stokes to not have too much trouble even though I have not seen either team play. RJR ended up winning by 16. 68-52. I’m not sure if West Stokes had a bad game but I was expecting Spainhour and Muniz who are their best players to dominate this game. I was wrong. RJR might be the best 5-7(Now 6-7) team around. They’re undersized like last year, but they’re biggest starter, Caden Davis who’s about 6’4 200lbs plays the point for them. He may be a more athletic version of Goodloe from last year. They have shooters and they have a kid down low (#21) who’s a load on the block . I didn’t get his name, but he had a nice dunk and is very active on the glass. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a double-double. RJR again might be a bad draw for a team in the playoffs. West Stokes on the other hand shot the ball pretty well. Executes with almost military precision. The kids know their roles and don’t play outside themselves. It was times where A kid would catch the ball on the wing and a RJR kid would back up into the lane almost because they knew he wasn’t going to shoot. Muniz and Spainhour look like the designated long range bombers for this team. They’ll definitely be a team no one wants to see in the playoffs. It looks like if they’re making shots, it could be a long night for some teams. But overall RJR just had way too many athletes and spawn at all 5 positions.
  7. NCHoopsFan24

    Favorite basketball team to watch

    Was that the team with William Kent and Burle Christian?
  8. NCHoopsFan24

    Favorite basketball team to watch

    I may have some of my dates wrong but work with me lol 1996-97 North Stanley Comets with Corey Watkins and Britt Jernigan. They were just a fun team to watch. 1998-1999 Thomasville Bulldogs - Nick Means, Rada Simon, Robert Knotts. This was the year they went down to 1A as well I think. 1995-96 Jordan-Matthews - with Terrence Newby and Reggie Carter. Who were also very good Football players as well. 2002-2003 RJ Reynolds - Reyshawn Terry, Justin Bohlander, Keith Foster, Eddie Green-Long, Erikas Kaupitis and Joe Fulp off the bench. Might've been one of the biggest teams I've ever seen at the high school level. Even though I think their starting PG was a 5'7 freshman that year.
  9. I don't think they even looked at Moravian Prep. But with that program, which team do you include? The High School Team? The National High School Team? Or one of the prep school teams. I sometimes think they hold out on schools that have 5th year guys on their roster. Just my 2 cents. I saw North Meck, Cox Mill, and Mount Tabor on Monday. North Meck will be good again. I heard they've lost 4 kids to transfer though. 1 starter now plays at Independence. The shocker to me was Cox Mill. Please do not think that they will be a cake walk this year. They play extremely hard. Mount Tabor looked ok Jakob Moore is a load on the paint. He's active and athletic. They had 2 kids not playing; Davis Blackwell and Gunner Walters. I'm sure they'll look a lot different once the season gets into gear. I'm sorry. I meant to add the East as well. It was a top 25 per region. The East goes as follows: Boys Basketball East Top 25 1. Farmville Central (7) (175) 2. Millbrook (164) 3. Greenfield School (159) 4. Apex Friendship (153) 5. Durham Academy (141) 6. Leesville Road (140) 7. Holly Springs (128) 8. Henderson Collegiate (121) 9. Garner (102) 10. Kinston (98) 11. Panther Creek (94) 12. Heritage (85) 13. Clayton (82) 14. Village Christian (77) 15. Southern Durham (68) 16. Hoggard (64) 17. Rolesville (60) 18. Wayne Country Day (51) T19. Trinity Christian (46) T19. Voyager Academy (46) 21. Northwood (37) 22. Terry Sanford (30) 23. Vance County (29) 24. South Granville (26) 25. Northern Nash (21)
  10. Chute - I like all your picks, For 2A, I like Reidsville and Lexington. I want to hold out on Atkins. They lost their best player from last year to transfer to Winston Salem Christian(I've never heard of the school). I might be traveling to Atkins Saturday actually for their Jamboree. I've heard Statesville, Ragsdale, and Atkins will be there. I'm sure there will be other teams. The Langley's were fun to watch. I actually watched them play RJR last year at the beginning of last season(I'm in the Kernersville area) at an event at RJR's gym. I thought the SWG was probably the fastest team I've seen in a long time. Maybe since Ty Lawson was at Oak Hill. That's pretty interesting about Coach Martin. Then he's been around for a while? I found this Interesting from the Highschoolot.com website. Public and Private regardless of class? .Boys Basketball West Top 25 1. Greensboro Day (6) (174) 2. North Mecklenburg (1) (169) 3. Cannon School (156) 4. Northwest Guilford (148) 5. Olympic (145) 6. Ben L. Smith (140) 7. Concord First Assembly (129) 8. R.J. Reynolds (128) 9. A.L. Brown (110) 10. Butler (107) 11. Vance (99) 12. High Point Christian (95) 13. Carmel Christian (90) 14. Winston-Salem Prep (89) 15. Independence (74) 16. Ardrey Kell (68) 17. Hickory Ridge (52) 18. Myers Park (51) 19. Davidson Day (39) 20. Dudley (38) 21. Bishop McGuinness (30) 22. West Charlotte (20) 23. Charlotte Catholic (19) 24. Parkland (18) 25. Freedom (17)
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm just a hoops fan of all levels. I'm partial to High School and the College game. I really don't have a team. 2 teams that impressed me was SW Guilford and RJ Reynolds last year. SW Guilford with the way their style of play. It almost reminded me of the old Nolan Richardson Arkansas teams just 32 minutes of all out organized mayhem. And RJ Reynolds is just old school basketball and I love it. I was a bit skeptical of how successful they would be in 4A because of their lack of size, but they just play the right way and know how to win. Teams I'll be keeping my eye on this year is NW Guilford, W-S Prep, RJ Reynolds, West Stokes, Bishop McGuiness, Vance, North Meck, Ardrey Kell, West Charlotte, Myers Park, Millbrook, Durham Jordan, Athens Drive. I will admit that I'm not very familiar with 2A right now. But I will do my research.
  12. Chute I like all your Picks. 4A - Vance should be pretty good this year. Can North Meck get over that 3rd round hump in the playoffs this year? I see this year could be a year where the East is more loaded than the West. Carter Whitt of Leesville Road may be able to carry the load along with the supporting cast. But can that sustain in the playoffs? The road to the State Championship will not be a cake walk in the East. I would add RJ Reynolds to the mix in 4A as well. They did lose Mysta Goodloe to graduation but return 3 double digit scorers from last year, which 2 were Sophomores. They also play Vance, Winston Salem Prep, and Bishop McGuiness all before Christmas. That would be a good measuring stick for them. I would say it will be between NW Guilford and RJ Reynolds for the crown of best team in the Triad. Independence, Ardrey Kell, and West Charlotte will be in the mix in Charlotte as well. Can never count them out. 3A - This could be wide open on the boys side. I would like to see Ben L. Smith and Parkland take significant strides this year. Parkland returns their PG Camian Shell, who's also a pretty good Football player. Eastern Guilford should be back in the mix this year as well. One team that intrigues me is going to be Durham Jordan. I want to see how Rasheed Wallace can translate to HS basketball coach. 2A - Atkins lost their best player over the summer to transfer. Reidsville should be in the thick of things as well. West Stokes is a team that always intrigues me. As well. To be in a conference with Winston Salem schools and always seem to hold their own. My pick is Farmville Central/East Lincoln state finals though. 1A - Winston Salem Prep. I know everyone hates seeing them in the thick of it every year, but you cannot deny their success. Bishop McGuiness looks like they've figured them out. After losing to them 3 times last year and then beating them in the playoffs at their place was big time. I know Winston Salem Prep lost their top 2 scorers but also return 3 Starters. Bishop McGuiness also returns one of their best players. Can they keep that momentum going from last season?