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  1. amaidendevil

    Tom Harper

    Hey while I got some Lincolnton eyes here how good of an athlete is that cayden Brantley that transferred from Lincolnton to maiden. I think he's going to be a sophomore when football season starts and I think baseball is his specialty
  2. amaidendevil

    Tom Harper

    My apologies I crossed him up in my mind with Mike helms. They have kinda coached some of the same schools. East Burke and hickory. I'll gladly admit when I've made a mistake.
  3. amaidendevil

    Tom Harper

    The reason I took as a surprise, is because of the overblown stigma Harper carries. Along with Lincolnton already working to get past the bad press of former school principal. I just thought they would try to be squeaky clean and stay under radar for a while. I'm not saying anything bad about Harper, just saying how some people have looked at his past.
  4. amaidendevil

    Tom Harper

    Tom Harper is going to be the defensive coordinator for Lincolnton High School and the Athletic Director. Kinda of a surprise move to me.
  5. amaidendevil

    Football In The Fall Is Doable:

    We just need to follow Sweden and try to achieve herd immunity no mask. Once enough people build up immunity it will be fine to live life again. Even though I've never stopped living life.
  6. The argument of August being hot. Yes it's hot but the knotts cool off pretty much every week from their own.starting in the end of February moving it up you're going to get hotter nights every week goes on. If football season has to be moved I'd rather it be pushed back a month to six weeks
  7. It's to hot in NC in spring for football. NC has some 90 degree and humid weather fast into spring. Football pads and helmets don't help that situation. 2nd it's the rainiest and most stormy time of the year, games will get postponed constantly.
  8. amaidendevil

    Top Playoff games you seen

    1998 Burlington Cummins at maiden. I played for maiden. Maiden QB threw a hail Mary no time left on clock we caught it. Tied the game up all our fans caused the fence to fall and fell out on the field. Refs threw a flag and moved extra point back 15 yards I think. Missed it and went into overtime and lost to Cummins. Was heartbreaking for us a flag we didn't even cause
  9. amaidendevil

    Bandys football

    If they named Kyle lowman as new head coach, I would think it would be a total system change. I just don't see him running the triple option. As far as that goes I've never seen a lowman really run the football 😂. They are pretty much passing family
  10. amaidendevil

    Bandys football

    Miner would been better off at bandys probably the perfect program for him there. There is that chance of kids and parents feeling like the coaches keep abandoning them. and the problem with all Catawba county schools there are just too many schools maiden is 10 minutes away 15 tops Newton 10 minutes away hell even Bunker Hill is within 15 minutes. So easy for Catawba county kids to bounce around to schools
  11. Damn minor should have maybe waited now bandies is a got to open head coach job
  12. amaidendevil

    NC QBs to watch in 2020???

    If they stay u never know about that team
  13. amaidendevil

    Most poupluar schools in NC

    Biggest little football town in the world. Maiden
  14. Trying to remember this correctly forgive me if I got it a little off. But didn't Newton-Conover screw him and force him to resign behind the scene. Kinda remember a resignation letter that seemed a little off. I have nothing against guy, just kinda remember that he may had been done dirty.
  15. I don't think I believe this but had a Shelby fan trying to tell me they are only 50-75 kids from dropping to 1a but from the adms I saw couldn't be true.