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  1. Ace Newman

    3A East Bracket Discussion

    If Northern Nash can play a good game and beat Vance County then there will be a Northern/Southern Nash 2. We'll see what Vance County has to say about it on the field.
  2. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    And to add we also need more from Tim and Jacob Newman(RBs) yes Indy did have some big runs on MP but these guys got some groundwork in one of their best games and its about time. My concern is if MP becomes one dimensional like we played Vance last year its over. I saw Coach Arron Brand on TV interview and thought to myself...this guy has something for us and MP aint gonna see it coming! Goldenboy Drake was shook all night being blitzed throwing into double coverage and Vance had at least three INTs.
  3. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Agreed...Olympic is good but I think Hough will win that game.
  4. Ace Newman

    4AA East Bracket Discussion

    I think Leesville will go pretty far. I could see them against Wake Forest in the regionals if they make it there.
  5. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Last year Butler had too much time on their hands not playing (due to some other teams having to forfeit) and got beat second round their first game in nearly a month. Now they in the first round they gotta chance to start fresh but I can't call it this might wind up in OT.
  6. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Wow yeah it figures. When I first moved to Charlotte in 2005 I didn't go to any games at all at that time Independence was "the team". I just started going back 2018. Major difference between big city football and small city/town area football. Big city football you're only relavent when you win lol
  7. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Last year Audery Kell came to Gus Purcell Stadium and got embarrassed by MP. Didn't play this year because Hough was added to MP schedule. Id love to see this game happen these are the two biggest schools in different parts of South Charlotte and it will be a big crowd. But dont sleep on Independence...they got some good players MP had some trouble stopping the run first half last friday. Indy a 6-5 team and its a shame their senior game crowd was so mediocre.
  8. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Facts. We'll see how AKs rematch with The Big I plays out.
  9. Ace Newman

    4A East Bracket Discussion

    Im picking Cardinal Gibbons or South View Im not too sure about New Bern even though they 1 seed. I think Jack Britt will make it further than New Bern. We shall see in a week.
  10. Ace Newman

    2A East Bracket Discussion

    SW Edgecombe is my favorite to win. Im from Wilson so I see Beddingfield has to make a long trip to Yanceyville to play Bartlett Yancey. After the way SW beat Beddingfield this past friday this is redemption for the bruins.
  11. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Agreed that 37-14 defeat last year has to be on their minds.
  12. Ace Newman

    3A East Bracket Discussion

    The Big East 3A is all in except Franklinton.The Wilson County schools (Fike and Hunt) won't be in the picture long especially Hunt having to travel to play undefeated Eastern Alamance. The Nash schools (Northern,Southern,and Rocky Mount) will go further than the Wilson County schools because they been running the conference since the last two realignments. I'm looking forward to seeing a rematch from last year between Southern Nash and Eastern Alamance that was a epic game with Eastern came back to win.
  13. Ace Newman

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    First round since Myers Park is on bye Im go to Audrey Kell thats one place I haven't visited but this is gonna be a good rematch with Independence they met early in the season and Audrey Kell won 43-30 Ive seen Independence play they might not be the 7 time champs team like back in the day but they aint laying down either. Both Hough and Olympic have improved whoever wins that has to make the trip to Richmond are gonna get a reality check lol Pinecrest and Reagan I don't know a lot about these teams but it will be a good match they've been mentioned in the playoffs in past years. Vance and Butler this year both teams have struggled but they aint going away these are the dangerous ones to get a run going. Whoever wins that has another chance to take down big bad Mallard Creek. Bye teams gotta make good use of the break but sometimes it don't always pay to be off. It happened to Mallard Creek last year Hough beat them.
  14. Lets get ready to rumble in the 4AA West its stacked! Time to see what teams are made of and who will fold. Undefeated regular season means nothing now all it takes is one bad game. The cold has set in and you got to have your offense defense and special teams clicking on all cylinders and that boils down to coaching. But at the end of the day these are young men (no matter classification) who will make some mistakes may the best team(s) win.
  15. Agreed MP should strengthen their schedule but for some reason they are keeping Providence on there. Providence should be replaced Id rather see them play a competitive 3A school like Weddington and South Meck is even worse (0-11) but its a nonconference rivalry game since the schools are about 6 miles apart. Like I said I was just wondering why? NowI know.