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  1. Ace Newman

    1A Contenders 2020

    1A teams huh....How about Pamlico County?
  2. Ace Newman

    Looking at the 2A Class

    Anson County is one 2A program im intrested in what they bring back from last year. They could have done well in the playoffs but got told end of the sesson they were done due to a earlier season incident on the field with Richmond County.
  3. Ace Newman

    Toughest conference from 1A-4A

    Yeah my bad I meant East Central 2A.
  4. Ace Newman

    Toughest conference from 1A-4A

    posted twice
  5. Ace Newman

    Toughest conference from 1A-4A

    1A N/A To be honest the only 1A school I know of is Tarboro because when I went to Hunt (class of 97) Tarboro was 3A and one of our conference rivals . Midstate 2A Big East 3A Any conference with six teams or less is tough because you cant afford to lose. Hunt & Fike always start losing major games around October and sometimes there are some close games its a fun but tough conference. Really need Beddingfield and Nash Central back for the complete conference. Sandhills 4A Richmond & Scotland County,Jack Britt, Pinecrest battle it out every year. I wanna see if Hoke County can build on the success they had this past season.
  6. I ain't mad at cha! Everything you said is the truth. I wasn't necessarily impressed MP went undefeated last season I could have stayed home instead of wasting money on some of those games. That 4th seeding explained everything I needed to know If Chadwick hadn't gotten elite nonconference teams to play 2020 I probably would have waited till October to go to Butler Hickory Ridge and Porter Ridge and the playoffs.
  7. Ace Newman

    Looking at the 3A class

    I forgot two teams from my other post above. New Hanover and Terry Sanford have much potential to win their conferences as well. .
  8. Ace Newman

    Looking at the 3A class

    😄k thanks for that info. Yeah it will be Southern Nash and Rocky Mount 1& 2 finish and I may go head and add Northern Nash 3. The part of the Big East that needs improvement is....the Wilson schools. Hunt and Fike always disappoint come Big East games and Franklinton had only one good season since joining the Big East 3A. Nash County been running that conference since it was planned on paper!
  9. Ace Newman

    Looking at the 3A class

    Southern Nash, Eastern Alamance, Havelock, and Cleveland (might be 3AA if im correct) should have decent teams. Southern Nash and Eastern Alamance have had some great matchups the past three years Im sure it will be another chapter in the 2020 playoffs. Southern Nash came up short in the 3A state title game after Charlotte Catholic turned it up the second half. I dont know who will be replacing RB Quinton Cooley but it will be another good year for the firebirds. The Big East 3A conference has been theirs for the past four years with Rocky Mount not too far behind and they (RM) did win a 3A state title a few years back.
  10. Ace Newman

    Iredell County Football

    Im not too familiar with Iredell County football except for Mooresville and Lake Norman since they are in I Meck 4A. Both had a chance to beat Vance and Mallard Creek but came up short. I think they will finish somewhere in the middle of the conference but when thesebtwo play it could go either way since its a rivalry game. I do remember Statesville did have have a good season last year we'll see if they can build on that sucessful season.
  11. I still think 18 Regional game vs Vance was a tougher L after the first quarter Drake Maye was being announced every other play as being under pressure, sacked, or intercepted. The Richmond L last year was a combination of things just not going our way after they pulled a Vance. Jacob Newman might not be on the level of a Will Shipley (Weddington) but MP has to run the ball more now that we got this brutal schedule. I do agree Chadwick does make some questionable playcalls I hope he realizes whats at stake this year if football is a go but I can guarantee hes gonna stick to #10 until he's off to UNC.
  12. Ace Newman

    How will your conference finish

    Southwestern 4A 1. Myers Park 2. Butler 3. Hickory Ridge 4. Porter Ridge 5. Independence 6. Rocky River 7. Garinger 8. East Mecklenburg
  13. So basically MP is on borrowed time in the Southwestern 4A 😄
  14. Agreed. Out of all those games Im more concerned about Hough they gonna want to beat us bad at home like we did to them last season 😁
  15. One thing you should know about me is even while I'm loyal to a team I call out their weakness and screwups. At the end of the day though they're just teenagers they gonna mess up its inevitable. As far as the defense goes they arent terrible by any means they just not on the level of a Vance. I always addressed the run defense I saw for myself how much damage Caleb Hood did to us on the ground that third round playoff game. I saw it a mile away before the playoffs even started when Independence put 21 points from running. And the whole game is centered around Drake Maye thats why Tim and Jacob Newman barely get touches I spoke to their dad personally at one of the games about that so yeah I hope the run game improves its much needed especially with this tough nonconference slate.