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  1. Guess it has a lot to do with matchups
  2. Congratulations to Reidsville on another state championship and great season. Hopefully we see you guys next season.
  3. Mitchell probably wins by close to same score.
  4. I’d say you had to go home and change your shorts after that game if your who I think you are RB30!!!
  5. As much as I like rubbing salt into any wound Mitchell might have this is probably the most immature thing I’ve seen. Hell if your gonna talk $hi+ at least do it under your regular screen name not make a new one to hide behind. This coming from a Heritage fan who loves talking crap about mitchell.
  6. 97Cougar

    Walsh and Robinson

    Both are very well deserving....Congratulations to both coaches.
  7. 97Cougar

    Players from the West

    Thanks I couldn’t remember what highschool just that he was from the Asheville area
  8. 97Cougar

    Players from the West

    Brad Johnson played for Owen/ Minnesota Vikings I think. Brad Daugherty Owen/ Cleveland Cavs Leonard Little played for Asheville/ then went on to play for the Rams? Camron Maybin Asheville/ Yankees Mountain Heritage varsity girls Coach/former player Susie Shelton played for the Charlotte Sting
  9. Yeah I still thought if you called a timeout they could continue to play.
  10. Yes, if the heel comes down it has to be inbounds. That was all we were saying.
  11. I said it looked like the whole foot was it. At this point it was just basically trying to explain a rule that some were arguing but the same some didn’t understand.