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  1. 97Cougar

    WHC Brethren

    True, we both do.
  2. 97Cougar

    WHC Brethren

    Good luck to everyone throughout the playoffs and good luck to Owen in the FIRST round.
  3. 97Cougar

    2A West Bracket Discussion

    Polk had what two plays were they got outside and picked up decent yards? One was miscommunication on assignments. I think our speed on the edges is better than you will see on a lot of the teams in 2a.
  4. 97Cougar

    2A West Bracket Discussion

    If that’s the case then the wet field didn’t help us with our athletes either. Your angle on the film says the ball bounced out of bounds at the four??? Our angle says it stayed in and evidently so did the refs. Who says the ball don’t die on the one on a dry field? Not sure you should accuse anyone of making excuses. I think both teams have business to take care of before “you can expect to hold on and win” if there is a rematch.
  5. 97Cougar

    Western highlands championship

    Heritage 28 Polk 6.
  6. I think depending on seeding you could see any one or a couple of these teams make a very deep run. Also Owen seems to be hitting their stride at a good time.
  7. That game was closer 42-31 Heritage.
  8. It was 7-0 Polk end of the first quarter. Heritage scored 32 unanswered points in the 2nd quarter . Final according to the scores from last season on max preps Heritage 51 Polk 15. They did just about beat us for a quarter.
  9. 97Cougar

    Mountain Heritage 22, Owen 15

    I’m gonna go with the guy who has seen both teams play. Plus I like his prediction.
  10. 97Cougar

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Well again it’s just a few of us fans on here. And there has been a lot of trash talk from both fan bases. The Pisgah week and this past week.It had been both ways but yes enough is enough. Both teams played well and good luck the rest of the season.
  11. 97Cougar

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    You are labeling “most” of a fan base for something one or just a few people done. Mitchell’s fans have never done anything like this I don’t suppose. I don’t guess they ever cut down the Cougar that was at the guard house when coming into the school. Oh wait yes they did because I know most of the ones from Mitchell that done it. Yes it’s uncalled for and didn’t need to happen but don’t act so high and mighty as if your fans have never done something uncalled for.
  12. 97Cougar

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Trash is exactly what that was! Well it worked out great for them.