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  1. Mark Ryans

    2A: Burns is Top Dog

    I would have thought the same until I saw them play twice. One against Ashe Co. and Ashe was moving at will with them and then I went last week and watched them against a bad bad West Caldwell team and for one half that bad West team stayed with them. the Lenoir team is no where near as good as a North Lincoln , Oak Grove or I would say West Lincoln. Guess we see come Playoff. Go Statesville !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Mark Ryans

    Salsibury at Oak Grove

    Oak Grove by 14
  3. Because I have a big Hibriten friend down here and he talked that I was crazy that Hibriten was going to win State again this year so I had to see for myself. Yeah AC vs Watauga looked like a game to go see but film wise I felt it would be a blowout . Watauga is a good team. .
  4. Well went to West Caldwell to see this Hibriten team again. I stand by my early statement that team is not a top 10 team. Maybe a year or two away. I had to go see for myself maybe I missed something earlier . That West is really bad but for a half they hung in there with that team. After seeing them in person for a whole game I feel better about my earlier look at the rankings. Oh well guys. Go Stateville !!!!!!!!! Next week
  5. Temple had some good teams brother. I think 2008 they had one hell of a running back that year. Feel free to write anytime I will talk some football brother.
  6. Wakeland as soon as I retried from the military.
  7. Thanks for your service too . Thanks for taking your time to rank them how you think. I guess as a former coach myself in Texas we see things different. Look forward to see how your rankings pan out later in the year. Sorry brother if you think I offend your ranking just dont agree with them from what I have saw on the field. Thanks Mark
  8. Hey everyone new to page but saw these ranking and had to ask how someone came up with these? They have missed some teams and have some higher then they should be. I watch high school football a lot since I retired here from the military. I have had the pleasure of watching a lot of teams on this list this year. As for the top ten not bad but maybe for that Hibriten team Oak grove and I would say North Lincoln could easily beat them hands down. As for the rest it looks good just think from film I have saw and from the games I have been to Oak Grove and North Lincoln should be top 8 easily. Just my two cents. Good luck to all the high school football teams. Go Statesville !!!!!!!