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  1. He shouldn't of went after him when saw he was on the ground. The player on the ground he can defend his self. That why he got the flag. He was already down.
  2. It was a good call. To me look like he was leading with helmet.
  3. I remember we use to have the best kicker in wnc maybe state. One time I saw him kick a 63 yard field goal in practice.
  4. I know who Rocketman and BDwarrior is too. I know you who they are too
  5. This is one of my old account. I went 13-0 in picking games that week.
  6. No I don't troll. My name was heritagewatchmen28 and I can't remember the other one.
  7. No I only like one team it's heritage. I bleed Kelly green. I had old emails the was locked up
  8. I remember when Mitchell82 use to be the one always talk crap. He would make everyone mad. Do you remember him?
  9. BTW I have been alot longer then you think. I have to 3 different account because I couldn't remember my password and email on my old ones. I use to be on here all the team. I remember when heritage play Owen in 2011 an heritage 3 onside kicks in a row to come back an win. I remember when we beat Owen in 2008 an 2009 Ford said heritage will never beat Owen 2 times in a row we did. We beat y'all 4 times in row till Jager came on y'all's team.
  10. Where have you been stampede in the past few years when Owen was down. This year is the first time you've been on here since y'all had Jager and that's along time ago. I've been a heritage fan thought the bad and good times. You can talk some crap since y'all won 7 games the most y'all have won since Jagger was at RB and y'all have Ford at coch.
  11. I think this is going to be a great game. I think heritage will have the advantage because they are going to be at home. It's hard to beat us in the PIT. Don't get me wrong Owen better then they have been. I don't think they have enough to beat us. West Stanley ain't the same team without there starting RB I heard he was a D-1 recruit. I pick Heritage 28-14
  12. Cougar28

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    It looks like it's going to be cold one this Friday. It looks like football weather finally. I can't wait till Friday I wish it would hurry up and get here
  13. Cougar28

    Mitchell @ Mountain Heritage

    Our defense is best we've had since 09 or ever. Yeah our offense ain't that like it was a few years ago but we can move the ball. We have alot of weapons. In our offense we can do alot different plays
  14. Cougar28

    East Surry at Reidsville

    I'm not talking junk. I'm just saying if Reidsville would play someone that like an hour and a half or longer besides playing close to home
  15. Cougar28

    East Surry at Reidsville

    Heritage schedule is really tough this year. All there always games are an hour away or longer. Reidsville schedule is like all there games are like home games. The longest away game they have to go to is High Point Central its hour on a bus and like 45 mins in a car.