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  1. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Richmond County/Tarboro In 2021?

    Nope Richmond would have carved our secondary up like a hit knife through butter. Now if we were talkin 2018 then it might be interesting
  2. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Richmond County/Tarboro In 2021?

    I think it would be a shootout personally. Would we win? Idk lol I wanna say yes, but we gotta play better defensively
  3. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Worst Stadiums

    Southwest is in such a low area. Whenever it rains it becomes a swamp. The field is awful when it's wet. If you ask any Reidsville fan they will tell you to this day, that southwest soaked the field back in 2009 when they played each other. Yes Reidsville went east one year and had to travel to SW
  4. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Worst Stadiums

    Southwest Edgecombe. Reidsville fans will understand why😂.
  5. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    High school football stadiums

    Rocky Mount high school has a beautiful stadium with massive visitor bleachers.
  6. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Richmond County/Tarboro In 2021?

    What state is highland springs from?
  7. I'd love to see it happen. It would be a huge opportunity for us
  8. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Richmond County/Tarboro In 2021?

    I feel like we could do a home-and-home series what other schools would be interested in us in the 757 area?
  9. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Richmond County/Tarboro In 2021?

    After the way we got torched in the State title game last season I feel like it would go the exact same way against Richmond. I will say however I've seen a lot of Tarboro defensive backs on Instagram running new routes. And yes it definitely would be a long ride.
  10. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    2020 Schedule

    The 4aa west was a dogfight last year. I think it will be this year as well if Richmond goes West again especially. Vance will be tough to beat though
  11. You think northeastern will remain 2a in 2021?
  12. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    2020 Schedule

    I wish I lived closer to Charlotte. That Vance vs weddington game is gonna be something special.
  13. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Richmond County/Tarboro In 2021?

    We talking about Richmond from Rockingham? Boy that would be something, Tarboro would definitely be heavy underdogs if this game happened. Our fans would definitely get behind it
  14. It's hard to turn down 10 grand lol. I'm sure they'd look into it if they had money like that. They would more than likely use a charter bus.
  15. I've heard Reidsville may be dropping to 1aa in 2021. If that's the case boy would the 1aa west be fun. Might get to see a Tarboro vs Reidsville state championship game boy would that be something. Plus I've also heard Wallace rosehill might be dropping to 1aa, along with northeastern.