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  1. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Northeastern week 2 and week 4 home games

    Will do! Our JV team was good last season, although we got beat pretty bad by Northern Nash's JV team. But that loss woke them up and they went undefeated the rest of the season. They have a running back from JV that was called train. Craddock was really looking forward to coaching them, and when he's that excited about an upcoming team look out lol. The middle Schools do a great job getting the players ready for varsity. They teach the offense how to run the 'Tarboro T' and other things. The middle school gets them ready for JV and then when they move up to varsity they already know how to play Tarboro Football because of what they have been taught in middle School.
  2. Would anybody happen to know if northeastern still needs a home game for week 2 and week 4?
  3. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Catholic schedule for next season

    CC has a tough schedule 😮. Gotta give them credit for scheduling such tough teams though.
  4. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    2020 possibilities to win it all

    Yeah they are. But I've heard the one coming up is pretty good.
  5. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    2020 possibilities to win it all

    Don't count out Rocky Mount. I know Terry Sanford has beat them three years in a row but they have a lot of talent coming up plus they're star defensive end keyshawn silver is returning. Southern Nash graduates a lot this season I do think they'll still be a threat as well.
  6. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    NASCAR LEGEND Junior Johnson dies at 88

    Rip to one of the greatest in NASCAR history both as a driver and a team owner
  7. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    2020 possibilities to win it all

    Tarboro has quite a few returning actually. Although we are losing great players from our defense and offense
  8. From 1a to 4aa what are the best teams to not win a title in this decade?
  9. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    If you could add an opponent to Tarboro's schedule

    If I had to schedule our non conference schedule it would be Rocky Mount week 1 Havelock week 2 southern Nash week 3 north Edgecombe week 4 and swe week 5. I'd love for us to play Northeastern though.
  10. Over the last few years I've heard from many people that Tarboro doesn't play anybody. I'll be the first to admit we play in a weak conference, heck even the players hate that. However I've always wanted to have a powerhouse opponent on our non conference schedule. This past year 3a powerhouse Rocky Mount returned to the schedule for the first time since 2004, but if you had to add JUST one team to Tarboros non conference schedule who would it be?
  11. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    2020 possibilities to win it all

    4aa Vance 4a east Forsyth 3aa weddington (til proven otherwise 3a Kings mountain 2aa Shelby (til proven otherwise 2a Clinton 1aa Tarboro 1a Robbinsville
  12. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    I said they would LOSE to weddington, Vance, Lee county, I forgot Shelby to, also Leesville road, I didn't say they would beat them. But I'm telling you they could beat southern Nash. Would it be close heck yeah but I think they'd pull it off. I believe they'd beat Charlotte Catholic as well in a close one also. Call me crazy all you won't but that offense was incredible. And they would get destroyed by mallard Creek. All I said was they could beat MOST not all the teams that played this past Saturday in the state championships. Plus I listed who they would beat and who they would lose to.
  13. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    I believe they could beat Charlotte Catholic, Robbinsville, Northampton, Reidsville, northeastern, Southern Nash. They'd lose to weddington, Vance, Lee county, east Forsyth, and cardinal Gibbons. Having seen that offense in person they could go toe to toe with a lot of teams
  14. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    That Reidsville East Surry game was fun to watch. Tbh all of the state championship games this year were disappointing except the 4a state championship between Cardinal Gibbons and East Forsyth.
  15. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    1AA State Championship: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

    Most not all. Although Vance's defense against this offense would be fun.