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  1. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    3A Top-20 Power Rankings following Week 7

    Rocky mount is underrated especially their defense. This team is legit it's gonna be tough for them to get to states but I wouldn't sleep on them.
  2. In 2aa they might get there 2a will be tough.
  3. Not really lol. I don't consider it a rivalry tbh they haven't scored any points on Tarboro since 2015. Northern Nash is more of a rivalry because they play Tarboro tough and it's always hard hitting. Granted back in 2014 Washington destroyed Tarboro 41-7 at Tarboro it was absolutely stunning.
  4. Yep definitely. if it was up to me we would drop the game against Washington and replace it with Southern Nash. Last time we played southern Nash it was a defensive slugfest
  5. At minimum I think swe goes to the 4th round. However should they get to the state title game weather it's 2aa or 2a more than likely they will be the underdog. I think ledford will be their biggest test but then again south point could go east
  6. I hate Tarboro and southern Nash no longer play each other those games were Always close.
  7. Yeah they got a hard hitting running back this year. They'll be a tough out in 1a
  8. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    State Championship Locations

    Wake Forest is hosting state championship games this year
  9. This is the best North Edgecombe team I've seen in years. They got a real good shot. I think both Tarboro and Southwest have good opportunities to go all the way
  10. Oh yes number 1 is a straight machine he gets to the ball fast. Honestly this year I think y'all will get to the fourth round this is the best team I think that Southwest has had to win a State title truly since 2009 while yes that 2015 team was good I don't think they had a team that could have beaten Shelby that year with all due respect because that Shelby team was GOOD!. this year's team to me looks like it can handle a spread offense and can get after the quarterback and shut down the opposing team's top wide receiver. should y'all go this year I'm pretty sure it would be against Shelby would y'all win I don't know I wouldn't say y'all wouldn't. my ultimate dream is to see North Edgecombe Tarboro and Southwest all win State title in the same year in football.
  11. I agree they struggled against spread offenses last year. The more they play against spread offenses the more better they'll be. Offensively they struggled last night from what I've heard.
  12. Yeah I think personally they are one of the top high school football programs to not get to a state title. That 2009 team should have went heck in 2015 they came up short on a two point conversion that would have won them the game in double overtime. This year Southwest has a physical running game with two big running backs and a passing game that's good also. I think if they go 2aa they should get to the 4th round.
  13. Shelby will be tough to beat in the west. If they go 2aa and swe goes 2aa good chance they could play each other in the state title game
  14. Southwest Edgecombe looks really good IMO the best team since the 2015 team, that lost in heartbreaking fashion in the 4th round to Kinston in overtime 22-21. Which begs the question is the finally the year it all comes together for SouthWest Edgecombe and they win a state championship? I know a lot depends on weather they go 2a or 2aa but they'll be a tough out.
  15. Tarborovikingsfan2018

    Tarboro Straight T Offense:

    We played man to man against SWE and we shut down their top wide receiver who just so happens to be one of the best in the state. This year's secondary is good especially number 4 Naz black.