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  1. MillsRiverFalcon

    JV scores

    West Henderson 28 Tuscola 22 Final in double overtime in Haywood Co
  2. MillsRiverFalcon

    TCR at West Henderson

    @WestHendersonFalcons Just on here trying to get other honest opinions from you guys about WNC football and in particular the current WH team. Alumni/Parent/Fan 😎 Ive watched this group of boys for a few years and if they can keep their heads on straight they can certainly make some things happen. I think the program at West is coming along and should be competitive for a while. But.... you cant forget that they are still kids so you never know what they are gonna do from week to week Your critique from above of the TCR game is spot on. Horrible from the start and stupid mistakes. That will have to go away from here on out.