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  1. SaintFan

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    game was over- and it was a great back and forth game- hard nosed play nothing over the top....when the game ends an HHS player 65? I think, flexes towards the home stands, another HHS player comes out with a flag that has HHS on it and was going to plant it on the field. Saint players charge towards HHS players, get the flag and break it....no real fight just a lot of jawing and flexing.....but HHS student section was allowed to congregate at Saint locker room area which made things worse. Just classless by a few HHS players- but I don't ever expect anything less when dealing with them.
  2. SaintFan

    2A West Bracket Discussion

    Bunker Hill picked up quite a few Newton kids this year. Keeping them will be an issue b/c apparently staff,parents and players have had enough of the principal.
  3. SaintFan

    3AA West Bracket Discussion

    Good Luck to the NW3A-4A schools. Well except Hickory- their actions Friday night after the game were pathetic.
  4. SaintFan

    What ever happened to Brian?

    Simmons still does his every week.
  5. Man, it's the day of the games and just now getting a thread up? AC @ South Caldwell- AC Freedom @ McDowell- Freedom Game of the Week- (Playoff Implications for Both) Hickory @ Saint Stephens- I like Saint in a close one.
  6. yeah it's bad. But I don't know who the judge was for the female teacher- Judge Poovey was making an example of Mr. Bass. Another male teacher (Kanupp) got no time and didn't have to register.
  7. I'm saying in school the students have no rights, just like inmates have no rights in prison. I'm more just venting about some issues I've had to deal with. Bottom line for me is I have zero respect for Catawba County Schools administration/school board.
  8. I believe everyone has a right to due process- I can't afford to send my kids to private school or i would. Therefore I have to deal with the prison system that is Catawba County Schools.
  9. when they don't need probable cause to search your person or property you truly have no rights.
  10. to answer question #3 There are no rights when you step on the grounds of a prison masked as a public education facility.
  11. I really feel like Saint can get the win on Friday night. Contain Young as best you can and don't let the QB beat you with his legs. I also saw where AC JVs won another mythical conference championship last night. When is the ring ceremony?
  12. the money is made on concessions, well it is at most places. Saint didn't even sell hot chocolate this past Friday and it was 45 degrees at kickoff 🙄
  13. What gets me is that Saint now has 5 wins and still needs to beat Hickory to get in playoffs. But I disagree a little bit- Watauga, AC and Freedom are all deserving of being in the playoffs- but I do agree that Watauga is probably the only team that can potentially make any noise. (3rd round or better)
  14. Bob Menery actually posted this on his IG account!!!
  15. they might have- I honestly just assumed they did.