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  1. I figure Maiden will win by 10+ tonight against my Indians, we just don't have the size or speed we need. Watauga Freedom Hibriten Huss Mitchell South Iredell- being from that area and talking to old friends, watch out for them, they are getting better each week- ACs defense is suspect as usual under Carter coached teams.
  2. yeah, I've also had dealings with him over use of school gyms.....they live in a bubble.
  3. You are right, but I still maintain that the majority of the issue falls at the administrative level and the "pretty boy" superintendent not giving a damn about athletics.
  4. This, 1,000,000 times THIS The Catawba County School system doesn't give a rats ass about athletics. They care about their " percentages" of school rankings. This attitude and philosophy has trickled down into the school administration level and every athletic team (save wrestling) is suffering because of it. It is an absolute joke. My kids need a quality education and a well rounded education which means participation in sports and I expect that the administration would be supportive of hiring quality coaches and providing an atmosphere that also supports that but they don't because they just don't care.