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  1. My daughter would absolutely love flag football. You could do it on Friday nights prior to the regular games...start at 5, be done no later than 6:30. 7 min quarters.
  2. SaintFan

    Players from the West

    I can't believe that probably the most successful of all of these has been left out- Madison Bumgarner- Pitcher/South Caldwell/SF Giants- World Series MVP He's also about to sign a contract with a team for well over $100 million.
  3. SaintFan


    Currently, that may be the case but as the Millennial's start to enter the workforce, you are finding a lot of them with PE degrees and wanting to coach. That's why we are seeing more and more "volunteer" coaches and less coaches that are also teachers.
  4. SaintFan


    unless you have a school that teaches nothing but PE classes, it's gonna be hard to find good coaches. Someone isn't doing a good enough job at the college level of letting student athletes know that you can't all be PE teachers.
  5. the NCAA has the 20 hour rule for student-athletes as in no more than 20 hrs per week of mandatory practice. Does the NCHSAA have the same rule or something similar?
  6. I didn't realize they wanted it for High School. I think the 5th quarter at the Middle School level is a great idea. That 5th quarter at the HS level has to be the result of coaches bowing to parent pressure and not wanting to just say to a parent, "your kid isn't good enough to see the court"....
  7. GDG, sent you a pm. I will say you are right wrestling is king at Saint. But it don’t pay the damn bills! But you can’t say that at a boosters meeting or you’ll be crucified!
  8. well that is what the cheer leading coach told me and was also confirmed by a member of the team. They literally do not make a sound when the opposing team is shooting a FT or even if we are own defense. I've just decided that the St Stephens just accepts mediocrity and will take it in the ass when it comes to school spirit.
  9. SaintFan

    Richmond Lights

    Only issue I saw was the fireworks prior to kick off damn near set the white hat on fire...they probably should have stopped a few seconds earlier.... Students should truthfully be allowed in free, you make money on concessions. Hell I'd let all kids in free and and the parents will drop them off with $10 and that will be spent on concessions and then the boosters just just take a percentage out and give directly to the school for the tix revenue. More than likely a parent will attend with their kid and will probably spend more b/c they only have to buy one ticket but will want that popcorn/hotdog/drink plus candy and whatever for the kid. If i attend a FB game wife and kids in tow, it costs me $24 just to get in the gate.....add on concessions and you are looking at a $50/$75 night easy....that adds up when you have kids that play multiple sports.
  10. ugh, this isn't the direction I want this to go, nor does it have anything to do with the NCHSAA and it's failures.
  11. Having attended a recent Saint BBall game, I noticed that the cheerleaders no longer cheered during an opponents free-throw attemps....I inquired about why this was going on and was informed that about 3yrs ago the NCHSAA enacted a rule that cheerleaders go no longer cheer in a "negative" manner during games, which meant no cheering "miss it" during FT attempts. I remember sitting in the gym and the cheerleaders were the ones keeping the intensity up, and the crowd into the games, now its like a morgue during a lot of the games. Add this to the fact that there are 4 bazillion games in the FB playoffs and 2 bazillion state champions, I ask the question, when did the NCHSAA stop giving a $#!+, and how do we as fans/boosters change it? This is a grievances thread, so air all that you have.
  12. readin an ritin ain't too good in SC...at ar faincy innerwebs is too much trooble.