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  1. All right it's that time A.L. Brown Wonders heads over to take on T.C. Roberson. I'm not very familiar with the Rams, can anyone tell a little bit about the Rams?
  2. wonders91

    Battle of Bell game

    A.L. Brown beats KonKord 31-7. WONDERS JVs finish the season 10-0 Now lets go get the big one tomorrow night!
  3. wonders91

    Battle of Bell game

    I don't think it has that muKh of an effeKt, other than a smaller turn out for the team that's down. Last year KonKord didn't have near as many fans as Kannapolis did and we played on the road but that's just my point of view.
  4. wonders91

    Battle of Bell game

    Does anyone have an aKKurate record of the KonKord JVs? Max PrepK has that KonKord beat Northwest Kabarrus by the sKore of 71-28 surely that isn't true?
  5. That's what I found off of MaxPreps.
  6. 18 Cox Mill (Concord) 24 Central Cabarrus (Concord) 26 A.l. Brown (Kannapolis)
  7. wonders91


    You really think we have a chance? Gray/Green&Gold
  8. wonders91

    Central Cabarrus at AL Brown

    I'll take Central Cabarrus. 20-14
  9. Wonder beat Carson 22-0 Tonight improving their record to 5-0 head into conference play. They have out score their opponents 147-35 so far this year. Looks and seems like the Wonders will soon be back at the top of the SPC
  10. wonders91

    Carson @ Kannapolis

    I'll take the Wonders with the final score of 56-14.
  11. Was there many fan there this morning for the last 8 minutes?
  12. What a win, for the BIg Green!!!
  13. Question for some of you Wonder fans So do y'all think there will be a better crowd for the Wonders tonight than last week at West Rowan???
  14. I said Davie by 10 but it might be more than that. If the Wonders offense doesn't show up, it might be along night. Our pass defense is pretty rough. If Davies QB is good "like moonpie said" he will have a field day Friday Night unfortunately.
  15. I think this will be a good one, I think Davie will pull away late. 38-28 Davie by 10.