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  1. CoachC

    Richmond Raider Update

    Too funny! Love this lighthearted message and its great to have a great sense of humor with everything that is going on right now.
  2. CoachC

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    When I was at St. David's I dropped that idea with my AD. Basically the response I got was a bunch of legalese about contracts, insurance, and permits and such that separate the two organizations (NCHSAA and NCISAA) and how they function. Just a lot easier if the NCHSAA just supports 8-Man football, but in the end I don't see why people are so opposed to this. I think it's quite appalling.
  3. CoachC

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    So instead of finding new ways to grow our game and keeping it alive you'd rather just stick with the status quo and watch as numbers in football continue to decline? Giving schools that either don't field a football program already or are on the border of ending their programs an opportunity to play football at all is great in my opinion. There are plenty of videos of 8-man football games on YouTube, its a wonderful style of football, and before people pass judgement, you should educate yourselves. I think this is a great idea to save our game by giving kids that want to play football an opportunity to play football in those areas that they wouldn't otherwise be able to play.
  4. CoachC

    NCHSAA 1A- 8 Man?

    I coached 8-Man Football at St. David's School in Raleigh for 2 years. Was a great experience for me as a coach and its great for schools with low numbers. The rules aren't much different from 11-man football to be honest, field is still 100 yards long, just 10 yards shorter across. The biggest thing is that it lends to higher scoring, either because you only have 1 high safety or 1 less guy in the box to stop the run, in addition to it honestly being "your best athlete vs my best athlete" on any given play. When I was at St. David's I definitely felt that it was a style of football that could really benefit parts of North Carolina where they struggle for numbers in football. Being that I'm originally from Nebraska where 8-Man Football is popular in rural areas, its a great way to keep our game alive in places it otherwise would die. Oklahoma even has programs that are completely committed to 8-Man football, with turf fields, great weight facilities, gorgeous stadiums, and they have their own 8-Man Coaches Association. In the end I feel this is a smart move by the NCHSAA to support this movement if this is in fact the case.
  5. CoachC

    Ashbrook High School

    - Basketball went to the State Title Game, won the conference championship in 2015 - Track and Field is top 2 or 3 in the Conference every year
  6. Ashbrook is currently in need of an opponent for either Week 4 or Week 6 of the 2020 Season. Please contact AD Jake Eccles at jdeccles@gaston.k12.nc.us if interested
  7. CoachC

    No Class!

    The whole teachers get Summers off, they have it made, can be so annoying. SOME teachers get Summers off, the ones who just get by day to day, do the bare minimum and show up for the paycheck. I personally didn't get into teaching for the money, nor do I coach for it either. I came from a low-income family and learned early in life how to be happy with very little, and honestly my wife and I (she's an educator as well) live comfortably on two teaching salaries. However, as a High School Football Coach, I don't get Summers off. I get nothing more than the 2 weeks the state mandates for dead periods during the summer (which are still spent doing stuff in preparation for the upcoming season), otherwise coaching football is a year round job when you only get paid for the 3 months you have games. My wife on the other hand, gets a little more time off, but she spends her Summers designing curriculum, lessons, and materials for the next school year, and will often spend just as much time on that from day to day as she would have spent in the classroom. Everyone is entitled their opinion, and I will never shame anyone for having one, but there is a time and place. I've been on winning coaching staffs and losing coaching staffs, and it honestly doesn't help anyone; coaches, players, trainers, administrators, etc., yelling and heckling from the stands when things aren't going well. There are far more effective ways.