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  1. Mgtn-native

    Cabarrus County Jobs

    Where did Rich Williams go?
  2. Mgtn-native

    NW Cabarrus Coaching Search

    Mike Helms good hire if possible
  3. Mgtn-native

    NW Cabarrus Coaching Search

    What happened to Coach Williams?
  4. Mgtn-native

    Laney's new HC

    How are Laney's facilities?
  5. Mgtn-native

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Really trooper1989?!?! I guess Crest got out coached too and has a 1a offense. Yes Freedom season is over but that comment was not very smart considering freedom had a TD called back for holding, a fumble inside their own 20, and a snap that went over the punters head. Btw Birchfield passed for 450 yards also. I would also be careful calling out 1a offenses too. East Surry and Tarboro offenses aren’t too shabby. Really thought your opinion mattered until reading that. Now freedom defense was something that could be mocked. Maybe you meant to text defense instead of offense. That would make you comment somewhat sensible
  6. Mgtn-native

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Cleveland County football at its best
  7. Mgtn-native

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Saw this one coming a mile away
  8. Tried to give Ktown heads up. Watauga wins easily. Maybe wonders at least got a nice room in Boone for the night. Watauga Weddington will be big game whenever it happens.
  9. Watauga by 4 Td's. Their QB Castle will be one of the best if not the best player AL Brown has seen all year. At Watauga, experienced coaching staff. Yeah I'll take the Pioneers 48-14
  10. Mgtn-native

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    Cleveland County football is no joke. And btw if Watauga was in this bracket they would be at the top with all caps. I bet they will be playing Weddington at the end.
  11. Mgtn-native

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    My rankings in this bracket which in my opinion is a very tough bracket. Crest AC Reynolds Kings Mountain Statesville Huss West Rowan Charlotte Catholic NE Guilford Freedom West Henderson Monroe Parkwood Forestview Hickory Erwin North Bumcombe Again just my opinion. I think the top 7 of tier 1 teams, the middle 6 are tier 2, and the last 3 are tier 3. Keep in mind Freedom had Crest up by 10 with 3 min left and had the ball but lost. Same freedom team lost to a 1-5 Hickory team. Shows you how tough top to bottom these teams are. Keep in mind Monroe beat Freedom last year soundly. Not same team in Monroe but still Monroe. Catholic in my opinion not as dominant as years past years but still CC. They will be well coached, discipline, and hit you in the mouth. I'm a little bias to Freedom. Live there played there. I would put their Offensive talent with anyone in this group. But Defense on the other hand is prob the worst. Hate to say it. They are young and inexperienced on Defense. To win this week they will have to outscore WR or get some turnovers.
  12. Mgtn-native

    3A West Bracket Discussion

    WR better score at least 35 or it will be a Crest/Freedom matchup. I was there and that game between those two was well worth the money. One of those whoever has the ball last wins type games
  13. Lost best player. Not same team without him 0-2 since he’s out
  14. Mgtn-native

    The wait begins

    And then the bracket gets released but then it’s wrong and changes are made