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  1. SLands

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    Warriorfan I agree with you totally. I dont live in Caldwell co. I live in Catawba and my son plays on a let me say not a very good football team here. I have been approached many times for two years now from some parents saying I need to transfer him. I cant do it cause I want to show my son its not all about winning. I know that it goes on and it is a shame for it to. you are fighting a fight that just you cant win. I wish more parents had the same feeling about transfers as you and I but that will never change bud. Winning means more to some then being honest. To my son cause I know you will read this listen I know its hard to play your best when things are not perfect but remember my job is to help you grow into a strong man and face adversity and not run just to win. just my thoughts
  2. SLands

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    Well maybe West Caldwell will be a little better this year.
  3. SLands

    Northwestern 3A/ 4A Predictions

    How did the scrimmage go for McDowell today ? Heard they went against West Caldwell .
  4. SLands

    Northwestern Foothills

    If you get a chance need to go see that North Lincoln team they are beast.
  5. SLands

    Northwestern Foothills

    That is great I am just saying this team looked normal nothing like it has the past two years. I have been watching high school football since 1981 and this Hibriten team is not what they have been. I came up there because of what I have been seeing from them. That last year's team was one of the best high school teams I have ever saw. But good luck to them. I believe this year North Lincoln will be that beast that everyone will hear about.
  6. SLands

    Northwestern Foothills

    Hey guys which Hibriten you talking about ? It can't be the one in lenoir. That team looked awful Sat. Are they holding out their best players or is there another Hibriten ? Just one player on Crest Sat blow them up.
  7. SLands

    Northwestern Foothills

    I went up to see Hibriten Sat and for the first time in a few years I saw a team that I feel could have trouble this year. I believe AC and Hickory will give them fits. I don't know but the athletes they did have are not there now. Maybe they will get better but its not the same as before.