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  1. Catholic by 8-9 points. SN's schedule doesn't appear to be anything to write home about. SN's offense needs to be brought into the 21st century, but they're speed can make it somewhat effective.
  2. Two unbeaten teams. Nevertheless, nothing to see here. Weddington rolls.
  3. mrhonda

    Richmond Lights

    For once we agree.
  4. Last week I went 6-2 for the predictions. The 2 was picking against Richmond and Vance last week. Well, I'll be picking against one of them this week. For the year I'm at 228-38-1 or 86% for the season. The predictions are below. 4A East Cardinal Gibbons 38 Scotland 24 4A West East Forsyth 35 Grimsley 29 4AA East Wake Forest 28 Leesville Road 20 4AA West Richmond 28 Vance 19
  5. Enjoy the game my friend. I'd love to be there. I've been to Richmond once, back in 2009 when Independence played down there. I agree. Great atmosphere. I do go to some games, but for a long distance like that, it's a little tough at night sometimes. But, leading up to tonight, I'm getting ready to watch Katy, TX and North Shore from Houston. Have a safe drive
  6. NFHS Network. You need to subscribe for about $10.00 or so. That's for a month and they stream playoff games and the state matchups. If one is interested, they can watch games from all over the country.
  7. NFHS might not always be the best but for those of us who can't make it down there, because of eye sight at night, it's not good to drive, NFHS is all we have.
  8. mrhonda

    Vance 35, West Forsyth 7 (3rd Round Final)

    The game is being streamed on the NFHS Network
  9. For those who can't make it, the game is being streamed on NFHS Network
  10. mrhonda

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    There's a team similar but not exactly like IMG that was formed in Chester, VA, just south of Richmond. It's Life Christian Academy. Here's an interesting article about the program. https://www.richmond.com/sports/high-school/at-life-christian-the-area-s-newest-high-school-football/article_cc196b7c-d1b2-11e8-a1e5-1b9af5598df4.html
  11. I said at the beginning, it's often more difficult to make predictions in the playoffs. That held true last week, I was 10-5 for the round; 3-1 in 4A East and 4AA West, 2-1 in 4AA East but 2-2 in 4A West. For the season I'm at 222-36-1. We have some very interesting matchups this week, as we see who'll head to the regional finals. In 4AA West, we could be looking for a shootout in one game and a defensive slugfest in the other. The predictions are below. 4A East Cardinal Gibbons 42 New Bern 20 Scotland 30 South View 24 4A West Grimsley 28 Glenn 20 East Forsyth 42 Ragsdale 14 4AA East Wake Forest 41 Hoggard 7 Leesville Road 38 Garner 14 4AA West Myers Park 34 Richmond 30 West Forsyth 19 Vance 14
  12. mrhonda

    4AA West Bracket Discussion

    Very good points about being a "business decision". Thus you have the sprouting up of IMG Academies, St. Frances in Baltimore. This is a widespread issue.
  13. Yep, had an underachieving week this past week with the picks. One of those misses was Mallard Creek. I should've known better. I was leaning toward Vance, but decided to go with the Creek one more time. I should've just stuck with Vance.
  14. Last week for round 1, I went 13-3. For the season, I'm standing at 212-31-1. Each week now is going to be more of a challenge. Some great games coming up. The predictions for round 2 are below. 4A East Seventy-First 28 New Bern 21 Cardinal Gibbons 41 Heritage 20 Scotland 38 Jordan 14 South View 24 Jack Britt 19 4A West Grimsley 38 Porter Ridge 27 Hickory Ridge 26 Glenn 21 Mooresville 28 Ragsdale 16 East Forsyth 47 Davie County 28 4AA East Wake Forest 42 Rolesville 28 Apex Friendship 17 Hoggard 14 Leesville Road 23 Hoke County 14 4AA West Richmond 41 Hough 20 Myers Park 45 Ardrey Kell 17 West Forsyth 34 Reagan 21 Mallard Creek 25 Vance 14
  15. Last week, for the final regular season predictions for this year, I was 14-4. For the season, I'm at 199-28-1. The playoffs are always a challenge to predict, but here we go. The predictions are below. 4A East Seventy-First 33 Riverside (Durham) 21 Heritage 42 Pine Forest 17 Scotland 42 South Central 6 Jack Britt 35 Knightdale 19 4A West Lake Norman 27 Porter Ridge 22 Glenn 40 South Caldwell 7 Mooresville 27 Page 14 Davie County 41 West Mecklenburg 27 4AA East Rolesville 37 Panther Creek 17 Green Hope 24 Apex Friendship 22 Wakefield 35 Garner 28 Hoke 27 Millbrook 14 4AA West Hough 48 Olympic 13 Ardrey Kell 38 Independence 27 Reagan 28 Pinecrest 24 Vance 23 Butler 20