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  1. Those top five could be interesting ,I've seen a lot of the others play ,I think Diamont at South Stokes gets a win in the playoffs in his first year there.
  2. 1aa Chris ,I know Tarboro and east are odds on favorites ,but who else contends with those 2 ?
  3. Going to be fun come playoff time ,a lot of good 1a teams ,who is the strongest 4 of all the 1a?
  4. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Yes they will be down a little but still very good ,oline losing two seniors will still be dominant ,5 will be a beast to stop running the ball ,and jv team is rolling this year ,they will be strong ,true hard to replace a team like they have this year ,I remember seeing Gosnell as a freshman and people saying he would be good and they were right ,best player I've seen at East Surry period ,Boaz is now in his groove at qb ,and is definitely sharing the spotlight with Gosnell ,this is our 2008 Bears team title or not ,these teams are few and far between !
  5. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Anyway good luck to North Stokes kids !
  6. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Yep ,they are the now ,I don't think they will let your state championship team play this year lol!
  7. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Everyone on here has been talking about what a joke that rating system that is ,Tarboro proven ,Holmes took down major team ,East took down Reidsville ,Mitchell killing teams ,Swain back in the groove ,Murphy still Murphy good ,Robbinsville a good team ,that's all you need to talk about ,MA isn't even in the discussion ,and won't be for the next several years ,at the beginning of the season you guys had secret things coming for the season ,and I hear you guys now saying special things are in store there in the future ,when fact is Pilot coaching staff has got a better program in place from the ground up and will be the Northwest king for a long time ,no matter how many high dollar scoreboards ,and pro coaching staff you guys think you have ,hard to handle those country kids from pilot ,and respectable fan base that stands behind their kids ,we don't walk out at halftime complaining when they meet a strong team
  8. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    That's an insult to a team like Mitchell ,no way you can have mountaineers 2 above them ,MA gets blown out by about 10 to 12 teams on that list ,what a joke all I can say lol!
  9. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    I saw that , 10 wow ,what has MA proved to be a 10 ,hey that's how it's always been ,ma is not a good team hate to be negative ,but they are not.
  10. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Didn't poor ole Surry Central come over there a few years back and thump the Cubs 21 to 0!
  11. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Anything can happen ,and MA is very overrated,finally starting to show in the rankings ,they haven't been a top twenty team all year ,good luck to kids from Danbury !
  12. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Mount Airy looks to be on a downslide,possibly finishing 3 or 4 in conference play the next few years.
  13. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    I hope North beats them as bad as Surry Central did a few years back 21 to 0,MA went into that knowing Central was awful and turned around and got killed .
  14. Redbirdfan30

    North Stokes at Mount Airy

    Yeah u would think ,but MA is not very good at all .
  15. Redbirdfan30

    State Championship Locations

    Wake Forest ,thanks for the info!