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  1. If he doesn't ever leave to return to Georgia, I fully expect BRYAN TILL to be on all of the top lists in the coming years. I've seen all the coaches come through Richmond over the years and Till is the best I've seen at running the program.
  2. Will Raiders win it all or does Scots reclaim the title.
  3. Who are the top quarterbacks in the state? Best I have seen are both juniors. Caleb Hood at Richmond Sr. and Drake Maye at Myers Park. He carved us up in playoffs last year.
  4. I came to Kannapolis around 2002 for a big scrimmage that Richmond Senior played in. One of the largest crowds I had ever seen for a scrimmage. The stadium was immaculate and you could see the mill smokestacks over the trees. I am partial to Richmond but that was probably nicest stadium I ever went too and the turf can only enhance it. I love green and they should try installing a green track, kinda wish Richmond would too! 💪🏾
  5. Hal Shuler, the late Ed Emory, and Daryl Barnes! Two of THE BEST.
  6. Long time follower from Sandhills area and I think this is best move you have ever made combining boards. So much easier to follow football topics around all classes now. 💪
  7. My son was mislead by his baseball coach into playing travel ball and all it did was cost more money and has ended up with him working manufacturing at AAM in Biscoe talking about what could have been. It is a joke. Kids need to quit chasing their parents or coaches dreams and enjoy being kids. My boy wishes he could do it all over again and so do I.