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  1. This isn't correct. The team with the highest region finish hosts. If the two teams are tied then its decided by the predetermined bracket. Dutch Fork opened playoffs with two home games last year before having to travel as they were facing 1 seeds from other regions that the bracket benefited.
  2. BlueCollarBlitz

    Mallard Creek 52, Hough 13

    Creek has a “Gunslinger” with a receiving corp that is just realizing their potential in the Air Raid offense. Then, you have to deal with the 3-headed monster of a backfield, all being supported by a grown man Oline. One game at a time Creek! One game at a time!
  3. BlueCollarBlitz

    Mallard Creek 52, Hough 13

    What does Hough have on defense? How will they match up with the Creek?
  4. BlueCollarBlitz

    Mallard Creek 52, Hough 13

    Hough plays at MC
  5. BlueCollarBlitz

    Mallard Creek 52, Hough 13

    This doesn't bode well for a good showing at the Shrine Bowl. I mean new coaches, new teammates, who knows what system. Sounds like a lack of coaching or players just not buying in to a system early on.
  6. BlueCollarBlitz

    Myers Park 31 vs Butler 13 FINAL

    Back to football. Someone post a link to see this MP play with 30 seconds left so we can all form our own opinion.
  7. West Charlotte is a big underdog but who are their star players? What do they do well to be 4-2?
  8. That is only if they are transferring in. Still a loop hole on kids registering before 9th grade starts.
  9. Legion, Rock Hill Gray, Columbia Oceanside, Mount Pleasant Two new charters coming. One in Greenville and one in Hilton Head from what I am told. Charters aren't the only ones using academics to cherry pick athletes. If a high school in your area has the STEM program and your high school doesn't then you can transfer un-objected if you pursue that academic path. South Pointe just happens to be the only school in Rock Hill offering STEM.
  10. In this inaugural year Legion could take any athlete from anywhere and they would be grandfathered in going forward no matter what their address is. Starting with the next school year and going forward they can only let kids transfer in that are in their region which they share with South Pointe. The exception which most people don't realize is Legion can still take out of region kids, who sign up before their freshman year, and are enrolling for the full 4 year academic opportunity.
  11. BlueCollarBlitz

    Mallard Creek vs Lake Norman

    What does LKN's D-line and secondary look like? MC is going to try and set a blistering tone on offense while LKN tries to burn clock on offense. I believe the only way this game stays close is if LKN can get the MC offense to sputter a little.
  12. BlueCollarBlitz

    Mallard Creek vs Lake Norman

    I’m going to the game and my whole family will be with me. I’m sitting in the home stands supporting the Creek. Across the field there is this big expanse of seating called the visitors side. I hope LN fills it completely up and they enjoy the game. The only pot stirring that will be going on is in this thread!!
  13. BlueCollarBlitz

    Best QB in NC

    Mason Rudolph
  14. BlueCollarBlitz

    Best QB in NC

    People who label Air Raid QB's as a product of the system don't know squat about how complex that offense is. It takes brain power, accuracy, and a set of legs to extend plays when under duress. On every play there are 4 or 5 receivers who can all change their routes depending on how the defense lines up. The QB has to know what every one of the receivers routes are and has to read the defense the same as they do. Is Jalen Hurts a system QB? His stats are a reflection of a very complex Air Raid based offense but without his tremendous talent, and a bevy of talent around him, it doesn't produce those numbers. How many Air Raid QB's started in the NFL this past Sunday? ESPN said it was either 7 or 9. I can't remember exactly.
  15. BlueCollarBlitz

    Week 1: #1 Mallard Creek at #1 Dutch Fork

    https://www.thestate.com/sports/high-school/prep-football/article234213872.html A little pre-game article.