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  1. Even though this will be a very tough game, the great thing here is MP has home advantages to advance with a W to the next game.
  2. Agree Another packed house with the crowd on their toes for 48 minutes
  3. KoKie34

    Mooresville vs Vance UNCC (10/12)

    Chris Hughes, do you have your Zebra outfit on tonight?
  4. Are you God for this board to be your Judgment?
  5. Next thread.....Go look Entertain me before Wringley Brothers and the 704 squirrel pops up
  6. Competition is getting tougher. Drake Mayes played his very first 2nd half game against Butler. I believe this will be his second game MP will need Mayes the whole game. How will Hickory Ridge react to the Alabama commit? What do the pessimists have to say?
  7. Who said you were qualified to speak? Are you Chris Hughes' Lawyer(Mr. Giuliani) or are you pretending to be David Copperfield? Chris can speak for himself. No back up needed. Ive got Chris' six......... Not you. YOU SOUND LIKE A "YES MA'AM" TYPE DUDE. Chris I am requesting you get as mad at 704cougardad Now lets get back to our regular scheduled program..... After this game was over, Chris what do you think about Myers Park sir please....
  8. Im listening Chris, I am listening. Based on what you know of our common knowledge and common past, you and only you can understand why I come across the way I do. It comes with the hard charging environment we both come from. There will come a place and time when you and I will meet, shake hands, and talk about Holland, Normandy, Salerno, Sicily, etc..... Once complete, the next step would be you approving/disapproving the Assistant Administrator position.
  9. Chris, funny you say that. I love the digital world myself. You and I have a lot in common. I mean a lot since the T-10 days "6998"?
  10. This was quite an interesting game from the start. The line was a least a mile or two long. I may be exaggerating but my goodness it was longer than usual. The line started lining up at 4:30. 2 1/2hrs prior to the game. There were times when most people were standing. The visitor side was different. They seemed to be on their toes for 48 minutes. Hats being utilized for breeze. Arms swinging everywhere like a person on road rage in New York. And fans yelling at Referees as if they were the official's parents telling them to clean it up. It was just a big mess. I just enjoyed the game, the atmosphere, and the great weather. Those white Pom Poms where everywhere at Purcell Stadium. Love it Can y'all believe that amazing throw by Mayes to Mohammad in the corner of the End Zone with two feet in. I found out for the first time since 1983 Myers Park goes 7-0 Butler by far is nothing to sleep on. Great team with great athletes. I would never sit here and say MP played a mediocre team. Butler hustles. Great Program. They played Mallard Creek and Richmond county very tough. Coach did a great job as he was an offensive lineman in college so he knows the deal.
  11. Man Butler played hard and tough Who’s next with the excuses? the snowball is building
  12. Mayes is going to Alabama for a reason The excuses are going to start snowballing. Who’s first? Y’all stay classy
  13. KoKie34

    Butler @ Myers Park

    24-13 Butler stopped all MP runs