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  1. KoKie34


    Unless something has changed, last I heard - Adam Deese. This is Jamie Deese's brother who just took over the HC spot at Forest Hills HS.
  2. Plans are being set as we speak. Not going to say what, but people will soon begin to notice the shift in the wind.
  3. KoKie34

    Richmond Week 2

    Like who?
  4. KoKie34

    West Wilkes

    Will the same AD Rutz still serve his position?
  5. KoKie34

    Forbush Head Coaching Position

    It's all making sense if this is actually the truth. A great reason to leave. Thank you for sharing Slash
  6. KoKie34

    Sun Valley

  7. KoKie34

    Asheville Job

    I do know there's one candidate applying who is coming from a National Power House. Very sharp candidate.
  8. KoKie34

    Forbush Head Coaching Position

    Does sound strange. Was it a Daddy Ball program? Is this a rich community?
  9. KoKie34

    Forbush Head Coaching Position

    Best of luck to the coach. Sounds as if he wont have a problem landing the next one.
  10. KoKie34

    Power Echols c/o 21 LB

    Tua Tagovailoa will go to the Dolphins
  11. Depends on individual goals. You either want it or you dont. If you do, then you know it takes hard work. If you dont, then its just for fun.
  12. First off to the CEO and Webmaster of this Forum Chris Hughes - Happy New Years and hope a speedy recovery. Second, my wish in 2020 for my football family is to be happy, have good health, increased wealth, no drama, less stress and more peace. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!
  13. and Happy New Years to Chris and everyone on the board. Chris I hope you are recovering well from surgery.
  14. KoKie34

    Vance 38, Richmond 7 (4AA West Final)

    This is considered a "Hush Hush" subject Finding true identity to your question is like finding the Loch Ness Monster in the country of Scotland, or Big Foot in McDowell County, NC, or an Alien in Area 51. The answer to your question is totally Classified at a different level of the civilian sector.